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  • Sad To See

    Sigh, in this last week, I have seen/heard thru the grapevine:

    1. House on neighbouring estate burnt down (unsure as to cause) with police helicopters flitting around

    2. Scrambler bikes rip roaring around at 11.30pm

    3. A fisticuffs fight between 2 neighbours (1 of them the NFH)

    4. The local milkman (nice guy) hijacked and his milk float stolen and trashed

    5. Local teenage gangs hanging around corner shops and the local supermarket terrorising old ladies

    6. and about a month ago, a 13 year old girl was raped 1.5 miles away on her way home from school.

    I'm absolutely serious when i tell you that 5 yrs ago, this estate was really really exclusive - the bigger houses are owned by doctors, solicitors, head teachers etc. Its leafy, bordering countryside, idyllic(!) and property prices to match so called prestigious surroundings.

    As I write, NFH is in his garage working out, no doubt "pumping up" for his next bout with nice Pete over the road. He can hear me typing and my computer whirring, suppose thats why he's out so early.

    I'm saddened, nothing to do with house values, ending of an era in my own personal life or the like, but more to do with how tragic it is that such a beautiful living environment is now on a downward spiral.

    When visiting, my mates and family used to say how lucky i was to live here, it was beautiful and quiet. The last time I let my mum come here (more for her own safety than anything else) she remarked on the litter in the road and how she never noticed the traffic noise (road and air) before - thats cos it wasnt there mum.

    Well, am off shopping now, wonder what I'll come "home" to next?


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    Hi Gordy

    It's sad to see how things change for the worse I too thought I had found the perfect place to bring up my children and somewhere that I could live out my days happily.

    It's strange how an area can deteriorate so quickly, and without anyone doing anything about it. It's not just NFH that bring the quality of life down, but it seems to be happeneing almost everywhere and to everyone. There seems to be no pride in keeping these idyllic areas the way they should be kept.

    What on earth do people think when they are committing crime, making somebody else's life hell or even changing somebody's life forever? Where does it end?



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      oh Gordy

      I am sighing with you

      its so not fair when this happens, have you gone to the police and asked for more of a pressence from them?

      if a load of you write you might get something done, then I guess its back to the councillors and MPs

      oH dear

      it makes me so sad when all these problems are here and its seems what ever they just dont want to go away!

      you know where we are when you need a rant, we will rant away with you


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        i know what you mean gordy, this is a private road, and even though we all have to pay for its upkeep and therefore should have a vested interest in keeping it as nice as possible, there are people round here who just think it is theirs to trash, never mind what anyone else wants.

        it is the right of the individual taking priority over the community as a whole.

        mind you i used to live in tottenham, very near broadwater farm and somehow, with a lot of struggles the residents there have managed to take back their estate from the criminal low life that used to terrorise the place. but it did take millions of ££££££'s and a lot of resources from the council to make it happen. people now ask to be housed there!!!instead of running a million miles in the other direction!!!!

        not likely round here, though!!!!

        and the other thing, this is like a cancer, so eventually what do people like us do, we cannot run from it forever, can we????

        ah well, lets not get depressed, sun is shining and the hampton court flower show is on!!

        I decree today that life

        Is simply taking and not giving

        England is mine - it owes me a living

        But ask me why, and I'll spit in your eye

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        Politics is Showbusiness for ugly people ~ Jay Leno

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        Carpe Diem

        Give Yourself to It ~ Sue Gadenne


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          It seems to be happening all over, Gordy The world is going to hell in a handbasket

          Two things I read in the paper today, 1) Violent crime has soared in 14 out of 15 police force areas from 10% rise to a whacking 90% increase in Northumbria.

          2)Greater Manchester Chief Constable has told his officers to let up on harrassing drivers - but only because it alienates the law abiding citizens, i.e. it's polical!

          To be honest, I don't think it matters how many people are arrested for crime, the police could have a 100% clear up rate, but then the criminal gets in front of some liberal thinking judge who decideds the poor mite has had a hard life and lets him walk. We don't need more police we need more judges who are in touch with the victims of crime!

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            Oh Misty how i agree, i keep saying this but there are UFOs(flying saucers), well how the hell do these judges go home and then return to court if not in UFOs cos they do not live in the real world do they.


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              I have just been called all the names under the sun in a taunting manner by a group of 12 year olds who I tried to stop from taunting a neighbours dog. This is now common-place, although some of them are only about 9. All this as I pick my way along my street amongst today's abandoned, smashed-up stolen cars....the thief who crashed into next-doors car couple of weeks ago was about 12. Next time I challenge one of them, they will probably torch my car, cheered on by their drunk parents....sad times!



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                I noticed how an estate I used to live on began to go down hill. More and more mutants moved in and turned the area into a shabby tip, people then tended to feel sorry for them and say they were idiots because they lived in a deprived area........ well I reckon that its the people who live in the area who make it deprived and depraved. Some people seem not to like living in a good, clean neighbourhood, they would rather live in a messed up ghetto full of druggies and dirty streets with burned out cars. I believe that people turn their surroundings into the state their minds are in.......