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    I have had a newish neighbour for about a year now.They seem to have come directly from hell..the area i live in is all private housing,but still neighbours from hell exist here too.They run a business from there home which is against the law for one,They park a big tractor unit half across the road ,big cars and trailers and use my turf to turnaround.I have confronted them about this but still it they carr on .today one of their drivers told me to go F*** off.this is the final straw my patients is running out ,I'm afraid Im going to do something really drastic ,I don't feel intimidated by this just angry ...has some one got some advice for me before I go get my baseball bat ..............

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    Hi Bryan,

    Sorry to read of your troubles but without sounding trite here it is a familiar sound that reverberates throughout this forum.

    Firstly, please do not do anything rash. Baseball bats are great but, mine stays firmly in the loft as I know that if it ever came down into the house I too could use it on impulse. These bats can cause serious damage and the consequences for you would be a court case, possibly grevious bodily harm as well as other charges being levied against you.

    From what I can understand you have an open plan front garden is that correct ?

    If you have could you fence it off in someway at all ? This would stop people from coming onto your turf and churning it up and also you are sectioning off your land.

    Parking tractors (are they tractors as in farm machinery or a tractor unit as in an LGV ?) Either way they have no right to block your entrance and you can request that the police attend and either warn them they are causing an obstruction and they can also forcibily remove the offending vehicle. Although with a tractor this one poses a different point for the authorities given its size and axle weight.

    Running businesses from home is not always illegal. If it says in your property deeds that you can run a business from home then you are entitiled however, you must inform your local Borough Council and in turn they will be liable to pay the more higher charge of Business Tax as opposed to the lesser charge of Council Tax.

    This is something you will need to discuss with your local Planning Department at your Council. Please be fully aware though that by doing this you are liable to declare that you have involved an outside agency in your sellers information pack should you wish to sell your property at a later date.


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      Thanks for the reply scooby,

      Yes it is an lgv tractor unit,and yes we are open plan but unfortunately not allowed to errect a fence.Thirdly in the property deeds it states clealy that not business is allowed from the property.I have involved the police once but they did nothing about the tractor unit...all they said was it was not supposed to be there and then went about their business..big help ...I,m turning in ever decreasing circles and am actually weighing up the pros and cons of sorting this out myself,I may even be prepared to get arrested ,at least I'll have satisfaction ....


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        welcome Bryan to the forum,

        sorry to hear your NFH problems, I too have a major dislike to large vechiles in residential areas.

        Personally I would make a few enquiries first, check with the planning department to see if your neighbour has permission to run a business from home, it might be an idea to run it pass the highways dept of your local council too.

        The police may like to be informed of any traffic violations in the area....

        really it depends on how much you are prepared to do, you need to ask your self are there going to be any kinds of comeback?

        as unfortuantatly many people here have found out that not all NFH calm down after official intervention but can become worse.

        I would build a little wall around the garden, if then they destroy it you have proof they are doing it, get a little camers too, take pictures of them on your lawn.

        also write it all down on a nuisance log, you can find these in the resources section on the main web site.

        write every thing down!!

        from turning on your garden to the swearing, time and date it.

        I hope this is a little help, I know others here will have other ideas, especailly those who have been through this sort of thing

        good luck and please let us know how it goes


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          Chill out, sit back and read this very carefully.

          I have among other qualifications a CPC both UK and International as well as a Haz Chem licence. Before I went into the Automotive Industry I worked in the Transport Industry - hated it looking back and was glad to get out. The CPC stands for Certificate of Professional Competence and you need to have one to satisfy the bods from the Department of Transport that everything is being adhered to correctly.

          The tractor units, should NOT be parked outside your home. The law clearly states here that when these vehicles are not in use they need to have a place of operating from. That house is not an operating centre - it has not been registered as one as you would have had to been informed as well as it printed in the local press. Therefore they ARE breaking the law. You my friend are just a shade up the motorway from me in Warwickshire. First thing on Monday morning I want you to telephone the Department of Transport in Birmingham. You need to speak with the Operators Licence Department. Whatever these goons of neighbours are saying that the vehicles are being kept is not what is stated on their Operating Licence certificate. They are clearly breaking the law here. If the guy from the ministry goes in and starts making thorough checks this will also include the tachographs. Anything slightly skew wiff on that and they will be brought to book. The ministry are very quick on things like this - even though I have been out of the game now for 7 years they will prosecute make no bones about it.

          Your garden how about some nice big stones. Now you could space them out paint them white, but if the vehicles roll up onto them then they will do some damge to their wheel for sure.

          The police work in tandem with the DoT people and you also need to be contacting your Traffic Officers. These officers will take on things that the beat bobby won't for the simple reason is that Traffic Officers are trained in the ways of the LGV's and they are generally trained to Grade 4 Tachograph Inspector Status.

          There is a light for you - a very good one. You need perserverance and dedication. A clear head and a good amount of knowledge that you can throw in these peoples faces.

          I am not going to be around too much from now as I have been promoted in my job and that will make my abscences from this forum will be greater now as it will involve more of time being away. But you can PM me anytime, I shall try and keep and eye out and see how you are getting on.


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            If its any help to you these CPC and Haz Chem qualifications can be gained in a six week period. My first CPC training was done in 1 week and the following Friday I took my exam. The International CPC is done in two days with the exam also the following week which lasts about a couple of hours. The Haz Chem is done over three days and again followed by the exam. The tachograph one is much more detailed though.

            Its not rocket science and anyone can get these qualifications. They are so easy to do. It sounds technical but in reality it isn't, just common sense.

            It would be interesting for you to find out the name of the person for who the Operators License has been issued.


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              Hi Bryan and welcome to the Forum

              You have already been given what seems like very useful information. Hopefully, armed with this you should be able to to achieve a positive outcome.

              Although many of us living with NFH have thought about taking the matter in to our own hands, I don't think we would advocate it in practice. It wouldn't really solve the problem at the end of the day. I can see why you're thinking about it though .

              These people are completely inconsiderate and unreasonable. I hope that if you follow the advice given, the tractor problem will go away.

              There was a news story (which will be listed in the "Did you See?" folder) about a man who was operating a coach business from his home - you may wish to read it, he has eventually been shut down (I think)).

              Hope it goes well, keep us updated.


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                Hmmn, I hadn't thought of stones. But large shrubs, why not? (stake them with 2x2 and paint the stakles white to make them stand out.) Or both? When/if you get shrubs, keep the receipts so you can claim compensation if they're ever damaged, and photograph them to show they're suitable for that part of the garden.
                "Poor Tom shall lead thee" (King Lear)


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                  Bryan, hi

                  Bad luck have already had good advice...only problem I can spot, is that ,if police cannot take any actio, then you are resorting to fat solicitor's fees, as this is civil, not criminal playground! Pursue police to take any action they can with D of Transport. All the best



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                    I got it wrong ! It's not the Department of Transport now, it's called DETR (Department of Transport, Evironment and the Regions).

                    If you go onto Ask Jeeves or Google and just type in DETR you will have loads of it all coming up with different sections.

                    I rang a colleague of mine this morning (cause he's more up on this now than I am as he is dealing with it everyday) and he thinks that either what they have done is rented an address with the effect of using that to satisfy the criteria for the Operators Licence to be given or they have not informed the DETR at all and are operating illegally.

                    Either way what they are doing is not on. The police can get involved but if it is onto private property, they may err on the side of caution.

                    You cannot start parking up tractor units and trailers where you like, when you like. In Warwickshire they have strict guidelines about this and they will not allow you just to park up where you feel like it. They have designated areas for parking these vehicles.

                    Mike has suggested that it would be useful to get a camera and start photographing all these vehicles complete with number plates if can. Also if you have a camcorder that would be helpful. You will need the reg numbers in any case because they will need to do a PNC on these vehicles to see who they are registered to. They could be hired as these units cost around about £50k a piece your talking serious amounts of money tied up in just one vehicle.

                    Mike agrees with the point that I made previously that if they are not doing this by the book then there could be other areas that they are - shall we say - being sloppy on. Like keeping documentation for instance.

                    When you speak with the DETR, keep cool and try not to loose it, these folks play things by the book and as Spinksay will tell you they will just drop the phone down on you if you start getting irrate. Get all you facts and info together and have it on a sheet of paper in front of you. Give them as much information as you possibly can, the more they have the better it will be for you.

                    Finally, what do your other neighbours think about all of this ? I am sure that they too will not be amused to have this going on by them, maybe a chat with them might prove useful too, although do exercise caution won't you, you never know if they might be friendly with these NFH.

                    Do have a look at the DETR sites though you will pick up some useful information.


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                      I would like to come in one your problem. My neighbour problem was very similar to yours. Like you I was not in the slightest bit intimidated by him.

                      Unlike you we did have a very heated exchange and suffice to say he left the scene rather quickly. You are right it is very satisfying but ultimately it made the situation far worse.

                      This bloke nearly brought me to my knees in the ensuing years. From the point where he was “put in his place” he waged a vicious and physiological war against my family and me.

                      The point is, Bryan, as tempting as it please try to keep the baseball bat in the cupboard and don’t think that an issue like this can be resolved through violence.

                      Keep cool, mate, Kevin