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So far so good ....

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  • So far so good ....

    Is everyone having a good BH weekend so far (in terms of NFH trouble that is)?

    My NFH has bought this hideous, huge wooden "wishing well" that he's decided to stick in the middle of his front lawn. It's so BIG and out of place and totally ...... well ...... shan't swear. It's even got a twee little plastic bucket in it. Bleuurgghh. It's just stuck there in the middle of the grass looking big, orange, fake and cheap.

    Apart from that (and dodging the showers) all quiet here. Hope all's well with you folks ...


    (and the new series of Six Feet Under has started! Joy!)

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    Sounds tacky Jeannie!

    Maybe they'll start drawing water from it next? Or throwing coins in it?

    Hope it stays peaceful for you


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      Apart from an early raucous footy game on the green, it was delighfully quiet here yesterday. I just hope it stays that way for the rest of the week (its half term).

      Do you think your NFH has put that wishing well there hoping to make some money from his neighbours throwing coins in and wishing he'd disappear? Maybe there's method in his madness after all

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        Maybe there'll be a "terrible accident", he'll slip and fall into the well, never to be seen again!!!

        Oops bad thoughts, naughty!

        Clouds gathering here in the Midlands, hope it pours down

        Spent yesterday at a mate's (I'll be his lodger till I'm sorted out), its a beautiful Victorian terrace on a main road (HURRAH) and quiet as you like. Neighbours are older children (15 or so), hardly saw them even tho it was sunny yesterday

        bonus - a pub down the road!!


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          We had a lovely quiet weekend - I actually got to sit outside in my garden! But that's only because the mum was home and keeping an eye on things. Oh well, it's nice when it happens! Perhaps you should throw a coin in the fountain and make a wish!


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            A bit too quiet here on the home front and not even the distant burble of the radio in the garage.

            Why do I get the feeling in my pants then when they go quiet trouble is brewing ! Experience maybe !

            Anyway back to the wishing well. With a bit of luck on his return home from the pub one night he might stumble and end up wearing an imprint of it on his head - it might also have the added advantage of knocking some sense into him.

            Best Wishes