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  • My First Post

    Hi, I had no idea how bad neighbours could be until I came to this forum. Some of you people truly are in hell. From my username you probably have an idea of where I live (and how I feel).

    I have neighbours that have dogs that bark, yap and do werewolf impressions. their horrid little kids shout, scream and shreik for hours on end, the parents just sit in the garden drinking cans of beer and sunning themselves completely oblivious to their horrible little angels chucking BBQ'd burnt offerings over the fence and they play loud tuneless music with the bass whacked up.

    A few more houses away we have some more gormless twits that like to get drunk and talk as loud as they possibly can, we get this every Saturday night from 10pm to 1am and last week we were treated to loud karaoke singing (believe me - that was bad).

    The next door neighbours went away for a few days, sheer bliss, unfortunately they have just come back because the loud tuneless music has just started up, which has prompted me write this message.

    Oh well, back to normal I suppose.

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    hi SS

    welcome to the forum!

    I am sorry to hear you have NFHs and I am sad to hear there is more than one set of them!!

    Are your other neighbours bothered by all the noise too?

    I guess they must be, yuck....drunken karokee!

    Have you tried to approach your neighbours to explain how much they are disturbing you?

    from what you have said the council should be able to help you as any noise between 11pm and 7am, that is not normal living noise, can be acted upon.

    If you are not planning on selling your house in the near furture (2 years) I would personally contact the EHO noise officer, you will need to start filling in logs if you have not already done so, you can find the blank logs on the main site under resources.

    welcome again


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      Hi s*d Shoebury and welcome to the Forum but sorry that you've felt the need to join us

      Ah, the dreaded bass beat - it's awful isn't it? If it's happening on a regular basis and is interfering with your day to day living, then it may be a statutory nuisance. Like Beth says, you need to start writing all these down (if you haven't already) and she has told you where to access them.

      The other bit of information that really helps us, is to fin out what kind of housing you're in, as it affects what options are open to you. Do you own or rent? If you rent, is it from the Council, Housing Association/ private landlord? What about your nfh?

      What is it you want to do? Stay or move?

      Welcome again, and hopefully we can all offer you more advice once we know the answers to the above.