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My 3 Year Nightmare

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  • My 3 Year Nightmare


    I just read the message from Clare and it makes me feel so depressed to know that there is so little that can be done.

    My harrassment started in the first week I was here. Music so loud the building was shaking. Obviously being done on purpose. I waited 45 minutes and then went downstairs to ask them to turn it down. The window opened and to my amazement a man in his fifties put his head out and asked what I wanted and who was I. When I asked him to turn the music down hem shouted "F... off" at me followed some threats.

    Suffice to say this has continued for 3 years along with abuse in the streets from their 17 year opld son who is a chip off the ole block, doesn't read and communicates by shouting threats. I have had the noise people here lots of times but they control the gateway and only have net curtains so they can see when anyone comes so they just turn it off. I don't bother any more. I have had the Police here several times and the man followed me to work one morning in his car, jumped out and attacked me. He eventually chose to back off shouting he would cut my head off if I went to the Police. I did but nothing has been done and nothing has changed. They now call the Police if I complain and tell them a load of lies so now they don't believe me.

    I rent this place from a Housing Association in London and they follow procedures but do nothing. I don't think they have even been in touch with the nfh. I can't afford to buy somewhere and the Housing Association refuse to move me.

    4 weeks ago I had a lot of trouble and had the Police out. The next evening as I went to the shops the son came out followed me along the road threatening to kill me. I called the Police againand they obviously didn't believe me. I wrote 2 letters that week to the Housing Association telling them that I was in danger but have not received any reply. They weren't sent recorded. When I first moved in I sent 3 letters of complaint by ordinary post and none were answered. It was only when I sent letters recorded delivery that I got replies.

    I sent an email to the Chief executive saying I was des[perate etc. Auto reply saying he was on holiday then an email saying my details had been passed on to the department that deals (or not) with complaints. No reply from them.

    When I moved in here the person showing me the flat said that central heating would be put in. Never happened and my queries about it have never been answered. She also never mentioned trouble with neihbours and I know there had been trouble with the son.

    There's a lot more but I guess you get the idea. Its a goddam nightmare!

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    Hi Paddy and welcome

    It is a sad state of affairs when our membership is increasing so much due to problems with neighbours from hell (NFH), but you can be assured that you will get a great deal of support from all the members here who are experiencing problem neighbours.

    The inactivity of everyone you have contacted so far is disgusting, but not unbelieveable.

    The first thing that you must do, if you haven't been doing so already, is to write down everything that happens. If you visit the main website and go to the Reources section, you wil find some blank sheets to record noise and other nuisances. Fill these in - both the Housing Association (HA) and Environmental Health department (EH) will want a record of what has happened.

    I know you say that they haven't done anything yet, but what did they actually say to you? The EH cannot ignore a noise nuisance complaint - this is why it is so important to record everything down on paper and camcorder/ dictaphone (if you have one) - you always need evidence.

    Your HA need to get a bit more proactive in this. They can't just sit back and ignore the situation. Write to them again about your nfh behaviour. Tell them that if they fail to take you seriously and/or investigate your complaint, you are considering complaining to the Independent HA Ombudsman - that should make them listen to you. If you need more information on this, just send me a PM.

    Threats to kill are a serious matter and the Police should not be fobbing you off. Isn't it great how so many places/ organisations do this nowadays? If threats have been made, then it is likely that you will have some protection under the Protection from Harassment Act (PHA) 1997 - look at the main website under Legislation and you will find some information about this Act. Speak to the Police again - give them the information about the PHA and ask them what they are going to do about it.

    I hope the above helps as a starting point paddybergin? Other members will be along shortly to offer much more support.

    Welcome again and wish you all the best.


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      Hi Paddy and welcome

      I'm so sorry to hear about your problems with a decidely nasty NFH

      There's not much I can add to Holly's advice. It's all so depressingly common to hear that HAs, police etc are not taking people seriously. Whatever you do, don't stop complaining, it gives them the excuse that they thought everything was fine.

      Have you approached your MP? If not it might be an idea, sometimes they can get some action taken where you can't.

      As Holly says, try to get a camcorder and/or a dictaphone. If you can get these low lifes on tape and take it to the police and HA it might just tip the scales.

      Good luck and if you ever feel the need to rant just go to the rants folder. You'll get a lot of support here and even more sympathy

      Take care and come back often.

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi