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  • KIDS!!!!!!!!!!

    I have just moved to a house in Redlake Telford, lovely house, lovely garden all the things I want BUT, I AM SICK of the kids playing out side my house! Running their bikes, scooters, skateboards, screaming, shouting up and down the pavements around the cul-de-sac. All I want when I get home from work is a peaceful life!! The people next door are lovely, and she said she has had so much hassle with them to, but she has got used to it. I keep sending them away to "play outside their parents house" and they do go without any cheek, but the other day I had 3 dads knocking on my door reading my the riot act! Saying that its "Safer" if they play down here even though its out of their site

    and told me if I didnt like it, I should spend the whole time at the back of my house! My neigbour lives like this and I dont want to.

    Are there any laws about noisy kids or kids making a nuisence of themselves????????????

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    Hi Missimoo and welcome back, haven't seen you here for a while.

    Is this a new house that you have recently moved to?

    In answer to your question, I don't think there is any legislation covering children in terms of their behaviour like you mention. There are the Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBO), but these (I think) are for more serious offences.

    It never ceases to amaze me that parents feel they can allow their children to play anywhere. But, I don't think that there is anything you can do about them playing in an open area (in your cul-de-sac) apart from trying to appeal to their parents (which obviously hasn't gone down too well).

    There are other members who have problems with children playing by them and hopefully they will be able to offer some more advice on this.


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      Hi missimoo

      Oh, that sounds so much like my own situation. We live in a 'green' and every kid in the area seems to think they can come and cause mayhem with parental approval! Drives me insane. Have you noticed how many members live in cul-de-sacs or closes? Yes quite a lot.

      I'm afraid, like your neighbour I spend most of my time in the back of the house because I can't stand the noise any more. Which makes it difficult to log incidents But nobody should feel they have to keep away from parts of their home because of other people's ill disciplined and abusive brats! (sorry, but that's what they are!) If their stupid parents want them to be safe they should be watching them not inflicting them on other people! Oh, the times I've wanted to hire a few kids to do the same to them and see how they like it!! If the kids aren't safe outside their own home they're not safe outside somebody else's either, no matter whether it's in a cul-de-sac or not.

      What kind of property do you live in, owned, HA, council, private landlord? Depending on your answer you will have different solutions.

      If the kids are being abusive and/or vandalising you could get in touch with your Neighbourhood police officer and ask about what their policies are on antisocial behaviour. If you are in HA property you could approach them with the same question and ask them what they are going to do about it. Were the three dads abusive in any way? If so report them. Would your neighbours be prepared to back you up if you made complaints? It would be much easier to get some action if you are part of a group.

      Don't forget to log every incident.

      Good luck.

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        I'm afraid there is little you can do except:

        1) put a fence (and spiky bushes) around your garden and any of your property where this occurs

        2) install triple glazing

        3) have a loud TV/stereo to block this out - but don't annoy the neighbours (?!)

        You've already tried reasoning - it don't work, believe me, I have the same problems in my leafy cul-de-sac where the kids think they can do anything and their parents let them believe this by sanctioning their behaviour - and I hate to say this, but if they're young(ish) around 8-10 yrs, it will get worse (later in their teens, motorbikes, four cars per household with nowhere to park etc)

        Oh god, and school holidays about to come up - thankfully, if you don't work at home, you'll be spared this for much of the week, but weekends may be a problem.

        Maybe you could ask for tips from your nice neighbours, how do they cope etc? Do you have kids yourself? I guess its easier to tolerate when you do (sigh)



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          Just a thought because we had the same type of problem with a family and their children with roller skating over ramps in our small close. The noise was horrendious. One of the affected neighbour went round to the other residents with a petitiion which was signed by almost everyone except the problem family and one other. Although no authority would do anything a copy of this petition was sent Anonymously so they found out how we all felt about the noise. Since then they have taken their children to the designated roller park which is only half a mile away. We don't think they realised how many people were against this activity. Might be worth a try if you can get enough signatures .

          Good luck.


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            Thanks to everyone who answered. I am suprised there is nothing that can be done. Im lucky, Ive sold my house! Amazingly enough I put it up for sale a week after moving there! Im just lucky to have made 12,000 profit! Now I will be moving to a 2 bed house in an area I know, with tiny houses and no kids hopefully! NO I dont have any kids and dont like kids! Im off on the move again!


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              Gosh Missimoo, that was fast work!!

              Was it because of the kids then? Don't blame you, good you've made some money out of potential NFH!

              Good Luck in the next house (hopefully i'll be out of here soon too)



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                Hope you checked the new area out thoroughly, before moving in, for any of those problems caused by reproduction and recreation. This sort of thing happens in so many areas.


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                  Hi missimoo

                  Crikey, sold already?! Well done for managing to get a profit so quickly!

                  I think gordy posted a new topic a while ago on what kind of house to buy next, and if you look there, you'll find some handy hints and tips about what kind of property/ area to look for.

                  Cul-de-sacs seem to be a definite no-go area. I think that unless you have your own property, with fencing/walls, a driveway (fenced), then you are always going to run the risk of people/kids playing near you. But unless you have VERY high fencing, you'll still run the risk of kids playing with footballs and them landing in your garden! And, of course, you'd probably still hear them all playing outside.

                  If you're moving to a terrace, make sure that the ones near you are small two bed terraces - if young families are there, then they may move when the kids get to the playing out stage.


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                    Yes i have bought on a bungalow estate with the oldies, and when they become empty its usually another oldie that buys. I too live in a 2 bedroom detached, and i am plagued with my NFH in a 3 bedroom HA. If it had been 2 beds they would not have been able to take it.