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The Burden On My Community

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  • The Burden On My Community

    post withdrawn due to legal issues

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    what about local press?

    get some camcorder or cctv evidence and show them it? they might be interested in doing an article

    this wont bother your awful NFHs but it might embarrass the council...

    i take it these scu*bags are council tenants??? they will get evicted in the end if enough people complain for long enough, wont they!!!!

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      I would have thought that having two ASBOs in one Council house was enough to break the terms of the Council House tenancy agreement? Surely there must be something in there that says they must inhabit the property peaceably. Given that there are two ASBOs in place, I would go to the Council stating that as all the proof you need that they are NFH and are not suitable for a Council run area.

      I know it doesn't always work and it creates paperwork for the Council but I would push it further. I don't think getting a petition together would work as the NFH involved would probably get their solicitor to turn that round into mass intimidation and an infringement of their Human Rights. Also you'd probably find that people would be reluctant to put their names to it. You've already said your neighbours are afraid to speak out and you would be surprised at how bad this can make you feel when you feel you are the only one doing battle when the issue effects everyone. No sense in unwittingly isolating yourself.

      You as a Council tenant have rights and much better ones that it seems people in a private area have. You have a landlord you can go to and a local Councillor that has been elected to listen to you. I would get on to your Councillor and bend their ear and demand they do something for you and your family. Keep on at the housing officer as well and do it in writing rather than chase endless no-names around on the telephone. When you write, include that you expect a reply within 7 days.

      Keep us updated.


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        Hi Buggerlugs and welcome to the forum

        Wow!! What an appalling situation you're in! I think we've already gathered on this forum that ASBOs a virtually useless. When you think of all the time,money and effort that goes into serving one you wonder why they bother I've yet to see anybody going to prison for breaching one, although that's not to say it hasn't happened, I've just not seen it.

        I admire your stand against these people but it seems like you are banging your head against a brick wall trying to get some real action against them. Publicity might help. It's possible that a newspaper will tell your story and keep you anonymous.

        Are your houses council or Housing Association? If council have you made complaints to the Local Government Ombudsman?

        If you're Housing Association you can make a complaint to the Independent Housing Ombudsman

        The fact that ASBOs have been served means that the council, police and other agencies are fully aware of what is happening and have taken action. Although I think the council or HA should be thinking seriously about evicting these people. Once again though, it's down to a judge as to whether a possession order will be granted to the council.

        If it were me, I would seriously consider moving away, if that is feasible. You've done your bit and have been let down, other people are apathetic and unless you can rouse them to your cause, sadly I think things won't change. Sorry to sound so negative but that's the way I see it. Maybe some of the other members can give you more postive advice. You'll certainly get a lot of sympathy and support here.

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          Post withdrawn due to legal issues


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            post withdrawn due to legal reasons


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              Hi Buggerlugs and welcome to the Forum

              It sounds like you have really been through the mill with your nfh: tried everything and got nowhere really. What kind of reponses did you get from the home-office ASBO unit, local police, lord chancellors department, and your local council? I know you say they were buck-passing, but were there any useful suggestions for the next steps?

              What have your local MP / Councillor said?

              Do you have a local Neighbourhood Watch group or Tenants and Residents Association? If so, have you ever attended their meetings/ raised the issue of the anti-social behaviour in your area?

              Surely your local Housing Office must have done something with this family? Have you supplied the Housing Office with incident sheets, i.e. where you have logged down all the incidents? If the Council are going to pursue possession on the grounds of nuisance, they will require some sort of evidence from the victims. Perhaps you could suggest that your Housing Officer writes to all the residents and asks them whether they have experienced any nuisance on the estate. This would then take the pressure off you - better for them to respond to a statutory body than you put yourself at possible risk.

              I'm sure that other members will also be able to offer some advice and support to you. Welcome again.


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                post withdrawn due to legal issues


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                  Originally posted by Buggerlugs@Jun 17 2003, 4:09 PM

                  Anyone wanting to read more about this please message or email me for the webpage address.

                  (I guess it wouldn't be too prudent posting it on here)
                  Hi BL

                  We do link member's websites that are NFH related in our Links Directory at the main NFH site.

                  Please PM me if you'd like to get listed