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Why Doe's No One Care

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  • Why Doe's No One Care

    well hello at last.

    My story is very long and complicated so i will just give a breif outline of events

    May 2001 for some reason our neighbour got the hump (could'nt tell you what about) and from then onwards decided that we were going to suffer at her hands.

    At first she just ignored us then her kid's started bulling our's(her's were older) so i asked her to have a word with her daughter and all hell broke loose.

    i kept my children in after that as every time they went in the front or back garden to play they were either bullied or had abuse.

    Next she decided that we we not allowed to park our car on the road as she classed it as her road even though she had a driveway. we went to the council/police and housing associations to find out what the parking deal was and were told that it's a public highway so park where you like.

    to try and keep the peace we tried to park just within the boundries of our property but it's not always that easy. so she then took to knocking on our door and telling us she had urgent deliverys and we had to move our car(in some cases literally 2") back we done this for about 2 months and got really hacked off so the next time she told us to move i told her to get lost as i was not playing her game anymore and if it was causing her that much of a problem to call the police and get them to move it.(what a bad move)

    after that it went down hill very quickly. and in breif we were kept awake all night with either her music/tv/ hammering/banging and drilling into the walls during the day was the same but we were also verbally abused attacked in a local garage had our cctv camera smashed off the front of the house our brake pipes cut were followed where ever we went, had our garden vandallised.

    another family who had problems moved 500 miles away just to escape her.

    all this time we were in contact with ours and her housing assosiation,mediation and the police and what did any of them do NOTHING.

    We went to 5 different solicitors and most of them had dealt with her in the past so couldn't act for us as it was conflict of interest. our doctor is even the same and his advise to us was (Off the record) move while you still can as se is not the full ticket.

    all the time the various things were happening my husband became ill and the more she carried on the worse he got. a year on he is stil off of work .

    we left our home 3 months ago as we could not take living in fear anymore and were basically squatting until 10 days ago. we had to change the childrens school and change cars every so many days as it is a small world when your enemy is best buddies with a copper.

    i hope that you can at least get the gist of my story and that it does'nt sound like to much of a whinge.

    I just hope one day a law is passed to get these NFH sorted out as it has certainly changed our lives forever.

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    Hi batfree2!

    welcome to the board, I am so sorry to hear your story, It is shocking!!!

    It is hard to believe that in this day and age, people can get away with cutting brake lines and harrassing you the way you descibed....I am outraged for you.

    I wish I could say more but I am gob smacked!!...unusual for me!

    I hope that now you have moved away from the situation things start to improve for you and your family in all possible ways.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us


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      Hi batfree2 and welcome to the Forum,

      What a nightmare you have been living through. I t sounds like your nfh has ruled the roost on "her" road for far too long.

      You say that you have been squatting somewhere for 10 days now. Have you actually moved out of your Housing Association (HA) tenancy now then? Have the Council/ local authority (LA) given you some temporary accommodation? Have you been to see them?

      Sorry if it seems I'm asking a lot of questions, but if it was no longer reasonable for you to live where you were (which it sounds like ist wasn't), then the LA have a duty to investiagte your housing needs under Part VII Housing Act 1996.

      So many members are joining this Forum now with horrendous tales of bullying, which must be an awful situation for your children to be in. I hope they received some good support from their school?

      I hope that just by moving away that you are expereincing some respite from the whole nfh problem. Great to have you with us, and if you need support, you know where we all are.


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        Hi batfree2 and welcome

        Wow! You've had a really horrific time at the hands of this NFH!!

        I sometimes think that if you try to accommodate an unreasonable NFH they will just keep on and on pushing. Did you report the cut brake pipes to the police? Do you have proof it was NFH who did it? Whether you did or not it's a serious offence and could have ended in somebody's death!

        Your NFH seems to be known to a lot of people and I think it's disgusting that she can get away with this sort of behaviour! She'd already driven one family away, what about the other neighbours? Did she give them trouble as well?

        I'm hoping that when you said you'd been squatting until ten days ago that you have now found somewhere permanent to live. It's absolutely beyond belief that the HA would allow this woman to do these things and not do anything. They need to be taken to task. Maybe you should report them to the Independent Housing Ombusdman you can find his website at:

        Something has to be done about this woman. At the very least she should be seen by a psychiatrist. Her actions are putting people in danger.

        If you have moved permanently you can still take your case to the IHO. And I hope you have found a much nicer environment in which to bring up your children.

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi