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Further Harassment

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  • Further Harassment

    Since my last visit to the forum in April of this year I have now engaged a solicitor to protect me from further bullying and harassment. He has now written a total of two letters and had one reply denying our claims that I was not told anything by their housing officer about allegations made by these nfh against my carer, myself and my autistic adult son. Their letter even made out that I was also a guilty party in this and that they hoped I would now cooperate with mediation.

    Now they have arranged a session on neutral territory for the 4 whingeing tenants to meet me with two mediators and two housing officers present to go through the nine listed complaints that the mediators have been round and collected from these nfh.

    I understand from the mediators that the complaints are mostly old hat, that is they wish to rehash and put forward complaints about my carer, etc and now they wish to throw in complaints about myself, (they don't like the way I talk to their children) which I have not done for several months since they have banned their children from having anything to do with us and even make them walk on the other side of the road and also mydog, and my parking!

    I feel that I have been put through the mill enough and the fact that this session will be "without prejudice" and of course the nfh do not have to reveal their identity. To me it will just be a glorified bear baiting session in which the housing officers will be willing spectators and have some highly amusing entertainment. As for the mediators I can't see them controlling these highly volatile nfh and I will come out of the session with nothing other than high blood pressure and a wish that I hadn't gone. On the other hand I do not wish the association to capitalise on my absence by claiming that I refused to cooperate and therefore gaining over my litigation. But I really can't see the point of mediation when they are allowed to drag up all their unsubstantiated allegations and throw them at me when the police and social services have already investigated them and found them to be worthless.

    The nfh have made what amounts to as some really serious criminal allegations against my carer and son and have continued since I posted my last forum to make them through the willing ears of the NSPCC. Fortunately I have managed to get copies of these allegations minus of course the names as they have been inked out.

    I have also e-mailed the Housing Corporation which is ultimately responsible for this housing association and told them of these allegations and the way the association is failing in its duty to protect me as one of their tenants. They have suggested that my solicitor and I go through the ombudsman to sort this out.

    In the meantime I would welcome any advice from your members on what to do and especially what to do about this mediation session.


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    Hi Kirsty and welcome back.

    Can I just check with you that you read all the replies when you last posted in April?

    You can find your post at:

    I would advise you to go ahead with the Mediation, like you say yourself, you appear to be a more "reasonable" party if you are making every attempt at trying to resolve the issues. Do you have active assistance from Social Services at the moment? Could a Social Worker accompany you?

    Sorry to hear that you're having no let up with your nfh.


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      Hi Kirsty

      mediation is worth it, some members here have had good results others not so good. all you can do is try it and then at least you know you have had a go at it.

      if you are happy with your carer and your social worker is happy and your son of course (who is the most important person in this) then it does not matter what your NFH think

      nothing to do with them what so ever

      if you want to take it down the slander route you could but it is proving it unfortuantly

      it sounds like your NFH are really trying to give you every thing they can at the minute, do not rise /lower your self to their level at all even though its tempting

      keep strong and keep at the housing office

      good luck


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        The mediation I have been offered (don't know if it is different in Scotland) is that the mediator will sit with each party independantly (we do not have to be in the same room as THEM) and they will take both sides of the problem, share the problems with the other sides and try to help get to a compromise/understanding.

        This would save you being any form of bait.