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Shes Starting Again.

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  • Shes Starting Again.

    Hello everyone (and matthew)

    Yes its starting again,my nfh is on the warpath.

    Earlier this evening the nfh daughter came round to deposit her

    3yr old son on our nfh above.

    This is a fairly regular occurance.

    Anyway there was a lot of noise from above, sounds of small child

    running up and down hallway.

    Missus yelled for them to shut up.(she could break glass with that voice).

    A short while later we hear the door slam,nfh daughter is bouncing

    down stairs.

    missus looks out front bedroom window and as soon as nfh daughter

    sees her she sticks her middle finger up at my missus.

    About half an hour later the nfh comes down and knocks on our door,

    Missus hears the knock and goes to door to look out spyhole.

    she calls me to answer door but by the time i get there, the nfh has gone back


    I expect some repercussions in the morning, probably a note through the

    letterbox or an actual face to face confrontation which i am looking forward


    I am really p***** off with her upstairs,she can make noise whenever she

    feels like it but we have to creep around like mice.

    She is still trying to get our mobile phone numbers and our landline number.

    Does anyone know where i can buy an uzi 9mm semi automatic machine gun.


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    Just hold on a sec, if anyone has access to an Uzi, I want it first, sorry!


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      It would be much better to syringe arsenic into the milk on the doorstep!!!

      Who would ever know? and what an effective way to silence the whole lot


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        Oh crikey - sounds like a horrible evening Mr U - I hope things quietened down a bit by now?

        How often do we hear that eh - NFH sufferers creeping around for fear of making the slightest noises and NFH making enough noise for the whole street?! Most of us have been there tip-toeing around, including me.

        Just out of interest, how do they react (the NFH) when you blank them totally (e.g. don't respond at all verbally or physically to their provocation) - this could really confuse them eh!


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          hi All,got extremley drunk last night so i would not have heard

          anything at all.

          NFH was up at 7.30 this morning banging and thumping around

          and i heard that ok.

          Tis all quiet now as its gone out and we shall get peace till

          later on this evening.

          No repercussions over last nights events yet,but they will

          come in the form of a doorstep arguement or a note shoved

          through letterbox.

          Thornyside,if i get hold of an uzi 9mm semi i will lend it to you

          but i need to use it first.

          Tristar,I wish i could inject something into her milk but she buys

          it from supermarket.


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            Leave a anonynous bottle of booze on her doorstep(laced)...she will think she's got an admirer, and hopefully enjoy drinking it



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              Originally posted by sapphirelily10@Jul 7 2003, 10:10 PM

              Leave a anonynous bottle of booze on her doorstep(laced)...she will think she's got an admirer, and hopefully enjoy drinking it


              OH you are evil saph

              The only problem is that NFH is teetotal.

              NFH does smoke though.

              Trouble with that is cigarettes are sealed

              in polythene wrapper so cant be

              tampered with.

              Never mind eh.40 a day should sort it



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                Hello Mr. U

                you could always leave a box of black magic outside her front door laced or a bunch of flowers. hehehe sorry I am being wicked I have the same problem with my neighbour about noise he moans that the dog howls when we go out (the dog is only ever left for a max of 7 hours while we are at work and he has food, water, toys, bed, blanket, the run of the entire kitchen) and when we go out at the weekend i.e saturday the dog is left for a max of 4 hours and we leave the radio on for him to. our NFH also moans about our wind chimes (we have two small onesin the back garden) he moans he can here us walking up the stairs (we havn't been able to put carpet in yet that is next years little job) and yet we here him thudding around and his two bratts like a couple of dinosaures, and shreaking swearing shouting. I think all of these kinds of people are cut from the same cloth they should all be rounded up and put out on a deserted hostile island and told to get on with it and leave the normal people to get on in harmoney