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  • Ciggerettes

    My neighbour has been throwing lighted ciggerettes into my garden

    causing burns to the plastic on my cold frame, is this classed as arson?

    I have a 2 metre fence so they cannot see what is in my garden

    as i have a 2 month baby i am concerned about his safety.

    I have video evidence of them doing it. would the police be interested?

    Can anyone advise me of the best course of action

    they are not approachable.

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    Hi trumpet and welcome to the forum

    If you feel you cannot approach your neighbour maybe you could send them a letter asking them to refrain from throwing lighted cigarettes into your garden. Point out to them the possible consequences of their actions. You could also have a quiet word with your local Neighbourhood police officer and ask for help there. If you do send a letter, keep a copy so that if it happens again you can show they were aware of what they were doing.

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      Hi Trumpet

      It is not arson - but it IS criminal damage, and you should report it to the police. They may not do anything (I had lighted cigarettes thrown onto my awning, which damaged it), police said they wouldn't come out for that, but I insisted on logging the damage as they had broken the law - police agreed.

      But I would also agree with Misty, and also write a polite note to your neighbours. I hope this helps.

      Kind regards, Lisa


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        I was going to add about the criminal damage. They ought to not do that, and distressing you when you have a baby is really very nasty. This sounds like a character devoid of that element of humanity, be wary but assert your rights to be protected by the law by all means.

        You may have to work hard to get the police to act. Good luck.


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          Hi trumpet and welcome

          Definitely not a nice thing for your neighbours to be doing.

          I'm a smoker and wouldn't dream of putting my tab ends anywhere other than my own ashtray or outside bin.

          I agree with Misty, that if you feel you can't speak face-to-face with your neighbours, then you really should put something in writing to them There is a blank letter template in the Resources section of the main NFH website that you could use as a starting point for your letter.

          Hope you manage to get this sorted. Is there anything else that your neighbours are doing that is a nuisance?


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            Deliberately destroying or damaging property by fire is known as arson. If the intention to damage or destroy can be proved (and you have mentioned that you do have evidence in the form of a video), it does not matter whether or not the arson attempt is successful. It is treated in law as criminal damage.

            If the police investigation is successful and the CPS give the go ahead for a prosecution then they can be tried in a magistrates court, where the penalty is a fine or a maximum of six months imprisonment. The latter - unless your NFH has a history of criminal activity - is unlikely. You would - should the case be proved successful be awarded some damages for the damaged item and upset caused.

            I would speak with your local police station and show them the evidence that you have collected and see how they wish to pursue this.