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  • Hi

    i want to move out of my home because of bad neighbours and youth's throwing bottles at my kids windows and trying to kick in the security door ive tried the police but to no avail....

    any help please leave message..


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    Hi William,

    Welcome to the forum. As April says, it might be useful if you could give us a few more details about your situation. Are you in a private home or council, maybe Housing association.

    Firstly, log every incident. Then if you can tell us what kind of property you live in we may be able to give you more advice.

    Come back soon and let us know

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      Hi William

      You have our sympathy. I still wonder sometimes whether moving would have been a lot easier than taking on my NFH. Fact is though, where I previously lived I had problem with my neighbours as well. Maybe they are following me around.

      Whether to stand and fight or count your losses and move depends a lot on your circumstances. A few questions that may help members help you, although please bear in mind it is NOT compulsory for you to divulge anything you don’t wish to.

      Are you or your NFH part of a housing association, renting privately or Council tenants?

      Are you the only person suffering from this abuse?

      Roughly how old are those involved?

      When and Why did the abuse start?

      Is any of the abuse racially motivated?

      Have you contacted anyone other than the police?


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        Hi William - big welcome to the forum

        Sorry to hear you're living with these very stressful and disturbing problems.

        As others have said, please tell us a little bit more about yourself, what situation you are in etc (e.g. do you own your property, rent from a HA/Council) - what steps have you taken so far apart from the police in trying to deal with the problem? (e.g. local Env Health Dept, Mediation, diary logging etc).

        You'll get tons of help on here I'm sure and I hope you can use it to help you in your situation


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          William! You sound very desperate (what a stupid thing for me to say, we're all desperate which is why we're here!).

          I have to say that my paragraphs that follow would have been very different had they been written when things were at their worst for me. I used to feel such anger and frustration that I felt like I was going to explode and couldn't think straight (and didn't funnily enough... ). Anyway, things have moved on to the point where my nightmare has got to a point where I can start (hopefully) helping others like you.

          First thing you must do is LOG EVERYTHING that happens. If the police won't actually help, then at least ask them to log the incident and make sure they give you an incident number. My neighbour has been arrested twice (first time she was let off with a warning but the second time she got convicted, I still have to live next door to her though.. joy). I would have got nowhere without logs so write everything down with as much info as possible, call the police with logged info and keep up to date records yourself (records kept on a PC are valid by the way). You can also speak to a 'Community Officer' at the local police station who is more equipped for these things (I had my own dedicated CO !!!). If you can, get video footage, tape recordings, anything that shows evidence. My neighbour got arrested the first time on the strength of some voicemail recordings I had. Also, if you have witnesses to any event, that is very important and makes a very strong case indeed. I had a cast iron witness at my court case and hey presto, she was found guilty...

          I hope what I've said helps you as much as it can at this stage but as the other replies say, it would help you a great deal if you give some more information coz it makes a HUGE difference depending on whether you are a home owner / private tenant/ council tenant etc because the bodies involved differ so much. For instance, if you're a council tenant and the people giving you grief are also council tenants, it's the council's responsibility to deal with it. Also, what area do you live in? Some parts of London are difficult to say the least with these things coz there are some areas that have such a high crime rate that a few bottles thrown at a window is like a walk in the park for the police.

          I hope you find the help here useful, I've found the support I've received here brilliant.

          Good luck...