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Moving Because Of Neighbours

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  • Moving Because Of Neighbours


    We have had horrible neighbours who moved in several years

    ago and made life hell. We have suffered property damage, stalking,

    fear, harassment, and the police and the authorities wouldn't or

    couldn't help. These people have become really fixated on us.

    After years of trying to cope, we are moving house.

    A family member is scared that the man from next door (who has

    taken a very unhealthy interest in her) will follow us to our new

    home and might attempt to cause us harm. I am afraid she could be

    right. Do you think we should go to a Government agency and try to

    get their assurance to alert the police to our plight (I have tried to get

    the police to take this seriously but I dont think they understand)

    and get support if this man turns up? Has anyone else had the same fears?

    (This man has tried to get into our lives in many different ways and

    my GP thinks he could be mentally unbalanced. I think he is just downright



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    Hi Melanie and welcome to the forum.

    I'm sorry to hear about your situation, it sounds very serious.

    Hopefully the NFH won't follow you but if he does you must contact the police immediately. Keep a diary of events and if you haven't already, write down what has happened in the past and give these to the police. At the very least they can serve him with a Protection from Harrassment order. You must try and gather as much evidence as possible to show the police that this is a serious matter.

    If you think the police are not taking this seriously then write to the Chief Contable of your local force. If you go to your local CAB they can give you the name of a local solicitor and you could get some advice from him/her. The first half hour is free.

    You could also write or contact your MP, explain what is happening and tell him/her that you think the police are not taking your concerns seriously.

    Good luck, I'm sure other members will also have some advice for you.

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      Welcome Malanie – shame it’s under such dreadful circumstances. I’m sad you feel you have to move. I would concur with all Misty has suggested, cover all your options, get legal advice, and I personally would make contact in person, with your new local police station. Perhaps they will take a different attitude from your present police station. I wish you all well. Kind regards, Lisa


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        Sorry if this isn't a great message of hope.

        We suffered, for a few years, being the targets of a malicious fixation problem from neighbours best described as 'sick'. We had the option of a long, drawn out battle or moving and regaining our lives. We moved.

        Just remember, whatever you decide, it's their problem not yours and how awful it must be to be like them.

        Good luck. Lots of sympathy for you.



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          Hi Melanie and welcome to the Forum

          Sorry to hear about the problems you're family member is having with the neighbour.

          If you have had
          property damage, stalking, fear and harassment[/b]
          , then the Police should be doing something.

          However, it is sadly a common theme on this Forum that the Police often do nothing. It helps to be armed with information about your rights and the options open to the Police. (Easier for them to do their job ).

          Misty has given some good advice. Check out the information on the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 on the main NFH site under Resources.

          The Police these days hardly do anything without evidence - the more you get, the more they will listen to you.

          If you are worried about the current mental health state of this person, you could contact your local Social Services department and put them on Notice, giving your causes for concern. They won't tell you any information about him/her, but at least you have covered yourself if anything should happen to a member of the public/ your family in the future.

          If you believe that this individual is a risk to self or others, then you should advice both the Police and Social Services.

          Come back often and let us know how you get on.