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why they get away with it

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  • why they get away with it

    my experince is that having lived in a housing association flat for nearly eleven years, when you get the neighbour from hell, they don't really want to know and will make cursary stabs to what they think will placate you. where i live is one of two properties with communal gardens and a communal back yard.

    when i first moved in, a tenant from the next house would park his car under the window of a neighbour of mine and also included in this was other cars that he would fix and test under my neighbours window. she asked him to stop, he said he didn't want to know. she called our housing officer of the time and herself, the housing officer and her son in law watched this tenant doing up his cars under her window. this set the scene for the future. the housing officers reply was, he's got to be able to repair his car. this problem tenant eventually moved, as they do, and over the next few years we would get tenants bringing their friends/family cars into our communal back yard. we had had enough and eventually got our landlords to put a sign up, that faced the entrance to the communal back yard, that read: riverside residents parking only. at the same time they put rotary driers up and two extended washing lines. shortly after this, they'd painted the inside and outside of the two houses, they moved into next door to me the tenant from next door who was in effect running a car sales business. i have ulcerative colitis and need to do a lot of washing, in the course of one year i sent every housing officer a letter explaining this and as to why it was vital for me to be able to put my washing out. once he'd resumed doing up old cars, he'd do them up over on the far wall, but the car that he'd be driving, he'd park up under the washing lines. when they wer e doing the painting, they put parking bays down and this problem tenant was seen speaking to the painters who then put a third parking bay line that ran parallell to the washing lines. he would park next to them or just under, whether there was washing on or not. fortunately our current housing officer then actually did something about him and told him to park on the back wall, he'd ignore this saying that he couldn't as the binmen needed access, but she found him out and so he was forced yto park over on the back wall. mysteriously the wall brackets that held the long lines would be found to have been smashed on many an occassion! again after 17 months he left having had 17 cars over that time period! tenants continued to bring their friends in, the good housing officer was moved and today i still can't put any washing out, i've had a workman reverse his van in and park it next to my washing.

    my experience is not one of violent neighbours, although i think one more incident from the one i described and i would've probably been driven to hurting him very badly as i think a lot of people reach that stage and i find that is the virtually complete lack of action by housing officers that lets potentially violent situations arise, because if they knew their job they would know that potentially minor incidents can esculate into violent oubursts, because everybody always says it's someone elses responsibility and thus the neighbours from hell or as the americans aply call them, white trash, get carte blanche to carry on. i feel very sorry for that lady and her bates problem and when someone asked if she had contacted her housing association, well of course she would have and probably got no response or any positive suggestions, or if she did then her housing association is an exception.


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    Hi Cat,

    First of all welcome to the Forum.

    I am sorry to read of your medical condition and also the fact that there are inconsiderate people who don't think of other people and their circumstances.

    What I suggest you do is photograph every single incident with your washing and parking problems and then give them to your EHO. Also if this guy is doing all these cars up then would it be fair to say that he is running a small business which could invalidate his tennacy agreement in so far that he can't run a business from his home.

    I am not too up on things like your situation but, Misty and Hollygolightly are and maybe they will be able to give you much better advice than I can.

    Just wishing you well and hoping for a positive outcome.


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      Hi there,

      just a quick reply to your post.

      I would take matters a lot further with your landlord in this instance. You have obviously been left to deal with a somewhat innefectual individual within the housing assoc. It would appear that this guy is violating not only his tennacy agreement but also has absolutely no consideration whatsoever for any one else. Typical me me attitude so prevalent among nfh.

      You really need to start making as big a noise as you can with your landlord. They have a duty and responsibility in this matter and of course they wont be willing but dont let go!

      If the person with whom you are dealing cant/wont assist then go to their boss and so on.

      As I am reminded so much times in my own work!

      You pay their wages!!

      Read the other guys replys as well. They will help a lot


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        Hi Cat and welcome to the forum

        I really can't complain about my local HA. I'm a house owner and I've been getting trouble from local yobs and recently my next door neighbour. I can't fault the HA, they really are trying to deal with antisocial behaviour. However, having said that I tried for years to get some action, first with the council then the HA and it's only in the last six months or so that they seem to be getting a grip.

        My one piece of advice is 'The squeaky wheel gets the attention'. You have to be a squeaky wheel and keep on and on at your HA. There are, from what you say, rules that govern your flats. There is a tenancy agreement and obviously some people have/are flouting the rules. I suggest you do as Scooby says and take photographs. Keep a diary for a month. Then approach your HA. Demand they enforce the tenancy rules, threaten them with media coverage; approach your MP and local councillors. You have to make yourself as much a nuisance to your HA as your NFH are to you.

        Good luck And come back often and let us know how things are going

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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          Hello Cat

          Yes you're right...I did contact the HA on several occasions, and as you have said, they did absolutely nothing for a very long time. Then they sent my housing officer round to see me, simply to "shut me up" as she was leaving the association two days later. She promised to make a report on the situation before she left, but it didn't happen.

          The new housing officer seemed to be better, but then she slumped into the "can't be bothered mode" for a while, and since then, she hasn't done an awful lot.

          I found this site just when I really needed it, and although the problem hasn't been solved, it has made me feel better, knowing that there are people out there willing to listen to you, and help you if they can. it felt so bad whilst writing my story that I was sobbing all the while.

          With the help and advice of others on this site, I feel able to get up and go again, and first thing tomorrow, I'll be on the phone and posting yet another log sheet.

          Your NFH seems to be nothing more than an inconsiderate ignorant b*****d, but my new friends have convinced me that if we don't make a stand against these people, it is our lives that will get worse in the end. You have already had one small victory, but many small ones will become one big one.

          Maybe I'm being too optomistic, but this website has given me hope, and I hope that you find it gives you hope too.



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            Sorry to be negative, but the council and HA are just pen pushers waiting for their monthly pay, us decent folk count for nothing to them, its a job for life.


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              Negative thoughts are bad We have to think positively and push HA's and police to do something. Don't let them fob you off. They have a duty to do something and if they don't then try a different tack. Go to the newspapers, build your own website a la Alien Andy Whatever you do, don't give up. You might go three steps forward and one step back, but you've still made one step of progress.

              It's not easy and sometimes you want to forget it all, but that's what NFH want. Don't give them the satisfaction. You have a right to enjoy your home and to live in peace.

              Sorry, got a bit carried away But I meant every word

              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                Hi Cat and welcome to the Forum

                Sorry to hear that you HA have not been very responsive in the past, but like the others have said, you need to try, try and try again with them.

                Root out your tenancy agreement and read through the clauses in it. If they are things that your nfh (neighbour from hell) is doing, then start recording everything (on paper, film, dictaphone whatever).

                Make an appointment to see the Housing Officer. Go through everything with them and ask them what action they are prepared to take. Explain to them that you have tried to explain to the nfh what your concerns are but they are continuing their unreasonable behaviour.

                If the HO doesn't listen to your concerns, speak to the Manager, Director, Chairman. If you still aren't getting anywhere, then tell them you are considering making a complaint to the Independent HA Ombudsman as they are not dealing with your complaint effectively and you feel that maladministration has occured. I guarantee you that you will get a response from the HA if you quote this.

                All this upset will not be helping your UC, if you are experiencing flare-ups as a result of the nfh behaviour and HA inability to manage, then raise this in meetings with the HO.

                Good luck - let us know how you get on.