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  • 9 Months

    To moderator, you may want to move this to "What`s your story", I dunno.

    My God, please tell me it`s true.

    My story is pretty unknown on this board, I never seemed to get around to posting the entire 6 year nightmare - it always seemed too much to write - always seemed pointless if I couldn`t write it all. It may just be that I`ll never do the whole thing, so here`s the short version:

    1997, Spring. Neighbours a few doors away moved in and their two kids started playing football in the street, right outside our back gate. I live in the middle of this house, my room is facing the back of a garage wall that the kids bounced (hammered) their ball off. I`m so in line with the wall, it looks like the devil placed it there - just for me. Anyway, those new neighbours brought our direct neighbours kids out, and the four played away for up to 6/7 hours a day. Skip forward a few years, after many pointless arguments with the council and the neighbours themselves.

    The direct neighbours - well, their father moved out a long time ago, lives in a peaceful place on the other side of town. The mother remained here with the two kids. About a year ago a new guy moved in, her boyfriend. Kids have grown a little. No football in the street, but plenty in the garden - the older of the boys is now into the thump thump bassline dance music. That can go on forever in a single day. His girlfriend + the whole love issue - doesn`t seem to have changed him. Between the lot of them they`ll bang on the walls with hands/whatever - simulating dance music basslines - at all hours, if the mood takes them. Mostly it comes in the morning, they all wake at the same time. Bad luck eh.

    You see, this is why I haven`t written this before. There`s far too much and I can`t begin to describe the emotional nightmare this now is. But, having said that, I KNOW YOU KNOW. You all do.

    That`s why we`re here.

    We can`t take it anymore.

    Our other neighbours are constant noisemakers as well - but the worst of them, the ones that have created sheer misery and robbed me of 6 years, well, the news today on the grapevine is that she is pregnant.

    This has got to be true. Great news. With this pregnancy she`ll require somekind of peace herself, she`ll have to stop work at some point - and stay at home - this will stop a lot of her kids noise, since they can make a real deal of a racket when she`s out. She isn`t going to take that much abuse herself. If/When the baby comes, that child will require some peace as well. I can vision a lot of things turning around if this is true. The ball in our court, so to speak. As for noise that baby makes, well, I can deal with that.

    There`s a difference between someone making a real racket on purpose, and a baby that has no bad intention - if you follow me.

    Anyway, hope this is coherent, hope that coherent is spelled correctly, hope that spelled is a word and not "spelt". Crazy, that I should be high on this. It was a seriously bad day today because of them - and I was one mile out of town. Just the mere thought of them can send me spiralling.

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    Hi Reinen

    I know that you know that we do understand what you are going through. Having to live with nfh nuisance can drain you completely, both physically and emotionally.

    I know that other members have lived with the constant thump, thump, thump of the dreaded f***balls against garages and walls and that that noise can really grate on you. Like with any persistent and repetitive noise it is like chinese torture, that has a dripping tap effect. Where you get to the point where you just want to scream and tear you hair out.

    What contact have you had with your nfh's over the past six years? Have you complained to them face-to-face, in writing, officially? If so, what has the response been?

    Just to jog my memory, what kind of housing are you in now? And what about your nfh?

    Keep with it Reinen, like you say, hopefully a new baby will bring a little peace to your neighbourhood. I've often said that I could cope with a baby crying - like you, that's unintentional - but the constant thumping of bass? No way.


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      Not much contact really. We pass each other a million times but no-one is about to say anything. I think if we did one of us would end up in hospital, seriously. Seems the threat of prison stops the most hassle.

      Had a word with them in 1997, when we actually spoke nicely to each other - she was trying to tell me that the kids were `just growing up`. It was really pleasant, but after that things just got worse.

      Council, well, complaints to them by other neighbours originally got a sign put up in the street `No ball games` - which was quickly removed by another NFH mother. I watched this happen.

      About a year ago I complained to the council about the constant bassline - they sent me some forms to fill in, and a letter to the NFH - which stated that I grassed on them, basically. This made things way worse.

      After that we just fight noise with noise, when possible. I don`t live alone here, there are two other people who aren`t a part of this battle.

      The house is bought, as is the NFH home, so that makes things tricky.

      All in all, nothing can really be done.

      So I`m putting all hopes on this baby.


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        But is fighting back with noise helping at all? I doubt it really. It will just make the situation worse, where you are trying to out-do the other.

        The Environmental health department (EH) do contact the perpetrator of noise when they receive a complaint - they don't say who has made the complaint (although it is usually quite obvious). You should maybe consider making another complaint and following it through. Although, if you have played your music in retaliation, then your neighbour could have a counterclaim against you. This is why I never advocate "T*t for tat" behaviour - it makes any official complaint so much harder.

        If the nfh's mother damaged Council property by pulling a sign down, then the Council need telling, and ask them to put up a new sign.

        Like Sue says, there really are three choices when it comes down to it. Your choice. I will use your own words of wisdome to end here:

        "Do or do not - there is no try." - Yoda


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          aah reinen, you poor thing. however, can i tell you that my NFH is also preggers and she has, on a few occasions parcelled her kids off to their dad (she is shacked up with another bloke) for the weekend, which has lessened the annoyance of footballs quite a lot. the other kids still play, but they dont come right outside my house like the KFH's do.. however, my husband works shifts and is often around during the day he has seen them numerous times playing outside when they should be at school, the mother obviously couldnt be bothered to take them (being preggers you see, poor poor thing, needs her rest etc ...NOT)

          So like you I wait in anticipation as to what will happen when the baby will be born. will things get better for us or will she leave her kids marauding outside for even longer....i just do not know which way it will go...

          we are here for you.

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          Is simply taking and not giving

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            Yeah, I guess we got bluffed out - they made it seem like the EH told them directly that we were the ones that complained.

            As for noise-battles - I`ll take both sides - sometimes I feel they need to know what this racket sounds like - recently i`m reallllly trying not to retaliate. It`s hard and I`ll once again reach the point of snapping and throwing something off the wall and jacking the hifi up full. Just scares me that this may go further - sometimes I wish the worst things, sometimes I just wanna go psycho.

            Once upon a time I was pretty sedate. I had written this five book, 500,000 word fictional tale. It was actually based around a peaceful world. Book 5 was 3/4s complete when this hassle began. The final book took a turn for the worst and in a single year I just wondered why the hell this was happening. One computer, printer, books and my computer-life-history-on-disks went into the bin, literally. They're all buried up the local tip now. I should feel more pi**ed off, but I try to rebuild that story in my head. Sometimes I think it`s the only thing keeping me going, just thinking about it, possible rewrite in some future.

            Yeah, this all sounds weird. But that`s the way it is now. Don`t think I don`t wish to go back in time, move out before this took me. You bet I do. I feel like a completely different person.


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              I forgot to say, mum lives across the road. I`ll not leave her alone in this repulsive little neighbourhood. One out, all out - and that isn`t possible right now. Not impossible for the future though. Anyway, i like my landlord, he`s a truly great guy - we live in the same house, sharing everything. Another lodger also. One lottery win and I`d get the lot of us out. All of us though, just not possible at the moment.

              My personal view of the whole situation is really: Don`t bother with EH, don`t bother making an enemy of your neighbour, unless they come at you first - just keep smiling, be their best friend regardless of their abuse - and get the hell out as soon as possible, keep walking and don`t look back. It`s just not worth it.


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                Hi Reinen

                It sounds like you are tied to where you're living (as many of us are), but you more so as you have your mum nearby and you are happy living in this house you're in at the moment.

                If only the nfh would move away, eh?

                Your book sounds like it had a great story line, it might be quite cathartic for you to start it up again? Any chance of that happening with all that's going on at the moment?

                Wishing you all the best.


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                  No, not in this lifetime. Those books are dead. It would be absolutely impossible right now, it`s a real trip trying to type this. Even if I moved away, it was that life pre-1997 that made the books happen. Anyway, what`s done is done. Shame, but there you go.