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Update On My Nfh

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  • Update On My Nfh

    Still waiting for a reply from the council about my dairies, and what they can do about my NFH.

    The police said it was a civil matter and I should install camera's. At first I didn't know we had a NFH, when we realished we did we hoped to settle this like adults.

    Big mistake we had threats and harrassment, and more things stolen and vandelised, and he has being seen doing this by us. so we used the dairies and finally gave them to the council guy when he started shooting at our windows.

    This weekend he approached our gate as we were going to take our dog out, and tried to start a arguement saying we were trouble causes sending the police round upsetting his wife, I then tried to reason with him, by asking if he had a problem with us or anything we had done why did he not just come over and speak to us in the begining. He then went on to say that he did not have a problem that it was us.

    He then started to ramble on saying that he was a policeman and that if I bothered his wife again, that he would come round to my house and kill me.

    A lot of insults came in our direction at which point I told him we were ending the conversation, we had nothing else to say to him and would he leave our garden entrance. I repeated this 7 times, then we started to go inside to phone the police at which point he left.

    We have webcams but these use a lot of hard drive space.

    We have B&Q cameras but the council are doing up the houses on our street and we are moving while our house gets done, so it is pointless putting up camera's.

    We also found a ornamental shrub (Angelica) of ours snapped in two.

    How do you deal with someone like this?

    The family will not talk like adults to us, we are talking about 40yr olds here about our age. So mediation is a waste of time.

    They always cause trouble over the weekend when the police are busy.

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    He then started to ramble on saying that he was a policeman and that if I bothered his wife again, that he would come round to my house and kill me.[/b]

    Do you know if he is a policeman? Or is he just trying it on? What a pity you don't have a witness or evidence of this, he would be in so much trouble you woudn't believe!!!

    I think all you can do is keep on logging the incidents, try, if possible to get audio or video evidence of what is happening.

    If you see him shooting again, call the police immediately. This man sounds dangerous!

    Good luck

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      In reply to your query mistyeyeddreamer, no he isn't a policeman. He used to be unemployed until some poor sucker employed him as labour on various building sites. He uses the firms pickup.

      The first time he spoke to me and threatened to kill my pets, he said the guy in charge at the council office was his brother, this kept us amused for weeks considering he is white and the council guy is as black as they come.

      He always seems to have the knack of doing these things when no one is around to see him. My partner was with me when he threatened me this time, but the people who live near me associate with him they all have children who play with theirs and either think he's a saint or are scared of him.

      We are thinking of buying some sort of recording devices to carry around with us. I feel as if the police are trying to fob us off, they keep saying some one will visit but no one comes.


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        Just to advise that if you use cctv video recording, get yourself a date/time unit which fits between your camera and video. This puts the date and time on your video tape. It's wise to have someone regularly sign to state that the current date and time has been set correctly.

        You can then prove any activity which may occur after intervention by the authorities.

        Once you have two incidents recorded ask your police to take action under the 1997 Protection from Harassment Act. This is not a cure all as different people will react differently to this. However, the statement you give to the Police can also be used in civil proceedings.


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          hi goosegirl

          i was reading your update, dear me, what a nasty piece you have next door, i would have reported him , threatening to kill you, policeman or no, thats a threat, something needs to be done about this person.

          good luck



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            Your NFH doesn't sound too dissimilar to mine - threatening behaviour, antagonistic etc.

            Videoing this guy seems to be the only way you are going to be able to have serious action taken against him. As is sadly the case, everything has to be logged on camera these days for the police to be able to do anything.

            You said that he was unemployed before someone employed him as a labourer. Given he's a nasty piece of work anyway, I wonder if he's working cash in hand and still claiming unemployment benefit?