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can u beat this?

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  • can u beat this?

    flat 1: mad turkish bird, calling police and council saying i am tapping on her pipes, flooding her bathroom, selling drugs, playing music and generally being anti-social (cobblers - she wanted out of the block and was trying to build a case, as her neighbours beside her were winos). I was already on management transfer list due to harassment with ex for eight years, so got put onto Homes scheme offered brand new two bed ha house in sunny west london.

    so say adieu! to lifts full of p**s and crackheads and off to new life.. .but wait..

    house 1: neighbour 1:

    turns out to be wife beating, schizophrenic (genuine), child abusing stoner - big jungle /ragga fan played LOOOOOOOOOUD 3/4 nights a week till the small hours.. my kid missing school, me turning up late & depressed to work. she does a runner, he insists this was because of me? (we hardly spoke she was so petrified of him) i had jokingly said hit him with frying pan....and i put 'ideas in her head'. after he trys to smash his way through our dividing wall with a hammer (screaming abuse etc) HA chuck him out .. get this FOR OCCUPANCY reasons. so after 3 years there is peace for about 4 months.

    House 1: neighbour 2:

    teen parent moves in swiftly followed by jailbird boyfriend. fours years of parties, BASE BASE BASE day and night, 3AM WWF matches and rows which spilled throughout entire house, crack parties, drug dealing on doorstep, car loads of sc*mbags tearing in and out of our cul de sac (one reverse over a childs bike narrowly missing a kid), cat shot with pellet gun, stand off with drug rivals who were waving handgun at 4pm in afternoon street full of kids, boyf threatening my daughter. other neighbours too frightened to complain, i get faceful from NFH when they get the letter. finally after growing bored of beating the girlfriend senseless, NFH bloke moves out and is arrested and sentenced 6 months later to armed robbery and he gets 8 years yesssssssssssss!

    girfriend flying the flag of NFH on her own, same ding dong until finally 18months later i loose it bang on door, handbags at dawn and it all kicks off. HA not willing to do anything. .. but less music so I am happy. but now carpets come up ,and doors BANG BANG BANG in out 3am.4am. 6am.friends screaming laughing falling over drunk , noise noise noise for months. finally i hope over fence and bang on window to find her b****ck naked on sofa with two blokes she has dragged in from pub.

    this takes the wind out of sail, and behaviour toned down ( a little).

    alos my sis on the other side, slides into alcoholism and then she begins to loose the plot - i am lying sh** stirring b*tch, my daughter too - badmouthing me to family and friends - i am the reason she drinks and takes antidepressants big snob, think i am perfect coz i have car & job...... she put me where I am today blah blah... she lies and screams my dad is dying of cancer over garden fence in an attempt to upset me... tells my daughter she was unwanted, i suicidal when i was preggers - her father wanted her aborted etc.........then told all my family my daughter tried to beat her up - she bruised black and blue etc.

    NOW i am on a mission for exchange, so place needs a lot of work but big garden, and mostly over 60s hurrah! go for it new life, new start sooooo happy

    flat 2: MORE NFH

    omigod, turns out downstairs (flip flop) is an alcoholic, having son and girlfriend (evicted from council, then two squats for antisocial behaviour) all staying in one bed flat. i (not knowing the score) drop a note in (v.nice, me no carpets - u hold it down after 11am pretty please til carpets down, must be my fault blah blah). next night girlfriend knocks on door, tries to start scrap - the son (chip shop) then pawing me, u bootiful lady etc. how old u ? where your man? they are all totally off their faces???? then unbelievable row until 6am. 999 called twice. me shaking crying can't believe i am in this positon.

    since february 19th loosing on average 4 nights sleep a week, with the screaming, rowing, banging, thumping and general animal like behaviour. all local scu*bags come around and use it as a drinking/puffing den.

    flipflop (NFH) and chipshop (son) involved in almighty pub scrap 2 weeks ago (something about drugs), they beat up someone with hammer. now two strange yardie looking brothers cruising by and parking up outside ours for hours waiting to catch them, gave me daughter the willies when she came back from school.

    flip flop other son & girlfriend now staying at flat so when flipflops bird comes back there will be four of them there? sweet mother of jesus.

    right then i give up, going home to ireland, can't take anymore - hopefully will have some peace & quiet, quality of life.

    beg borrow steal, bit of financial hokey pokey - put deposit on new house, go home last month to check on progress - guess what.

    new neighbour has shoved up massive extension (legal up to 40sq mtres in ireland without permission).

    will be standing in my kitchen in the dark ahahahahahahahah

    and house 1: neighour 2 teen sl*t moved out a couple of weeks after me? lovely quiet couple with little boy moved in?

    now can u beat that???

    so much for the luck of the irish.

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    onethemove, I'm just retrieving my jaw from the floor

    To say you've been unlucky is the understatement of the millenium

    I think you've made the right decision to move back to Ireland although from what you say you might be in for another NFH situation Let's hope it's not quite as serious as what you've experienced already! Where do these people come from?? I don't mean geographically I mean mentally.

    Good luck in your new home

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      thanks sweetie, they all gravitate to me??? i am a nutter magnet.

      i think they should rename 'social' housing to 'anti-social' housing.

      my experience is that HA housing staff are jobsworths who have a standard patter they reel off to anyone who comes their way.

      quiet often they will try and use you to get rid of their problem tenant. and hide behind 'impartiality' as an excuse not to take action.

      council are more willing possibly because they have the ombudsman breathing down their necks, i don't know.

      its funny how life throughs these things at you, maybe its some divine test of faith ? and you only really appreciate how sh*te it is when you look back on things? coz when u are in it you are in 'coping' & 'denial' overdrive. grin and bear it sort of thing.

      as it turns out my mate is going home next year, her stepfather owns loads of land. he has a site on the shannon river which is down a dirt track, on an island. she has had enough of NFH as well so she is willing to go halves and buy this spot of heaven with me. we will be at opposite ends, we will have acres to quad bike around and see only moo-moo's and baa baa's. and that my sweet (unless a power plant goes up or summink) is where i will be in 3 years!!!!!!!!!!!!

      then its out with the landmines, alligators and big signs saying GET ORF MOI LAAAAAAAND. u can understand why people get like that eh? they have probably had years of NFH! a plague on 'em.

      but out of bad comes good.. through another forum i bumped into tristar...who is an absolute petal and a good friend


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        then its out with the landmines, alligators and big signs saying GET ORF MOI LAAAAAAAND.[/b]

        Oh, what a dream, soon to be reality for you

        Of course if you're not satisfied with your HA you can always report them to the Independent Housing Ombudsman:

        I can't really complain about our local HA, they do seem to be trying to do something about antisocial tenants. Trouble is they need so much evidence *sigh*. And by the time they've dealt with one problem two more have raised their ugly heads!

        Anyway, enjoy your island idyll. I envy you

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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          On the move - a true NFH veteran, and I think we should make you an honorary lifetime member!!

          God what a catalogue of utter disaster. If you hadn't experienced this for real I would be laughing, cos it seems so unlikely - over what period of time did you have all of this?

          It would be interesting to get the statistics for such a sequence of events - you must be in the low 1% of occurrences

          You sound as tho you''ve lived to tell the tale, and thats the real measure of the effects NFH can have - if you come out the other end with a sense of humour, as you obviously have, then more power to you.

          Glad you 've got some plans to avoid NFH for the future. Like you, I also want an island, but i cannot afford but hurrah for you to be able to achieve it!

          Good on yer, OTM, hope is all ok in the future.



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            since about 1990 - fatima the crosseyed turkish love goddess moved in and things started going pear shaped.

            yup u need your sense of humour all right to deal with these bu**ers. i think it was exaserbated by my status as lone parent and as you can't take the catholic out of the girl, was none too busy on the f-nny front either... if i had coach loads of blokes turning up I reckon it would have been a different story. but i wanted to be a good role model for me sprog, so kept it all hush hush.

            to be honest i will be having the last laugh on the lowlifes when i am in my pastoral idyll, i guess u can turn everything in to a positive if u are insanely optomistic???

            its just made me V. determined to put as much space between me and high density housing as possible. the only semi-detachment will be my brain ahahah

            i guess i wanted to post really to say to anyone in a similar situation there is light at the end of even the darkest tunnel. and keep on truckin.

            the best revenge is living well, so try and focus on the future and leave the dingles and the clampetts to fight it out amongst themselves.


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              Hi Onthemove,

              I can hardly believe the shower of sh**s you have had to put up with but you are living proof that good people can rise above it and move on. Good luck


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                thank u v.much eckie, and apols to anyone if my colourful /descriptive language offended...

                great forum - shame its about peoples struggle to try and live normal lives while surrounded by territorial neanderthals with no regard for others.

                also its v.difficult for most people to understand the impact this behaviour can have on a family or individual on the receiving end, really unless they have experienced similar themselves.............

       hurrah for

                we are all normal, its just the rest of the world that's mad.................


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                  Well I'm really glad I told you about this site hunny!!!

                  When I met up with you it was like a breath of fresh're living proof that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

                  Although my tunnel is still dark, you bring me some light now and then, with your jokes and emails. You're just such a funny person with an excellent sense of humour, and I'm sure that others will agree with me.

                  We've become friends due to our NFH's, and I should thank them...BUT I WON'T

                  See you soon, take care


                  Ps: Don't forget to invite me to your island


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                    Good luck OTM.

                    I think you know what you've gotta do;

                    move move move move move move move move move move move move move move move move move move move move move move move move .

                    When I first started posting here my handle was 'gladwemoved.

                    Nothing like it for getting your life back.

                    i am a nutter magnet.[/b]
                    This is a feeling I too am familiar with. Perhaps it was too much wanting a totty magnet in my younger years, got a nutter magnet with no off switch instead.

                    Things can work out all alright in the end. Hope they do for you.


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                      Put a smile on my face too! Even though it's a truly terrible story, you have a way with the words!

                      I wish you well in the future, you've had your share of the **** time for better things I hope.


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                        jesus it gets worse.

                        friday ...yelling screaming drunken carousing until about 1am. lucky no work sat. phew! their van is parked in front of my door, like about 30 feet from road on grass?????? i am out all saturday .. joy joy ... back really late.

                        sunday drunken son rams my car as he returns from shops. i hear big BASH but do not see.

                        comes back about 40 mins later with flip flop, reverses back then rams my car again... it rolls back about a foot. this time my daughter is watching .. i fly out the front.. like " what the f**k? " point out he has whole street to manouvre in?

                        son is pi**ed as F*rt, his car now two wheels on pavement. "foot slipped" - what twice??? don't fink so mate. no apols, nothing.

                        will now park far, far way.


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                          Hi onthemove

                          Come and move to sunny Hillingdon next time, We've got several NFH in the area, so your sure to feel right at home!. You know that you'll be bored if you end up somewhere too quite! Where's the fun in having a normal, peaceful life?

                          Joking aside... I hope things work out


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                            i used to live in yeading

                            now i live in yiewsley ahhahahahahh (more manic laughter)

                            didn't report him .. he disappeared indoors, and could then claim to have had a drink to steady his nerves so no point... (had a similar incident before and this was desk sargeants response)..

                            to be honest, i just want to keep my head down until i move....end of july please god.


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                              Hi onthemove

                              So sorry I've come in late on this, not much I can add to the great advice you've had already, but just to say welcome and I'm glad you found us

                              If I've not said it enough already.......