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Nfh Spreading Lies About Children

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  • Nfh Spreading Lies About Children

    Back again lol

    Was told yesterday that my nfh has told another neighbour in the street that my 5 yr old son damaged his car, threw bricks at his window and pee-ed threw his letterbox!!!! She is really trying to do me major damage here as Im ready for going and thumping her really hard but then I`ll end up arrested. Gonna ignore rumors but will speak to the other neighbour and tell him that it wasnt my son who done these things as he couldnt have possibly as he wasnt here that day. My children go and visit their dad on Tuesdays and Thursdays and this is when the so-called incidents occurred. I would love to see her face when she realises that her lies have caught up with her.

    NFH---- lier from hell aswell.

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    hi janz

    thats awful, im sure a 5 year old wouldnt even think about the letter box business, you know your children better than anyone else, as a mum myself i know that my children are not angels but i would find it hard to believe those lies.

    NFH are cowards and picking on children, well that sums them up, uh?

    also i must say i check constantly on my children when they play out, never had a complaint, appart from NFH she complains about everything and everyone, well so far she hasnt said anything about the children, problably cos i have trained my children to stay away and my presence on the doorstep when they play out.

    anyway good luck in your house hunting and i wish you happiness for the future.



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      Hi Janzokris,

      Wearing my School Governor hat, AND as a parent who's had anonymous reporting to Social Services about our 'abuse' - have a chat with a teacher about the situation, not only to get support, but also for possble advice about how to protect your child from such malicious gossip.

      Also puts on record the situation, & your loving-parental conern.

      Is your child very tall for his age, or do they have a strangely-low letterbox??!
      "Poor Tom shall lead thee" (King Lear)


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        Hi guys

        Great News!!!! I am moving houde next Thursday.........yipppeeeee away from all my NFH. It is a private landlord so its not in a "housing estate". It a semi with a great big back garden were kids can play happily and they are really pleased about this move. So glad this has happened as NFH tried to cause probs today but I turned my nose up at her at walked away, she was fuming hahahahaha it was soo funny to hear her grumble away to herself.

        Will keep in touch as you guys have been great and gave me plently of help and advice.



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          Sorry forgot to add..... the letterbox..... the other NFH actually told the worst NFH that he had made that up!!!! could have killed him for that. but heh what the hell Im going soon so I dont care any more


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            Well done...let the corks fly

            Great that you are moving. Now you and your children can put it all behind you and have a decent life.

            A big pat on the back for sticking your nose in the air and not thumping anyone. This just goes to show that you are better than they will ever be

            Good Luck



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              Next thursday!!!


              good luck with the move, I hope it goes smoothly.

              let us know all about your new home once you are settled in!

              dead chuffed for you


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                As we say here in Liverpool "I'm made up for you, janzokris'

                Hope you settle down nicely in your new home and your kids have a great life from now on

                "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                  Hope the move goes smoothly and that you get settled in quickly.

                  The house sounds lovely and hopefully your children will be able to play safely, which is great news.

                  Wishing you all the best.


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                    All the best, the garden sounds great for the kids


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                      Well the moved went smoothly and kids love the garden !!! and yes we are away from NFH but I will still check in here and see how others are coping.

                      Thanks for all your support and help with my probs.