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  • Help...advice Needed.

    Myself and my wife have lived on our council estate for 24years, bringing up 4 children in our 3 bedroomed home and been very happy here untill recently.We have always got on well with our neigbours, and 9 years ago decided to buy our council home. Since then our children have grown up and left home. We then decided to spend money on our home and garden so we could enjoy it in our later years. All has been well until the couple next door died within 6 months of each other and in Febuary of this year the council moved next door to us a large Bangladesh family. Before anyone thinks this is a racial is NOTHING to do with colour: it is the constant noise that gets us down. The kids never stop hear thuds, thumps bangs all day long. As I type this at 8.00pm there is is loud Indian music penertrating the walls. We can not enjoy our newly-formed garden because if the weathers nice there is about 5 or 6 kids screaming in the back yard from about 8'o clock at night until about 10. There is probably nothing I can do about this (is there?) The trouble is there is no "cut-off" point at night (say 10.30pm) where you can garentee a bit of peace untill the next morning. The father works until about 12.30am. When he comes home he brings some work mates with him and they talk loudly until the early hours. Our bedroom is over their living room and it sounds sometimes as if there is a party going on. I have been round once to ask them to keep the noise down but they speak little english. And the noise continues...... Is there nothing we can do?

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    Hi beachhhhhh, and welcome

    Oh, dear you do seem to have an awkward problem The very fact that you say that it has nothing to do with colour shows that it's a problem you are going to have to approach with caution.

    Have you spoken to council about this? They may have access to interpreters who can convey your concerns to the family next door. Bangaladeshi's, I've heard, are very family orientated and all the noise is probably fairly normal to them. It would be hard for any large family to live without noise, I would imagine.

    Although, I believe, there are certain cut off points with regards to noise I think they are different in different authorities. There is a law about statutory nuisance and if you are being annoyed by constant loud noise this may be the way to go. I think some of our other members will know more about this.

    I'll leave it here for now, I'm sure some of the other members will have a lot more good advice to give you. One thing you should do is keep a diary which you can show to the council.

    Good luck and come back often and let us know how you are going on.

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      welcome Beachhhhh!!

      what a lot of H's, sorry if I missed any off!

      I am sorry to hear your tale, and sorry to hear about the loss of your neighbours.

      I live in a very multi cultral area and the are obvious differences in life styles with different ethnic origins. I can to a certain extent relate to what you are enduring.

      race holds no boundries with NFH (neighbours from hell), NFHs can come from all ages and backgrounds.

      if you are unable to talk to them because of language barriers you might think of mediation, ask if they supply bi-lingual workers.

      the other thing really is to contact your housing department, and express your concerns.

      you also need to start logging down the noise disturbances, there are blank logs on the resources section of the main board, these can be used for your environmental health department, when they think you have enough of these logs they may install recording eqipment to your home.

      take it one step at a time and hopefully your problem will reslove itself.

      please let us know how it goes and post when ever you are feeling low, it can be very thearapuitc to get it all down.


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        Beach, Hi there, I cant help a great deal, but , if I can say, that Bangaldeshis are vewry much family orientated and respect for your elders is instilled into the kids. the parents' priority is 100% to their families, that is why the husband doesnt get in until after midnight, he is probably toiling away at some godforsaken place, earning not much money. the wife is probaly burdened down with all the running of the house and trying to keep her kids in check, and maybe cant even cope that well. i know i am making many many assumptions here, but i grew up in a very rough area of london with every single ethnic minority represented, and one thing i am pretty sure about is that if you can find a way to communicate with your neighbours, they would probably be mortified to know you were being disturbed so badly. they might not even realise how thin the walls are and because they are wrapped up in their lives they wont have a clue that when their kids are outside at 10 p.m. its actually disturbing you from your sleep. my experience of bangladeshis is that all they want is to keep themselves to themselves and not hassle anyone, a lot of them have suffered terrible awful racism and therefore would not want to do something that would possibly attract hostility. normally they are amongst the sweetest people you can ever want to be around. I am not saying they wont ever shout etc, but hopefully they wont be doing it deliberately to hack you off.

        is there anyone you can find who could go and talk to them? i really hope this is all you would need to do to get a result.

        unless of course they are the exception to the rule .... i know i have been generalising here alot!!!! they might be third generation and have great big attitude problems!!!! are there any teenagers in their house or are they all small kids???

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