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  • More harrasment

    We have had one of those weeks, after them shooting our windows through twice I decided no more nice girl. I handed in the diaries to the housing after the police came round. We have had three years of this, (2 years after they killed our geese. ) Have things improved now considering we told our neighbours we would not get any more geese or pets of that nature when they killed them ? No its got a lot worse. We get abuse off the parents and friends, abuse off local kids. I get regular abuse directed at my disability by all the teenages, and comments such as my mum says you cannot have kids that's why you hate all kids.

    All the neighbours with kids from the council houses on our street and strangers react as if they have being told my partner is a paedophile. The night after having our windows shot through we got our windows stoned.

    Yesterday we had our windows shot through again, kids hanging around kicking a ball against our metal gate spoiling for a excuse to cause trouble, we are totally pretending not to care.

    The police that came took statements , one actually said to my partner ow a shooting at last we don't get many of those. I was not happy. They gave me a number to ring as they were finishing and it was now more serious being a shooting, different department. Did they go round and give them grief no.

    I rang the number , he's off sick we will get back to you, no they did't. Went to hand in the diaries, he's off sick . One week later got a letter saying he had received the diaries, had to pay £1.06 for postage. Went to collect the money from the council office, sorry cann't give you money can give you some stamps.

    2 weeks later went to council office, when can I expect a reply, hes back after the bank holidays expect a reply in 1 or 2 weeks. Thats a month in total.

    Sat working in lounge on our laptops and our windows got shot though twice again. Rang 999 he gave me his number and told me to ring back if no one came, I did ring again, sorry very busy time of year, try tomorrow. You guessed it, tomorrow came and went, we are stuck here feeling like prisoners and they are laughing thinking they can do whatever they like. Any ideas?.

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    hi goosegirl, what an awful way to have to live. Do you know who is doing the shooting or is it still a guess, surely this can't be allowed to continue. Have you talked to your local councillor and MP, you may be able to get them to put pressure on the Chief Constable, we use this ploy a lot in this area. My councillor meets the police every week and hands in a list of complaints to CC and asks for his comments. It stops police trying to evade the local issues as they try to do.

    I wish that I could be more help, but keep on posting and we will help in any way we can.

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