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    Well at last I have got a reply from the HA, and yet again, a new housing officer!!! Yet again she will look into the situation. I’m not holding my breath!

    Because the weather has been excellent, and children cannot be kept in permanently, I decided to get the back garden sorted out and let them go out to play!

    I cut the grass and swept the patio, and then I got the paddling pool out. I wasn't going to have my son crying in his bedroom again, all because Norma Bates and her children were allowed to play and he wasn't!

    Then "OH MY GOD" a pile of dogs mess in my back garden. The only way to get into my garden is through my house. I don’t have a dog and the nearest dog (except for the Bates' woof) is at least four houses away, and between the other dogs and me is a 6ft fence. There is only one place that this could've come from. I cleaned it up and wrote a letter to the housing. I thought it better not to post them the evidence, though thinking about it now, maybe I should have.

    With the garden clean, there was no way Norma was going to stop my children playing in their own back garden anymore. So I continued to put up the paddling pool, then I put out some washing, and then, brave little me, got the sun lounger out.

    Norma was in her back garden the whole time, commenting under her breath! I do hate it when someone isn’t brave enough when they are alone, but without her backup she’s a nothing nobody.

    The boys had a really good time in the pool when they came home. They were so excited that I was letting them out to play, although I was out there with them, they were in heaven.

    While the boys were playing, the Bates children were in their garden, being their plain old nasty selves and trying to intimidate my boys. Then they realised that I was sat there and went inside. They didn’t come out again that day.

    A couple of days later, I was in the garden sorting out the pool again, and feeling so pleased with myself that we had finally been allowed to live as normal people. But I could not believe what I saw, MORE DOGS MESS, how disgusting can people be.

    I cleared it up yet again, and didn’t make a big deal, although I had every right to. My children have just started to have fun again, and they aren’t harming anyone, in fact my other neighbour says that it’s nice to hear them out playing in the garden again. The Bates family have spoilt their lives enough.


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    Yes, good for you tristar. Don't let the nfh stop you from living your life (or your childrens).

    Wait to see what the HA response is from your letter. Like Sue says, you could also discuss the issue of the doggy do with the EH department. How old are your children and the nfh's children? Any contact with a Health Visitor? They may also be able to have some input due to the risk of disease.


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      Thank you for your replies

      The Housing Officer has been in touch with me and says that she will read through all the log sheets that I have sent in since Norma's brainstorm. She will then see what she can do. I have also had yet another transfer form and filled it in. I got a letter this morning with a medical form to be signed by my GP, will get that done on Monday, hopefully. Then just wait and see what happens next.

      I have had cctv installed to keep an eye on my car, as there has been more scratching on it and my tyres let down. Hopefully it will catch the culprits.

      My eldest son is disabled and 14 and my youngest is 12. None of them have been able to play outside since this all started. They're not angels, only nearly ...but then tell me what child is They are compared to some children I could mention.