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Sandwich Filling Here Again

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  • Sandwich Filling Here Again

    Hello, perhaps you will remember my posts about having nutters downstairs and upstairs. At that point the new people downstairs were the most trouble, however recently the situation from upstairs has meanwhile gone from bad to worse. Today I phoned the police after their radio came this morning at full blast - having been awake since 7am with their crashing and banging and still in a bad mood from not getting sleep on Thursday night for his drunking crashing, shouting, door slamming from 2.30am until about 4am. Anyway I heard their door slam and looked out my peephole only to see them going down the stairs. I was in time to catch the second guy and asked him if there was anyone still in and to turn the music off if they were going out but he was too pi**ed out of his head (at 11am!) to do/say anything apart from stare moronically at me and then call me a b*tch. Now, I'm afraid I swear quite a lot myself, so I went through him myself at that point! Anyway, I shouted after the first guy (who lives there) from my window (I know, how common!!!) but he just ignored me. So I called the police again - very angry at this point, lol!!

    Long story short. I went out for some food, came back and the police were here. Still no answer upstairs - I didn't know if they were back in or not having been out myself. So the police kicked in their door and switched off the radio! Yay!

    My question now, though is what to do when the a**holes come back and find their door done in! I presume the police will have left something to say it was them (!?!?!) but they will no doubt still presume (quite rightly) that it was me who phoned them. Little do they know I already had before they even went out! Anyway, what to do? Hubby is away just now, just left last week so not back for three weeks now. He thinks I should ignore the door if they come down, but I DO want to tell them it was the police. So then do I admit to calling the police if it comes up? I don't see why not! I hate these idiots - don't see why I should even pretend to be bothered about what they think.

    Of course if they start anything it will be a 999 call no questions asked (this is justified, isn't it, if threatened with violence or the prospect of?).

    Just not sure how to handle it, not knowing what "it" might be at this point. This pair are not normal which makes it more difficult.

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    Originally posted by geesabun@Jun 28 2003, 4:07 PM

    Of course if they start anything it will be a 999 call no questions asked (this is justified, isn't it, if threatened with violence or the prospect of?).*
    Absolutely justified! Hope you've already told the Police you're worried for your safety (play the woman on her own card). If not call the local station (or better, call in & get your concerns noted - Police aren't good at answering the phone, esp at weekends.

    Well done for getting the radio turned off! That was what you wanted, not the door kicking in.
    "Poor Tom shall lead thee" (King Lear)


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      Yup - I visited the police station a wee while back and had a chat with them. They said to simply keep phoning them whenever things get out of hand...I usually get an answer okay but there's been quite a few times when they've never actually come out - I know they prioritise but one of these days it'll escalate to an emergency when I try to kill them and more than likely come off worse!!! [Just joking, but you do feel like it sometimes. )


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        Crikey, least the radio got turned off...I wonder where the police stand with repairing any damage/making safe the door before they left.

        As Poor Tom says, absolutely - ring the police if you have to, don't hesitate to make an emergency call, you are quite justified.

        You must though above all costs stay out the way of this lot wherever possible - it's not cowardly don't get me wrong, but your safety is above ego every time, you're important ok. Stay safe.

        Can you get away for a few days if possible? Invite a friend to stay with you, relative etc?

        Maybe you could even ring the police and ask for advice before anything happens - do you have a contact for someone personally who you've been dealing with etc (local community officer perhaps?).

        Keep us updated with what's going on ok, but I think your being very courageous, power to your elbow geesabun!


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          Crikey, least the radio got turned off...I wonder where the police stand with repairing any damage/making safe the door before they left.

          I know! I thought they would say the noise wasn't bad enough - I know they CAN break in if they decide it's justified, after all for all we know, loud music could be covering up something else going on! Frankly I couldn't care less about making safe or damage - they said the place was a dump inside and remember this is the guy who regularly kicks his own door in instead of using keys like any normal person.... I don't think he's the type to be writing a letter to his MP or the Chief Constable any time soon. Their door is very flimsy anyway, when you knock on it the whole thing shakes, lol.

          So, low profile then you reckon? I know I feel more bolshy than I should - I was mugged once and felt so humiliated afterwards I vowed never to get scared again of pathetic losers.

          Can you get away for a few days if possible? Invite a friend to stay with you, relative etc?[/b]

          Could I suppose but don't want to. Might see if my step son fancies staying for a few days next week - I'm more worried about them breaking into my place and wrecking things. My husband has a few nice guitars and I have my precious computer of course!!


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            oops. Me quote things didn't come out all pretty

            More news!! Good news!! After I had a go at the guy on the stairs earlier I paid a visit to my downstairs neighbours (remember them, lol?) and asked them if I could have their landlord's details to see if he might buy my flat - can't sell to anyone in the real world because of the state of the building (remember that?) and, of course, they would probalby sue me afterwards when they discovered the neighbours!!! So, the landlord came round a little while ago and I think I might be able to get enough out of him to make this a feasible escape route!! Will have to get husband to do the "I'm the man" bit and see if we can up the deal by a few thousand but it seems like I may be rid of this place in a few months!


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              Hi Geesabun,

              Firstly, congrats on getting the police to do something positive I agree with Matthew though, keep a low profile, don't give the NFH a chance to get back at you. Just a sniff of them near your door and call the police!

              Secondly, congrats on the possible sale of your flat The sooner you're away from that antisocial lot the better. Good luck, hope you get the price you want

              Come back and let us know how things are going

              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                Thanks Misty...if I can get even a few thousand shy of what I need to pay it off I will be out of here a.s.a.p. If I can't get within a small margin I will have to stay until I've saved up enough to bridge the gap. Monday morning phone call to my mortgage lender to see what I have to come up with to buy my freedom!

                I have to say the police have been great all along. Apart from not coming out a few times that is! But on the phone and in person they've been very helpful and supportive - I can honestly say I've not felt that they don't think it's worth bothering about. If upstairs start up again tonight and I can get the police out they may well take away the radio. However, I can hear movement up there now and it is very quiet so far so it might not come to that. I guess the police must leave something behind to say it was them who put the radio off! I'm pretty sure I would have had a visit by now if there was no indication of who had done it - even in their addled state surely they would realise I am the prime suspect! (I tell you, when I began to think the police weren't coming at all the thought did even cross my mind....)


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                  Hi geesabun

                  I would have no problems contacting the Police if I believed my life was in danger in anyway.

                  I commend you for the relationship you have built up with your local Police, because here, the Police would not have come out for an instance of loud music - they would expect the Environmental Health department (EH) to deal with all noise nuisance issues.

                  I hope that this landlord does buy your home - makes great business sense for them as their tenancies are close by - great news for you as you get out of there. Don't lose a sale by a few grand, at the end of the day, you're best of out of there and if the landlord makes an offer, I'd say take it. It may not be your best offer, but it'll be the one with the least complications.

                  Good luck.


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                    The more cynical amongst us might think that was the Landlord's plan all along....


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                      The more cynical amongst us might think that was the Landlord's plan all along....[/b]

                      lol! Thing is the landlord owns downstairs (who were bad but seem to have calmed down now, as I thought they might). Upstairs is owned by the "girlfriend" but she is hardly ever there and it's the moronic male and his drunken pals that have stepped up their antisocial behaviour to unbearable level.

                      Oh! They never came near me or my door after the police had visited in their absence. And no damage or anything today either. I suspect this guy is known to the police already - he should be - after all I used to report him for battering the woman (who no-showed three times the one and only time she said she would press charges). I'm just totally dismayed that people live like that....

                      Anyway, I'm phoning the landlord tomorrow - he's obviously "landlord type" material but he seems decent enough. I think there's a very good chance I can get out of here without having to contribute any of my own money! I don't really view property as an investment (just as well, eh?) - my personal view is that it's just a better option than paying rent, but at least in rented accommodation you can do a moonlight flit if you have to!! THe only thing I have to be careful about is making sure the legal paperwork absolves me of any future obligations at all relating to this place, but again, plus point is that he already knows about the building etc.

                      I could well be out of here at the end of the month!

                      To anyone in a similar situation, make a move to explore your options now!! I wish I'd done this months ago!!