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  • Update 2

    Police woman finally came ten days after he threatened to kill me. She went and spoke to them and came back and said they had made accusations and said we were the NFH.

    She said that if we wanted she would issue them with an harrassment order, but if she did this she would have to issue us with one too.

    She also said any future bother would result in orders being given out.

    She asked what the council had said about the matter, but all we could say was that we were still waiting for an answer.

    One day after we found more shrubs broken and thrown on the path, and a large amount of gravel and bits of our trees thrown on the path outside our garden.

    The police seem to keep referring to it as a civil matter, and the police woman said I should consider mediation. But we said if they will not talk to us in a proper manner at all, we don't see mediation working.

    The council seems to be stalling, between have we thought about moving? and what do the police say, these things take time.

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    Hi Goosegirl,

    Poor you, stupid police. Try not to let them rattle your cage! I suppose they have to do things by the book, give NFH benefit of the doubt, but WHY do they think there is any doubt??!

    One thing which could help show you to be more reasonable than them would be to offer to go to mediation. Sure, it probably wouldn't be taken up, or work if it was, but if tyou haven't had an offer from them of mediation it means they are taking the same attitude. Break the stalemate!

    Baby's crying, got to go.

    Hang in there...
    "Poor Tom shall lead thee" (King Lear)


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      Hi goosegirl

      This is just such typical NFH behaviour, they will have been telling the Police allsorts about you (and the Police have to listen and take appropriate action). From scanning through your previous posts, I think the key issue here is "appropriate" - you have had a long history of contacting the Police about your NFH, haven't you?

      The Police must have records of these complaints from you, couldn't you speak to the Police again? What about pursuing the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 orders? Some other members might be able to help with this, but if you aren't doing anything wrong, then how would that affect you anyway? If one was placed on your NFH and they continued behaving as they are, then action can be taken.

      I would consider mediation - at least you could say you'd tried it. If your NFH didn't agree to it, that puts you in the better position.

      Why are the Council stalling? (Silly question perhaps, I know, but it's late! ) You've provided them with incident sheets. What more do they want? Have they served a Notice on your NFH?

      What is your aim goosegirl? Do you want to move or stay? If you want to move, are your Housing Office looking at a transfer for you?

      Stick with it. You know where we are. Feel free to rant in Ranter's Corner...


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        Hi Hollygolightly,

        We don't want to move because we plan to start a business in the area and were hoping to raise our family here. We don't have children at the moment.

        We want to buy our house because I have lived here 18 years and have a good discount on the council house if we buy.

        If we let the council transfer us elsewere, we would lose this discount and our house would change from a 3 bedroomed semi to a 1 bedroomed house.


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          Goosegirl, I'm so sorry to hear about the police response. Once again the victim is tarred as the aggressor

          As far as your right to buy, I believe if you have been a public sector tenant, as long as that council/HA are part of the right to buy scheme, for two years, you have a right to buy. I think your discount depends on how long you have been a tenant rather than how long you have resided in the house you now live in.

          Perhaps you could contact your council, I'm sure they'll have all the relevant details.

          I agree with Tom and Holly, perhaps you should go for mediation. If the NFH accept, they'll probably slip up and show their true colours. If they refuse then at least you will have shown that you have tried.

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi