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Strange Sort Of Weekend

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  • Strange Sort Of Weekend

    Friday night, nfh approached my OH and apologised for his behaviour last week - said he'd keep the noise down, etc, etc. (I think they'd had the letter from mediation). Then that evening he carried out outside blasting his music! (sheesh!). Nice night's sleep on Friday, then we were away all day on Saturday and came home to relative peace and quiet - think mumsie was home. So on Sunday, ok, nothing drastic, but Sunday evening WW3 broke out next door! There was screaming, shouting (all drunk - natch), and to cap it all one of our other neighbours actually phoned the police! (I was so glad it wasn't me just for a change). They came and took one of the brothers away - but not my nfh - he always gets away with it!

    So we'll see if they take up the offer of mediation - I'm not accepting his apology to OH, I want him to say that in front of witnesses. Is that too pushy? I don't think so anyway. Also, mediation know that if it isn't resolved then the next step is to go for the ASBO, and the nfh needs to know this, so I want them to do it.

    oh the joys.......

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    Hi Flossie

    Sorry to hear of the lack of sleep you had, it's so draining physically and mentally eh? Beth and I often were kept awake for most of the night due to our NFH's different antics (thud, thud, thud, thud of music and their arguing etc).

    I don't think it's too pushy at all too expect an apology in front of witnesses - as we all know and you, that NFH often have selective and short-term memories! By apologising, they are also admitting (or partly so anyway) their guilt.

    Stay with it, come back often and let us know what's happening, glad you're here


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      well last night was ww3 part 2. He was obviously drunk, came out singing and playing his music loudly. Later on he was quiet, but then an almighty row broke out again and someone and mum's male friend (they are just friends) left to much shouting from nfh. Couldn't figure out who else was in the car - mum? Anyway, nfh continued to yell and shout playing music outside very loud. Phoned police, but don't know if they came. About 11pm all suddenly went quiet. Maybe they are imploding??? Enough pressure now might be the final straw for someone. Funny, I feel pretty good - not too stressed. It's like it's the mum's problem now, not mine. Especially good that other neighbours are finally taking some action too, makes me feel not so much the bad guy.

      I'll phone mediation later in the week to see if they took up the appointment.

      will keep you informed! (oh, and I got a reply from Scottish executive to say that I should get a reply from Margaret Curran in next couple of weeks)


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        Flossie, I've just had small taste of what you've been going through. Thank goodness our NFH decided to leave after less than two months.

        I agree with you and with Matthew, it's not too much to expect an apology in front of witnesses, but from what you've described, I hardly think it's likely.

        Your NFH really sounds as if he's going all out to alienate even his own family. I wonder how much longer they will put up with him? Good to hear that another neighbour called the police. It's a bit of a relief to know that others are aware of the situation and are willing to make that phone call. It makes you feel a lot less isolated.

        Good luck with the mediation, hope you get something sorted.

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi