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    This is what I posted on my local message board on the Isle of Wight, last week. I have had no replies whatsoever from any of the agencies listed below. I have now obtained a copy of the TV documentry Neighbours from Hell and the film footage is quite tame compared to some of the bits on my tapes.

    miss understood wrote this..On Wednesday night there is a neighbours from hell about an island family.

    A must watch, me thinks.

    I haven’t seen the television program you mention above, but how about this. I have just given copies of my own CCTV footage to the Crime & Disorder Team, Ryde Police, Medina Housing, My Solicitor, and the Crown Prosecution Service. One police officer thinks my tape is far superior to the one used against the family you are probably referring to above.

    If you all do not mind listening, I will put the log that I sent with the tapes onto this message board. "Minus the names of course"

    Guide to Video footage: Ref: ********** ***********.

    1. The first clip of film shows ****** *******walking up the road to collect the car. You can estimate the speed by the sound of the car and from when the car comes into view. 2 children can be seen near the entrance to No ** as ****** approaches in the car. The video clearly shows that ****** has no proper control over the vehicle and is a danger to the children seen in the footage, and to any other residents or vehicles in the area. The car seen in this clip and all other clips is red ***********, registration number **** ***. ****** ********Clearly admitting that she has been driving about with an under inflated tyre.

    2. The next clip shows ****** using foul and abusive language outside of the house.

    3. The next clip shows the car pulling in at night and it can be clearly heard that ****** seems to be in some sort of distress. Possibly from drink or drugs?

    4. The next clip shows the young girl believed to be from ******** *******going into no ** ********** followed by to young males. Then 3 young children with the dog from No ** and then 1 more young child.

    5. The next clip shows the girl whose name I believe is *** ****? Inciting a 13 year old to conduct herself in a manner whereby she would be likely to cause alarm harassment or distress to another or other people in the immediate area.

    6. As Clip 5.

    7. Most of the clips are not in precise order. This clip shows the car being driven off by a person some time after being crashed into the front the house at ** ********** ******.

    8. In the next clip you will clearly hear **** ****thumping down the stairs like an elephant. She comes out of the house with her boy friend and ****** *******. She crosses the road and mouths of a rude gesture toward the camera. Then clearly states whilst making stamping movements with her feet that she is going to do this every time. You can then clearly hear her say words to the effect that I would have to call the f**king police every time someone uses the stairs. This stamping up and down the stairs is being done at all times of the day and night and can be confirmed by the residents in No **.

    9. The next clip was taken from last night the 22nd June 2003; the time of this clip would be recorded by my phone call to the police. It clearly shows **** ****looking up to my bedroom window using foul and abusive language and making what I believe to be sexual remarks regarding my wife and myself. The Previous night to this I was standing in my doorway and **** ****came out of No ** walked a little way down the road and stood on the pavement opposite my doorway. There was no doubt in my mind that she was under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. She turned her head toward ******* and asked if she wanted to get her anything. ****** Replied the she wanted a man with a f**king great huge c**k. This was clearly heard by my wife who was upstairs reading to my 5-year-old grandson. This clip was unfortunately erased, but as stated, “clearly heard by my wife from the bedroom”

    10. The next clip shows ****** *******in the car with what looks like her sister ***** coming in and crashing the Vehicle at quite a high speed into the front of the house “** ********** ******” and from my own observations demolished the concrete coalbunker. They both showed a total disregard for what they have done by continuing to laugh hysterically. One of my main concerns is the fact that my wife spends a lot of time in the front garden and on occasions with my 5 year old grandson and this continued behaviour constitutes a serious threat to the lives of members of my family, my neighbours in Number ** and to all other residents of ********** ******and the surrounding areas. Both girls in this clip appear to be under the influence of drink or drugs etc.

    11. The next clip shows one of the many occasions when the house is full of schoolgirls, young children or both.

    12. The next clip is where ****** *******makes reference to the fact that if they have to leave No **then they will f**k the place up. A male companion at the time can be clearly seen to turn and make a gesture that I firmly believe is a threat that it will be also my garden that is f**ked up.

    13. The next clip was taken on the 23rd June 2003 and shows ****** and her sister *****both using foul and abusive language in the street, and ***** can be clearly seen kicking the front door of Number ** ********** ******.

    14. The next clip was again taken on the 23rd June 2003 and although you cannot make out what is being said, it clearly shows the continued harassment from the occupants of No ** ********** ******.

    This Video is just a small portion taken from over a 100 hours of footage but does not show the deliberate constant flow of foul language, running up and down the stairs, banging on the walls, shouting and screaming, day after day and night after night

    I have added 2 more clips to this video since handing copies to Medina Housing, Ryde Police & the Crime and Disorder Team. The 1st of the 2 added clips shows **** ****being quite busy with her boyfriend. This is the kind of action she now tends to engage in whenever she has the chance. Although these acts are not yet offensive, it is clearly being done to cause harassment and to provoke some kind of response from myself, my friends or members of my family.

    The second clip shows foul and abusive language from **** ****. Both of the clips shown are from last nights tape 24/06/03. After viewing the 2nd clip, I phoned and requested the attendance of a police unit for continued harassment of my family and myself.

    The person seen in this video footage has No driving licence, and the vehicle mentioned has no MOT, TAX, or Insurance. And has possibly been involved in over 150 motoring offences.

    And what I have written on this page is quite mild compared to viewing the actual tape.


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    welcome Denbo!

    what are the police doing then?!?!?!

    I hope there are responding, gosh, you have been complete eith your recording, we normally suggest that people keep a diary but it looks like you have that covered!

    Welcome again and I will post again soon, a bit gob smacked to be honest at your tale!!


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      Hi Denbo and welcome to the Forum

      I guarantee that you will get responses from the members of the Neighbours from Hell (NFH) Forum.

      How long have you been living with NFH? Many members watched that programme that you mention and many members are living with similar situations to yourself and will be able to share their experiences with you.

      Are you in Housing Association (HA) accommodation yourself? Or did you send the tape to the HA because the NFH live in one of their properties?

      Have you have any responses back from any of these agencies yet? What did you ask them to do once they had viewed the tape? Or what action, if any, has been taken against the NFH to date?

      I know there's a lot of questions, but it does help us to get a clearer picture of what has been happening for you.

      Welcome again to the Forum, and please come back often to see the responses form other members.


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        So, what you have here then is :-

        Driving without due care and attention.

        Driving an unfit motor vehicle.

        Under inflated tyre - which is an offence as is an over inflated one too.


        Using foul and abusive language and making what you believe to be sexual remarks regarding your wife and yourself.

        Possibilty of driving whilst under the influence of alcohol / drugs.

        Along with :-

        No driving licence, and the vehicle mentioned has no MOT, TAX, or Insurance. And has possibly been involved in over 150 motoring offences.[/b]

        Okay, so we have a list here and it is fair to say that something should be done to protect you and your wife having to suffer this kind of abuse day in and day out.

        You have another member of the household who is 13 years old and is being coaxed into causing you additional trauma too.

        You say that the police have seen this evidence and are impressed with its quality. Great ! So what are they doing about it other than congratulating you on your choice of CCTV recording equipment ?

        I would be tempted to go back to the station and ask to speak with the duty sargeant. Show him/her your evidence and ask them what they propose to do about someone who flagrantly abuses the law and appears to be getting away with it despite powerful evidence proving what they are up to. If you don't get any joy there then you come under is it Hampshire Police ? Maybe a call to their Standards Department at their Headquarters would be useful for you and ask the officer in charge (who is never usually below the rank of a Dectective Chief Inspector) what they are going to do about this. I guarantee they will pull their fingers out and you should get some action. If you don't come back and I have other aces up my sleeve to jolly you along the way.


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          Hi Denbo and welcome to the forum.

          I saw the Neighbours from Hell programme and if it the one I'm thinking of there was also a write up in the Daily Mail a couple of months prior. I recall I typed it out and posted it in the 'Did you see' folder.

          From what I recall one part of the family had been evicted and were now living with the grandmother, who herself has been in trouble with the law.

          I can only offer you my sympathy for having to put up with this vile, antisocial, criminal family. Are the police or HA planning on taking any action? And if not, why not? I would imagine there is plenty of evidence available to, at the very least, issue some ASBO's.

          Of course they didn't show their true faces on the Neighbours from Hell programme, lot's of whinges about how misunderstood they are. It makes me so angry that they think they can inflict this sort of harrassment on people and then have the audacity to perceive themselves as the victims!!! But then that's typical NFH behaviour and maybe I shouldn't be so surprised.

          Hopefully the police/council/HA will get together and sort out this family properly and give their neighbours, you included, some much needed peace and quiet.

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            Hi Denbo

            What a nightmare! I cannot believe the police disinterest! Again, I would be very tempted to take this higher up at your cop shop as there are so many incidents here.

            Are you an owner-occupier or renting...if renting do you have the same or a different landlord from nfh? If they're renting, they have serious problems when being in breach of their tenancy agreement...a meeting with representative of landlord(perhaps police as well) could be in order here! Are there any concerns about moral danger to any of these under-16's visiting this property? If so, social services may wish to ensure their safety.

            DVLA may be interested in no tax, even if police aren't acting!

            Good luck!



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              Hi everyone. Thank you all for your replies. It actually makes me feel good to know that there is someone out there that cares.

              The house that I live in in is a Housing association property and I have lived there for nearly 25 years. All the agencies involved with this matter have assured me that everything possible is being done but that it will take time. One of of my main fears is for the safety of my family and also my neighbours on the other side "we live in a block of three" NFH in the middle. I have commented to all concerned, about the constant parties that I believe involve drink and drug taking, and the fear of a fire being caused by recklessness. On the re-run of tonights CCTV footage 2/7/03 you can see the occupants running out onto the street effing and blinding and laughing about an explosion and "did you see the sparks coming out of it" I phoned the police and asked for assurance that everything was OK. The Sergeant assured me there was no immediate problems and that they were doing there best. I have been suffering from these NFH for the last few months but my neighbours on the other side have been the victims of these people for nearly 7 years.

              I think one of you raised concern about children under the age of 16?. We have also asked for an investigation into the matters of the young children that frequent these premises.

              Thanks again for your kind replies



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                Hi Denbo

                Sapphire's right - your HA landlord (and the same landlord of the nfh) should be taking action against their tenants for breach of tenancy agreement. The HA should be serving a Notice specifying grounds for possession - are they not doing this? Chase them up, find out.... ask them what action they are taking.


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                  Hi Holly. The problem they have is that the mother who signed the tenancy agreement has just been sent to prison for 3 years for traficking in crack cocaine and heroin.

                  At the moment it is the children who are left there, One 18, One 16, both are girls. the young boy who has always been a nice lad lives with his father. Another 18 year old girl has moved in with her boy friend and it is she who is the root of all the present trouble. Although everyone keeps telling me that all is being done, nobody is informing us of any action that is being taken. All we are getting is 24 hours of hell every day. I say 24 hours because even when you get a break from it, all you do is sit there getting stressed out waiting for it all to begin again.



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                    Hi Denbo

                    I do feel for you and yours, I know how stressful it all can be

                    one of our NFH was dabbling in dealing and it was very obvious! the music went on very loudly every time a deal was made!

                    the noise and disturbance can be continuel and it can really invade your life.

                    you must try not to get to invloved....yes I know it really hard when its on your doorstep and is effecting you!

                    but if you get obsessed with it, it can make the problem intensived, I am talking from experiance!!

                    thats how this site started, we needed to tell to other people people what what was happening in our lifes apart from each other, as we were getting consumed by it.

                    it was very difficult to have any conversation with each other without mentioning "them"

                    ( and Matthew are married if you were wondering who I was talking about!!)

                    If you feel the law has been broken you can either ring the police or try crime stoppers.

                    It is difficult in finding out what action is being taken unless a crime has been commited directly at you.

                    I am sorry to say its about human rights and confidentialty of your NFH.

                    no one has to tell you any thing and this is equally frustrating!

                    I hope you find answers soon

                    good luck


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                      If it helps somewhat - its not much I know but I use the old maxim of :-

                      Slowly, slowly catchee monkey

                      These people only go on for so long perpetrating their acts of vile evil towards others.

                      I am surprised by the fact that due to the vehicle being without MOT, tax and insurance not to mention the condition of the vehicle that the police appear to be doing very little.

                      The police - here in Warwickshire - are very hot on things like this along with their pursuit of those speeding also, so perhaps a word with your local police station and in particular a Traffic Officer might help here.

                      The Traffic Police Officers operate on a slightly different mandate to their other colleagues. Generally speaking these officers are much more up on road traffic laws and will have more knowledge on the overall running of a vehicle than the ordinary PC.

                      Another bit of useless information is that with these Traffic Officers - there is at least one officer in that department who is trained to Grade 4 Tachograph Inspector status. They are not ordinary police officers by any stretch of the imagination this team take road safety as of paramount importance.

                      A word with one of these officers would help you certainly.


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                        Hi Scooby

                        Slowly, slowly catchee monkey

                        How right you are. I have attended a special meeting with our local beat officer and a few of the local residents. that meeting lasted 8 hours. He has told me personaly, that after viewing my tape, he could see clear evidence of offences that had been committed. His intention was to view it several more times to make sure he could extract all the offences that he could be sure of obtaining a conviction from. Its just so frustrating that when you give them such good evidence, you are still getting NFH 24 hours a day.



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                          Hi Denbo,

                          Sorry to hear your story but at least you have evidence. Again you seem to have the adopted the attitude of non-response which is the right thing to do in these situations.

                          See what the police and the authorities do but if you have home insurance it may be worth seeing if you have legal insurance included. I'm utilisng this with my own NFH at present. From what you say you seem to have a cast iron case for bringing a prosecution under the PFH Act.


                          Now, these creatures are bringers of death and misery. They will never eat, they will never sleep, and they will never stop.

                          We are part of an ancient secret society. For three thousand years we have guarded the Cities and Towns. We are sworn at manhood to do any and all in our power to stop the NFH from ever being reborn into this world.

                          So what's the plan?

                          Rescue the damsel in distress, stop the bad guys, save the world.


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                            Hi Denbo

                            Why not ask your HA has "assigned" the tenancy to a family member - if not, ask them if they will be serving notice. If mother is still the tenant and was on Housing Benefit (HB) she will not be able to get if for more than 52 weeks (in her circumstances). If the tenancy is not assigned, then if the HA accept rent, it is on the basis of "mesne profits" - they could be serving notice on the remaining occupants.

                            Try your best to get a bit more information from your landlord on this one!


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                              I spoke to someone from the Housing Association yesterday, he told me he had just came back from holiday and had not veiwed the video yet. I was not amused because everyone would have had the film in their possesion for nearly 2 weeks now.

                              Also I cannot seem to get a reply from my solicitor? "not one phone call" I have left messages with his secretary that I would like to attend court and take out an anti harrasment order against my neighbours. Would anyone know if there is any way that I can do this myself?

                              And can anyone give me a contact number for the ITVs Neighbours From Hell.

                              "Neighbourhood Witch" HA will not tell me anything other than that they are trying their best to move things along as quickly as possible.

                              Thank you all.