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    it all started on the day of the queens Jubilee my Auntie's neighbour had moved away due to debt problems so the council gave the house to the new family, well on this day many things where happeneing a party and so forth the new neighbour was invited and was clearly seen as a "Sl*t"

    since that day my Aunties has had alot of problems, they nearly continouslly play there music day and night in the earlier hours of the morning and all day till night.

    during a nice summer day, our family had sat out with another neighbour being neighbourly and having a talk, during this my cousin had come under verbal harassment from the oldest daughter.

    when it got dark it was decided that we should go in as we went in my uncle was provoked by next doors boyfriend and a fight broke out my mother,auntie and uncle began fighting with next door who by the way had a Dog that bite and scratched my auntie, and both of my cousins, the brawl was split up by me and getting everyone inside, but before the police could arrive the front door was assaulted by the NFH boyfriend kicking and AXING the door with an Axe, me and my cousin had been hurt from the NFH dog held the door down till the police could arrive, my aunties has reported these neighbours many of times, and the other neighbours are too scared to do anything, one neighbour has left and can vouch that she is a NFH, does anyone have any suggestions that we could use to get rid of these NFH quickly as the current Goverment is too long inthere laws to get rid of them.

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    They make snide comments purposely over the garden fence calling my auntie, and cousin, the NFH also followed my cousin while she was walking to visit me and my mum, they just stared at her from there car. is there any way you or anyone with authority that can help please please please there driving us nuts.


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      my auntie has took atleast twenty complaints to the local council but they keep saying bring more.


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        we think we can heard it all then find out about axes!!

        welcome to you any way Adam!


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          yep the door was axed with me and my cousin holding it up, my auntie is going nuts because of the music and we really need help luckily we wernt charged and neither was next door but the tension from there NFH is building and will cause more problems does anyone know of a way to get rid of them quickly


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            Hi Adam and welcome to the forum

            Wow, your auntie sounds like she has Satan living next door, never mind a neighbour from hell!!

            Firstly, I know it is tedious but your auntie must keep a log of EVERY incident. If someone makes a snide remark, put it down in the log. If possible get a cctv installed and maybe buy a small dictaphone so you can record any remarks made by NFH.

            What did the police do about the axe attack and the dog bites? You say the NFH was clearly seen as a sl*t. Did anybody actually say this to her or could she have overheard somebody saying it? If so maybe that is why the NFH behaviour began.

            I agree, some councils take far too long to deal with NFH. However I think they should take this situation very seriously when people are being threatened with an axe!

            Good luck, I'm sure other members will have a lot of good advice to give you and you will receive a lot of support as well.

            "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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              sorry, got timed out!!

              your family need to be very careful, please do not do any thing that the NFH can use against you.

              you need to record details of events and pass these on to the council officers. there are log sheets on the main board under resources, you can print these off to log anything, remember to put dates and times aswell as details.

              what happened to your NFH when the police came after the axe incident?

              please keep yourselves safe...honestly...axe wielding maniacs!!


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                the reason i said Sl*t i because she was noticed by many of the wives at the party that she was being sl*tty, i have a witness who can vouch for that.

                after the Axe Attack we could really do nothing due to the brawl that had occured, and they where also making allegations against us so it was a no win situation so neither side didnt want to spend a night in prison and decided not to press charges, my aunties takes the logs down but nothing is being done, my auntie cant afford a CCTV Camera and it would be too much to install we will try to record some visual evidence but at the moment we are at a Crossroads .

                also she and her boyfriend have been drunk on many occasions mostly her. she has a very high pitched voice and when she gets drunk she screams and shouts and lie on her back screaming and kicking at her boyfriend.

                since the incident my auntie has kept to her self and me and the rest of the family stay away, but we are deeply concerned for her safety.


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                  If your NFh are in council accomadation you must keep on at the council.

                  they are clearly dangerous and the threatening behaviour towards your family is disgusting and illegal.

                  the council have an obligation to keep tenents safe, Is your aunty a council tenent?

                  Is it the council she is taking the logs to?

                  sorry we keep asking questions but it is good to get all the details, it helps with the advice we might be able to offer you.

                  I would also conatct the local dog warden regarding the dangerous dog....but this would depend I think on where the dog was when it "attacked", I mean whose property was it on.

                  The board is quite quiet tonight but I am sure by tomorrow you will have received loads of support and advice!


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                    the council have an obligation to keep tenents safe, Is your aunty a council tenent?

                    Yes my Auntie is a council Tenant

                    Is it the council she is taking the logs to?


                    I would also conatct the local dog warden regarding the dangerous dog....but this would depend I think on where the dog was when it "attacked", I mean whose property was it on.

                    the dog that attacked was on the road and on a lead being held by the NFH's evil Daughter she told the dog to "get them Gnasher" but we dont blame the dog as it was used as a weapon and the fighting also started on the road

                    any help is much appreciated

                    the Dog Warden has told them that they have to keep the dog under control, and have a Dangerous Dog Warning Sign.

                    my auntie cant have any relatives or friends over because she is scared of them starting up trouble again!

                    because she sits on her own in the garden they make snide comments about her being lonely(Even tho she has Three Children in her house), by the way the music today was on from 8:47 am till 4:50pm.


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                      my Auntie did record her screaming and shouting, she took the recording to the council but all they said was "it cant be used as evidence because she could of been talking to anyone".


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                        ahh...noise is a different matter again!

                        your aunty needs to contact the EHO.

                        unfortunatly the noise laws talk alot about noise between 11pm and 7am being the problem.

                        however if they can prove the noise during "normal" living hours is not normal, they can act.

                        it called normal living noise or something to that effect.

                        different councils have slightly different policies on this, we had noise problems and after filling in logs and a lot of hassling towards the council, we had offical sound recording equipment installed in out home.

                        a micro phone in a sealed unit which picked up anything!

                        noise makers can be fined a lot of money and even have noise making equipment confiscated.

                        unfortunatly it does mean hard work ahead, these problems take time to go away, but with perseverance and effort you can do it!!


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                          Hi Adamnx01 and welcome to the Forum

                          Sorry to hear that your aunt is not having an easy time with her neighbours from hell (nfh). I know from personal experience how noise nuisance can really affect you, but your aunt also has the nuisance from the nfh's other behaviour to contend with as well.

                          Misty and Beth have already posted about how important it is to fill in sheets recording the noise and other nuisance. Your aunt must be vigilant in doing this for every incident.

                          Has your aunt contacted the local Environmental Health department (EH)? If not, she needs to do so regarding the complaint of noise, they will also want to see the sheets detailing the incidents of noise.

                          Are the NFH also Council tenants? If so, what action has your local Housing Office taken regarding their behaviour? Your aunt need to keep a separate sheet from the noise one to write down all the other instances of nuisance caused by the nfh and keep providing them to the Council Office.

                          The Council may have seen this problem as six of one, half a dozen of the other (rightly or wrongly) because of the fight that broke out between the two households. This is why I feel it is so important that (however difficult) you should not retaliate against nfh: it makes pursuing a nuisance claim so much harder.

                          Your aunt needs to keep her head down and log everything down. The more evidence she gets and the more she shows the Council she is the better tenant, the more they will listen (sad, but true).

                          Hope this helps. Welcome again to the Forum.


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                            Hi Adamnx01

                            Couple of points that may help.

                            Contact your locally elected councilor; they will hold a local surgery for discussing just such matters at least monthly. They are better equipped to tackle the council on your behalf because they will be able to contact the right people and departments. If you have other neighbors experiencing the same problem, try and get them to go with you. Take you diary sheets, pictures of your front door, pictures of dog bites and scratches etc

                            The council will have a department headed up as the Racial Harassment and Safety Office (or similar). Speak to these people (again your councilor may be able to help you here), if you can show to them that your neighbours pose a threat to local residence, this department will be the one that can arrange a loan of CCTV equipment.

                            Don’t forget - badger your locally elected councilor!


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                              my auntie did contact the Enviromental Health department but they wernt much help when they installed a listening device he blurted everything out so the nfh could hear, so they kepy quiet till the listening device was uninstalled, she knows the tricks of the trade as we know she was moved or evicted from her previous house