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  • Trouble Next Door

    new niebours moved in about 3months ago. All was well until the young single mum who rented the property allowed a friend and her children to move in.This was OK'd by Landlord. Then 4 youths started coming around, I know now that they are cousins. To cut a long story short they shout out side and in, drink and play on the computer all night, and I mean all night, shouting banging walls and generally being a nuisance. The land lord has given numerous warnings and finally has given them 6 weeks notice to quite the premises. Since giving notice we fave had to bare a barage of abuse and threatening behaviour from the youths (who don't even live there)and my wife is constantly in tears. I am worried as I need to go away in 2 weeks for 3weeks and my wife will be alone. Is there any advice anybody can give me.Thanks


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    Hi Jon and welcome to the forum

    Sorry to hear about your situation There's nothing like a gang of yobs to destroy your peace of mind

    Happily their landlord is evicting them so not long to wait, but I'd imagine it must be feeling like an eternity

    Have you approached your local Neighbourhood Police officer? If not I think you should. Tell him about what has happened and about your fears for your wife while you are away. Is there a friend or a family member your wife could stay with while you are away? Although I would imagine you would be worried about leaving your property empty

    It's possible the Neighbourhood officer could have a word with the youths and/or ask regular patrols to pay passing attention to your property. I would advise your wife to call the police if the behaviour of the NFH/cousins is in any way intimidatory.

    Good luck, I'm sure other members will have a lot more advice for you. You'll find we're a really friendly group

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      welcome Jon,

      sorry you needed to join the forum as it means you have nfh.

      I reckon your NFH might even move out before the 6 weeks are up! I have my fingers crossed that they do.

      I forsee a moonlight flit coming!! i really hope so

      I totally agree with misty, get in touch and prewarn the police of possible trouble, 999 is a good number, even if your wife has to play on the single alone female!

      good luck


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        Hi Jon,

        Welcome to the board, glad you found us here

        Can I ask, have you read the Harassment help article at the main NFH Site? I think it'd help a bit, in case you haven't here it is:

        Harassment from your Neighbour

        Also have a read of these too:


        And just for interest (glad they are moving out BTW) here:

        Noisy Neighbours & Noise Issues

        Let us know how you're doing ok, don't hestitate to ask for help ok - keep safe.


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          Hi jonmussen and welcome to the Forum

          Sorry to hear about the troubles you're having with your neighbours from hell (nfh). We know what it's like to have to suffer with noise nuisance, it can really grind ou down. Hopefully, if you read the link Matthew gave you, you'll have found lots of useful information about how to tackle this aspect of your nfh.

          I am the bearer of bad news though, I'm afraid . If you're nfh are renting from a private landlord, then the six weeks notice they've been given is not valid. It is unlikely they will move out if they have sought advice on their housing situation. They may do a moonlight flit as Beth says, and I hope they do for you and your familys' sake.

          Hopefully, if you follow the advice in the links, and from the other members who've posted, you may be able to find a way to deal with your nfh.

          Please come back and let us know how you get on.