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My Nfh Must Spend All Day Plotting!

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  • My Nfh Must Spend All Day Plotting!

    I bought my semi-detached house 2 years ago, it required total modernisation and was a hell of a challenge. I visited the property during the time before completion and met my neighbour. I thought she was great, chatty, friendly informative. I looked forward to moving in and to a good relationship with the people in the area.

    It was a while before I could move into the house as it was uninhabitable but I went there daily to do work. My delightful neighbours made me cups of tea and offered help if I needed it. I was really chuffed that I got on so well. Her boyfriend even sorted out my mouse problem!

    I moved into the house and after a couple of weeks the neighbours invited myself and my partner (who doesn't live with me) round for some drinks. We laughed and joked all evening.

    The following Saturday I returned the favour, I had my jukebox on and we stayed up until 6am the following morning drinking and having a laugh.

    My neighbours started to tell me about other people in the area. You shouldn't talk to him..... they're ar***oles..... He did this etc... I am a believer in making up my own mind about people and taking them at face value. My other neighbour in his 50's keeps himself to himself was supposed to be a right b****rd according to them. I like him and we get on fine. They started to get annoyed with me for talking to him and the alarm bells started ringing.

    It had turned out that they’d had a run in with him as he’d had a small fire in his garden and they kicked his door in to put it out. Nice!

    Our street was having the road resurfaced, my neighbours asked me if I wanted to put my car on their drive. I accepted as I had nowhere else to put it. I had a lovely red BMW. The following day it returned with 6 scratches down the windscreen, driver’s side. It cost me £350 to replace.

    I didn't mention it to them as I thought it must have been an accident some how???

    I had even given them keys to my house and car to look after whilst I was on holiday, aggghhhh fool.

    I made my neighbours a lovely wooden fire surround I spent the best part of a week on it. They commissioned me to make it but they never paid me for it as I was promised.

    One evening I was invited round next door to have a drink to celebrate her birthday. I had 2 glasses of wine, I can’t remember anything else for the next 3 days, as my drinks had been spiked. A very frightening experience as I have no idea what went on.

    A few weeks after some friends came to visit me. They parked the car outside next door. There is no dropped kerb or any reason not to park there. He (my neighbour) came round with an attitude demanding the car was moved. My brother who was staying with me answered the door to him, as I was in the garden and didn't hear the door. He couldn’t see what the problem was, he said it wasn't his car (true it wasn’t his car, but he didn’t know I had visitors). Subsequently he started insulting my brother so he closed the door to him.

    Following this incident, I have had nothing but hell from them. To make this easier for you to read I will write it in list form.

    Next incident:

    Somebody had parked a car outside his house ( I say his house but they are tenants). Nothing to do with my friends or myself. He knocked the door and my partners daughter (aged 11) answered, he was shouting at her, being aggressive, nasty and frightening towards her.(bearing in mind he is the size and shape of Grant Mitchell in Eastenders) He reduced her to tears. My partner went next door to find out what the problem was and was faced with violent threatening behaviour. He said that he was going to damage our cars if they were parked there again. (Incident logged with the police)

    Next came the beginning of the noise problem. I have had to endure very loud music, screaming, banging etc until 4:00 in the morning. This happens most weekends. I have phoned the police and environmental health but nothing has been done.

    My dog was poisoned, I couldn’t work out why my dog was all of a sudden so ill. He was dying in my living room. I wondered if my other neighbour (who I get on with) had put poison down for mice or something. He also has a dog and assured me he hadn’t. He reminded me that my lovely NFH next door is an exterminator by trade and has a van full of poison. Luckily my dog recovered from his poisoning. (Whilst I had been friends with my neighbours I had said to them that my dog was the most important thing to me)

    One evening last winter Theo (my dog) was startled by something in my back garden. I have a field at the bottom of my garden and it was very dark. Somebody was in my garden trying to scare me. Within 10 minutes I had somebody banging my front door and I was terrified and too scared to look. I asked who was there but nobody answered me. I was sat in my kitchen ridged. I had to phone my partner and I called my brother to come over. I had a panic attack and was very unwell.

    At this point I decided I’d get a second dog as Theo is getting quite old.

    I bought a puppy, a 6 week old staffie. My neighbours have 3 dogs that spend their lives in the back garden barking, I have never seen them walk any of their dogs the whole time I have lived here. They suggested that if my staffie should get through the fence he would kill their dogs. (a very wild assumption) the fence is their responsibility. I ensured he couldn’t get through anyway as I didn’t want him poisoned.

    I had a letter from environmental health complaining of nuisance dogs. My dogs constantly barking. This is obviously untrue, as I wouldn’t be able to cope with that. (No DAT machine was used this time, as they didn’t send in the noise log sheets.)

    They have had complaints from other neighbours about their dogs barking constantly.

    I bought a newer BMW, I still had the red one but I was selling it so I parked it over the road and not in their space! My friend and her two children had stayed over this night as she was taking the red car to her house off the road the following morning. It had snowed overnight, and it was about 7.15 am when she drove the car onto the main road and lost control and spun round. You would think that she would have noticed the tyres were flat, but she had turned the car around in my street and was warming it up as there was ice on the windscreen. The police think this was because it had only just been done and the tyres hadn’t deflated. My neighbour leaves for work at 7 most mornings. Two tyres had been stabbed with a screwdriver. The police were informed again but nothing was done.

    After receiving a letter complaining about my noise from environmental health, my NFH continued to blast me with music. Police were called the officer could hardly hear me on the phone because of the noise. An officer was sent the following day, I had explained the problems we were having and he told us to mediate. We tried, the car incident was brought up, she said that it was because they thought I had damaged their van! It was the first I had heard that their van had been damaged! Still the police did nothing after she had admitted to damaging my car.

    I went to my mums on mothers day and returned to an 8 foot fence installed next to my French doors. This is an ugly monstrosity. It blocks all the sun to my kitchen and garden.

    The council planning department has since inspected and asked for them to take it down or get planning permission. It is still up! I spoke to planning this morning and they say it is unlikely that they can do anything about it. I asked what would happen if I cut it to the appropriate height, they said I would be arrested for criminal damage!

    I have sat in bed and endured the NFH tapping my bedroom wall with a shoe for a couple of hours, WHY??? So sad. I started sleeping in the back room.

    He has started parking his van bumper to bumper with my car so I can’t open the boot to let my dogs in without moving the car first.

    I started to get malicious phone calls. I was putting felt on my shed roof and my phone kept ringing. I got down from the roof and the caller said nothing and the number was withheld. My NFH were in the garden watching me. I contacted BT who put a barr feature on my line so I can dial a number and the callers number can not get through to my phone again even when it is withheld. Since I used this function I have not had a call.

    I have poor water pressure, when my NFH put their taps on my water drizzles from the tap. They go to work and leave the hosepipe on in the garden so I can’t do my washing etc. I was hosing down my slabs in the garden last week as my dog had been digging, I saw him in the window then my hose had no water!

    The RSPCA were sent out to inspect my dogs two weeks ago. Apparently I use them for fighting and they have unhealed wounds! The inspector arrived and knew it was a hoax straight away, he thought I had two lovely dogs. My neighbour had the afternoon off that day so he could witness the inspector at my house.

    I have received another letter from environmental health. They are putting the DAT machine in soon, next door to measure my noise! I had to call the police to log the noise last Saturday night. I had to go out as I was livid and in danger of launching a brick! My friends came over to calm me down, but didn’t realise just how loud the music was being played. They were shocked.

    I spoke to the lady dealing with our case at environmental health and she wasn’t interested. I asked if I could have a DAT machine and she said no as they were complaining about me!

    It would seem that nobody believes me. I have had a breakdown due to this. I won’t leave my house as I think they will do something. I have partitioned my garden so the dogs can only go into areas I have checked for poison. I check my car every time I use it.

    I have decided to move house as my health comes first, this means I have to rent out this house to some poor unsuspecting family as I’m sure that a for sale board would let them think they had won.

    I have some good neighbours in my area that I will miss when I go, some of them have had problems with my NFH. The landlord has been informed of these events but says it is an environmental issue and I need to sort it out for myself. He also won’t do anything about the illegal fence.

    Is he obliged to? I would have thought that he had some responsibility for the tenant’s in his property. He said to me that while they pay their rent and look after his property he would not do anything.

    The planning department said that if he didn’t remove the fence there is little they can do as they will not sue him as it only affects one person and it is not cost effective.

    I am very sad that I am the one that is forced from my home after spending the last 2 years investing money in it to make it a lovely place. Why can’t I do anything? It makes you feel like retaliating but if I did the authorities would come down on me.

    Thank you for reading my story, I hope I didn’t ramble to much but I do feel like I have got it off my chest to people who know what I am talking about.


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    Hi Clareb and welcome

    Wow, what a two years you've had! I don't think I've heard quite such a catalog since my nice neighbours told me about their history with the NFH next door to me. Like you, the OAPs socialised with him and his wife, helped out with babysitting the kids etc. Suddenly the NFH turns and strikes.

    My guess is that these folk are serious control freaks. It seems to me you've done everything by the book, logs, reporting to the police, even mediation.

    This is really bad harrassment - prowling, poisoning your dog, spiking your drinks even! Clare, I don't want to over-dramatise this, but you are at risk in this situation and letting your house is the best thing you can do right now, to give both you and the NFH breathing space.

    The NFH landlord has a duty of care to ensure that his tenants behave in such a way as to not compromise others' "enjoyment of their property". There is a law about this somewhere, probably the other members will be able to give more info, but as for believing you, yup, I've seen this first hand too (tho not as severe as yourself) and its true, you're doing everything right, yet still you get no joy from the authorities.

    As for an explanation, the only one I can offer is that they are jealous pure and simple. A single girlie, owns nice car, can afford good house and renovate it - they are renting, I would imagine unable for some reason to buy (or they would), and hate not you, but your lifestyle, to which they aspire.

    Before you decide what to do for good, I'd discreetly speak to a couple of "good" neighbours, find out exactly what the score is, if anyone's had problems and what they did about it. You might just find out that you've got more allies than you think, and its amazing what a bit of solidarity can do for the confidence.

    Sorry I couldn't offer more advice than this, but they cannot be allowed to upset your peace of mind any further, you need to manage this situation (and it sounds as tho you are doing this) proactively.

    Please come back and keep us posted clareb, and above all else, keep safe.



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      Hi Clare,

      Horrific!!! That's the only word that fits! Did you report the spiking of the drink incident to the police? You obviously have no idea what happened that night. To say that is worrying is a gross understatement. The damage to your car tyres could have resulted in something very serious.

      I think you should have a word with your Neighbourhood police officer. If he/she says the police can't help, write a letter to the Chief Constable. This situation sounds very dangerous.

      As Gordytig says, their landlord has certain obligations. Poisoning your dog, spiking your drink and slashing your tyres are NOT environmental issues. They are criminal offences! A noxious substance was administered both to your dog and yourself and that is definitely a criminal offence! The damage to your car is criminal damage.

      I also agree with Gordytig, ask around your other neighbours, see if they've had problems and if possible ask for witness statements from anybody who has witnessed what is happening to you.

      Have you considered cctv cameras and security lights? You might just catch them on tape up to their nefarious pursuits. You are quite right in not retaliating it will more than likely backfire.

      I'm sure there's lots more advice that other members will give you. Good luck and come back often, if you need to rant we're willing to listen

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        This sounds simply awful and surely it is getting just a bit too malicious for the police to simply sit back and do nothing. If you can afford it I think CCTV or a cam corder is an excellent idea.

        Thay have obviously completely flipped with jealousy and as you live on your own they probably think you will be easily intimidated.

        I used to get on really well with my NFH as well, the bloke is a roofer and fixed both mine and my next door neighbours rooves a few yrs back.. We both really resent having given him our money now, of course!!!! Its a really horrible feeling knowing that you have revealed personal stuff to them because you thought you could trust them, but all the time they were storing it all up and it stoked their jealousy.

        I wonder if I had been a bit more clever and sneaky, if I had played dumb a bit more often (whilst gathering evidence against them) I might have been better off. Say, if I had discreetly chatted to some of the other neighbours and found out what they though of the NFH, whether they had any problems with them. Instead I lost my temper a couple of times and that gave the NFH a great excuse to tell all the neighbours about it and paint me in the blackest light. Thank goodness my neighbours on our side of the road have no kids so the NFH doesnt bother with them, and they are still friendly and decent.

        Anyway , your situation sounds quite serious and really take care of yourself and be vigilant.

        I decree today that life

        Is simply taking and not giving

        England is mine - it owes me a living

        But ask me why, and I'll spit in your eye

        Oh, ask me why, and I'll spit in your eye ~ Morrisey/Marr

        Politics is Showbusiness for ugly people ~ Jay Leno

        I don't like liars, I don't like cheats. I don't like bullsh***ters. I don't like schmoozers. I don't like ar*e-lickers. ~ Sir Alan Sugar

        "Why, Sir, you find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford." ~ Samuel Johnson

        The secret of success is the capacity to overcome failure ~ Noel Coward

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        There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a cup of tea ~ Bernard-Paul Heroux

        Carpe Diem

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          and also I wanted to say, if you do want to sell your house, dont worry about the for sale board...instead of thinking it will make them think they have won, think of it this way : you have the ability to move house to a better area, and you will probably take a profit from your house sale with you...they cannot do this, and they probably never will. so you can feel totally superior about that. i stressed about whether to put a for sale board up outside my house for the same reason, but now i feel like i am saying 'i am better than you and i am moving somewhere where decent people live'

          also if you rent out your house, and your tenant has problems with the NFH, you might end up with a succession of tenants, irregular rent etc etc. could you cope with this? ( i dont mean to be negative, i am just trying to be practical)

          finally, that landlord definitely cannot evade his responsibilities...i am sure in their lease they would not have the right to erect fences without his permission. maybe if you keep up the pressure on him, when their tenancy comes up for renewal he will ask them to leave.

          ill go now!!!

          I decree today that life

          Is simply taking and not giving

          England is mine - it owes me a living

          But ask me why, and I'll spit in your eye

          Oh, ask me why, and I'll spit in your eye ~ Morrisey/Marr

          Politics is Showbusiness for ugly people ~ Jay Leno

          I don't like liars, I don't like cheats. I don't like bullsh***ters. I don't like schmoozers. I don't like ar*e-lickers. ~ Sir Alan Sugar

          "Why, Sir, you find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford." ~ Samuel Johnson

          The secret of success is the capacity to overcome failure ~ Noel Coward

          An economist is an expert who will know tomorrow why the things he predicted yesterday didn’t happen today ~ Laurence J. Peter

          Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine ~ Lord Byron

          Better bread with water than cake with trouble ~ Russian Proverb

          There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a cup of tea ~ Bernard-Paul Heroux

          Carpe Diem

          Give Yourself to It ~ Sue Gadenne


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            Awful story. This thing that parades arround as a human being has put you though two years of hell.He is a stereo type bully who uses his physical size and over bearing personality to force his will onto other people. Creatures like this single out people they percieve to be weaken than themselves. His perception is wrong, you are a far better, stronger person than this half wit can ever hope to be.

            Pond life like this should be thrashed within an inch of their miserable lifes. Unfortunatly all we can do is remain within the law and veiw them with absolute contempt.

            I hope you feel better , just by having got your story off your chest. I can really offer you no advise, other than that which as already been offered. I offer you my sympathy and support.

            I wish you all the best in your new life.Put this creature out of your mind and leave him to wallow in his own filth.



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              Hi Clare and sorry to hear of your awful neighbours. The poisoning bit is disgusting and I'm surprised he handles the stuff so willy nilly given he's got dogs of his own roaming around.

              I would also have come to the decision to move. Having a NFH like yours is a potential danger to your health and life. No kidding! I would have no hesitation in putting up a board.

              What I would do however is tell a huge lie. I would either get a friend over or pretend to be on the phone. Do it in the garden when NFH is listening. Then describe how excited you are about your fabulous new property! Throw in something like "well, that windfall I got means I can afford that jacuzzi I've always wanted as well!".

              In other words, yes, he's driving you out but, for God's sake, don't give him the satisfaction of knowing that. Leave him thinking you've got a pot of money and are moving to a house he couldn't even dream of renting. Make it sound like, well, you would have stayed but you saw this new house and just had to put an offer in! Say it's in two acres of land so loads of room for the dog AND that horse you've always wanted!

              Har har! You could really wind him up. Believe me, people like that just HATE the thought of someone getting on in life.



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                Hi ClareB,

                I don't normally jump in as I have no real advice to give and I'm pretty cynical about the whole complaints procedure.

                However, all the cases on these boards are serious, but this is over and above serious. This is worrying on many counts, not least spiking your drink, as Mistey says have you mentioned this to the police? Maybe you should. If your drink was spiked and you have no recall of what happened - he might have done it before with others and since - and why?

                Also the poisoning of your dogs, something I fear living out in the sticks, but not in a suburban garden.

                The effect some pesticides have on our brain chemistry could also be a factor as Badger said. I also know some are used and sold illegally and mixed with other substances to make 'mind expanding' drugs. This was in the news last year and is quite prevalent in rural areas. Our farmer neighbour told me he has to keep his supply of these products under strict security as he's had two lots stolen in the past.

                One of our dogs nearly died after the previous farmer crop sprayed the field next to us with ****** which is highly toxic and is sold widely on the black market. She had chewed grass in our garden and obviously some of the spray had gone into our garden. A vet literally saved her life.

                I'd say these people are dangerous, all the mediation and EHO's in the world are not going to change them. Sometimes, the best option is just to leave. You've spent a lot of time and money on your house and obviously it will be a wrench to leave, but poisoning a dog and spiking your drink is very serious indeed. Just what else are they capable of? The battle lines are now drawn - are they going to retract, see the error of their ways and everyone then lives on in relative peace? I don't think so. Sorry to sound so downbeat - it comes from experience.

                Wishing you well



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                  Hi ClareB and welcome to the forum.

                  Your story about the NFH's being friendly to start with is typical of so many on this board. Myself included. However your story has taken a nastier turn than most. Our NFH did lock our cat in their garage one night though I can't prove whether this was accidental, but it hadn't happened in the five years we owned our cat. It happened a second time but I was able to let him out myself.

                  The situation with your NFH slating others who they have fallen out with is typical too. My NFH did the same. It is some consolation to know that my NFH has a reputation in the area.

                  They are jealous of you pure and simple, and will only be nice to you if they think they've got you under control.

                  At least you know there are others in the area who know about your NFH. Have you investigated if you have legal insurance on your home contents? They may be able to bring an action under the Protection From Harassment Act.

                  The Council and Environmental Health reaction comes as no surprise.

                  Ignore any provocation and the use of CCTV cameras may be a wise investment if you find you can't sell your house.
                  Now, these creatures are bringers of death and misery. They will never eat, they will never sleep, and they will never stop.

                  We are part of an ancient secret society. For three thousand years we have guarded the Cities and Towns. We are sworn at manhood to do any and all in our power to stop the NFH from ever being reborn into this world.

                  So what's the plan?

                  Rescue the damsel in distress, stop the bad guys, save the world.


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                    I have come back to your posting to offer you some practical advise. Your story is awful, you have been systematically and mercilessly persicuted. I would like to apologies for my last reply, I was running off at the mouth as your nfh is so simular to mine and was insenced by their actions.

                    What you have posted is no trivial neighbourly squable it is very serious criminal activity being conducted against yourself. I would like to offer advise if you decide to stay

                    The most serious of these criminal offences is the spiking of your drinks and the poisoning of your dog.You must involve the police.Try to compile a dossier , get vets reports and doctors reports if you were treated for the side effects of the drugs that you took.Any piece of information you can provide including, times ,dates and witnesses would be helpful to the police. Would anybody be prepared to give statements. your brother, your boyfriend, any of your neighbours.Other criminal offences include stalking. Mysterious phone calls, prowlers in the dark again gather information, witnesses, anything that is relevent. The phone company will assist in any criminal investigation.Threating behaviour, you need witnesses who would be prepared to give statements. Tresspass, I believe this is a cival offence, it may be worth speaking to a solicator.

                    The police will not launch a criminal investigation on say so alone, the more you can give them to work with the better the chance of them getting involved.Your neighbours will deny everything,their denials alone will not be enough if the police have enough to go on, they are well used to dealing with this sort of behaviour.

                    These morons are trying to control you, even going as far as to stop your water supply. Speak to the water authorities,explaining the lack of water pressure, ask them to reroute your water supply. If they are unable to help employ a plumber. A constant pressure pump is easy to install and will over come this problem.

                    In your posting you asked why. the only reason I can offer is they do it because they can.They believe themselves to be above the law and outside the norms of civilised behaviour.They crave the one thing you have and they will never have, dignity.

                    If you choose to leave, you have not lost.You, by your own choice have decided to improve the quality of your life.What ever you decide, please remember you have done nothing wrong, your only crime was to have the misfortune of living next door to half wits.

                    Hope this helps and hope all goes well Kevin


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                      Hi Clareb and welcome to the Forum

                      Crikey , what an absolutely awful situation to be in. Your safety, and that of your dogs and visitors is at real risk here. Your nfh is dangerous.

                      It is so common that members of this forum start a friendly "relationship" with their neighbours - we did as we'd gone through two previous sets of nfh and wanted to get on with our new neighbours.

                      Your nfh, as I've said, is dangerous. Like other members have said, I would speak to the Police and provice them with a detailed history of what has happened in the past.

                      In terms of the fence, can you get it in writing from the Planning Department that it should be taken down and/or have planning permission? You may be able to use this with their landlord in terms of having it taken down. The landlords tenants are breaching planning regulations. Send the landlord a copy of the letter and threaten legal action if he does not remove the offending fence.

                      I think you are right in moving on, unless the landlord pursue spossession of the property. This situation is, sadly, just going to continue. What you need to try and do in the meantime is to ignore the nfh as much as possible and find alternative accommodation.

                      So sorry again to hear about your situation. It must be desperate for you. Sending you happy and positive thoughts for your future.


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                        This is a quick reply this time to say thank you all so much for your support. It really has made a difference to me that there are so many concerned people out there who are prepared to sit and read my story and spend time as you all have offering help and support. There have been so many suggestions offered and I will persue them now I have been given a confidence boost. I didn't mention in my story about the neighbours following me when I went out, I have spotted them sitting in their car watching me when I have been at my partners house in another town.

                        The comments made about the poisons that my NFH handles affecting his mental state has crossed my mind, I wonder if he administers them to his girlfriend who is equally "pond Life" and bark raving stonkers! (see even my sense of humour is returning) I will take some advice on the issues regarding the poisoning now I know how to put it across. I told the police but they said I couldn't prove it.

                        The issue of the fence has been resolved, finally a result! hooray... The land lord has been informed by the planning department and asked him to pay for planning permission he has told his tenants to reduce its height. Hit him in the pocket seems to be the order of the day.

                        I am awaiting their next move as I'm sure they are upset that they have had to do it.

                        I have also put a camera up, it isn't attached to a video yet as I can't get the cable routed very well but I'm sure they have seen it.

                        I liked the suggestion from Jeannie, it made me laugh. It is so right as well, that would really wind them up.

                        I was amazed that so many of you could see why they were doing what they do, jealousy is the only thing it can be, they can't buy a property as he has a bankruptcy order against him. I am also younger than they are.

                        I have bought another property and I will be very careful who I get involved with, once bitten twice shy and all that.

                        I am worried about this property as it will still be next to them and they could still damage it when it is rented.

                        I think you are all a great bunch of people keep up the good work, you have made a big difference to the way I think about my situation.

                        Keep posting.



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                          Hi Clare,

                          glad you are feeling a bit beter about things,

                          its amazing how good it feels to get stuff off your chest!

                          Good news about the fence, it seems to come down to money so often!, maybe the land lord will take more notice of things going on now,

                          our NFH land lord didnt want to know until he moved them to another property and he realised how much damage they had caused to the house....and by all accounts they did the same to their new home,

                          I saw the landlord after they moved and he was very apologetic and admitted that she was a mad bi*ch !!

                          we had been telling him that for weeks...months even!!

                          this has to be the first step in sucess for you, please feel free to post about the fence in success stories, it always gives everyone a little boost when one member achieves something!

                          keep cool and nice things will happen for you!