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  • My N.f.h.

    Our problems started a few years ago when we moved into a council flat.We live downstairs and the problem lives above us.

    When we first moved in the problem was as nice as pie.I Forgot

    to mention she has a daughter now in her 20s with two kids.

    But that is another story to be told.

    After a couple of years of living here the problems daughter had

    an arguement with my was over something really petty.

    My wife told the problems daughter to basically f.o.

    The following evening the problem came down and had a whinge

    at my missus over what was said to her daughter.I got involved

    in the argument and told her to sling her hook.

    We now have to put up with the problems washing machine

    thundering away above us early in the morning 7.30am at weekends,it occasionally goes on through the week between

    9.30pm and 10pm.The problem is up early through the week 6am

    it bangs and thumps and drags things across the floor.Then it goes to work at approx 7.25 am.It gets home sometime between

    9pm and 9.30pm.It finishes work at 5pm then goes and stays with

    its daughter till these times.

    The problem now has its grandson stay over the weekend.he is

    4 yrs old and seems to like running up and down the hallway in

    the flat above,this can be early in the morning or late at night.

    I have been accused of scratching the son inlaws car.

    The latest trick was the son inlaw sticking one or two fingers up

    at my wife if she was looking out the front window.We have now been accused of staring.

    The son inlaw does not come round here anymore for the time being due to another arguement with the problem above.

    Yesterday 4th june my wife spotted the problems daughter shopping in store in stevenage and she was given some more verball abuse.Its getting really pathetic now what with her upstairs throwing accusations everywhere.She now wants to know where my wife banks and what her mobile number is,she also wants my mobile number.She wants to know where we go in the evening.We can not complain because we live with my wifes

    father.We have tried.I have even got in touch with my local MP.

    no joy.HEEEEELP?????????

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    welcome Mrunhappy,

    sorry to are having these problems with your neighbour.

    she sounds very rude and nosey, dont tell her anything about you and never give your moblie numbers out!!

    she sounds like she wouls be ringing you up and giving you the silent phone call treatment!

    are you both council tennents?

    if the NFH are tennents also I would be getting on to the housing office.

    you need to write it all down, there are blank logs on the main site under resources to print and use.

    get some evidence against them , you can not continue living like this.

    But know you have found us!!

    please post when ever you like, we have a ranters corner which can not be viewed publicly, where we can really vent our spleens.

    you will find loads of advice and support amoung us!


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      Hi Mr.Unhappy,

      I can see why you have chosen that name

      You say you are living with your wife's father and so cannot complain. Could your father-in-law complain to the council on your behalf? The fact that your wife was accosted in the street could be a police matter, especially as this woman is trying to find out your mobile numbers and bank details. This sounds very worrying and I think you should go to the police and report it.

      There is a Protection from harassment Act, maybe this might help you. This woman wants to know too much about you and she might be on the way to becoming a stalker. You can find the PFHA here: (sorry I can't put in links like Matthew can ).

      Good luck, hope things get better for you.

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        Hi Mr Unhappy and welcome

        Like the others have said, never give out too much personal information. What does she want your telephone numbers for anyway?

        Are your parents-in-law also bothered by what is happening? If so, then they can make a complaint. The first think that you must start doing is to write every instance of nuisance noise (and other incidents that occur) down on a sheet of paper - you can access a blank sheet at the Resources section on the main site.

        I think someone has already asked, but what kind of accommodation is it that your parents-in-law live in? Do they own or rent? If the latter, is it with the Council, Housing Association or Private landlord? The answer to this may mean different avenues for you to go down.

        Please visit us often to check replies, I notice that you have already become our Forum DIY friend!