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Vindictive NFHs

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  • Vindictive NFHs

    After an elderly neighbour suffered a stroke and is partially disabled, I have been visiting her on a daily basis to help where I can and to do shopping for her. When I heard she had been taken into hospital my husband and I visited her in hospital. Before all that happened, local neighbours, including our NFH had spoken to this elderly lady, passing time of day, commenting on her garden etc. etc.

    The sad thing is that since I have been going in to see this sick lady, the NFH and her cronies have stopped talking to her, have not been to see her and avoid her when she is being helped outside by her brother. Her next door neighbour has stopped visiting her or talking to her. The elderly lady asked me why this is happening and what is going on. It was difficult to know what to say. I could say I feel guilty indirectly involving her is the awful NFH situation. I did give her a very brief story of what had happened and she was sympathetic but I feel so sad to think she is suffering now because our NFH have written her off due to her contact with us. They can have no concern or feeling for such a sick lady to do that. I shall grit my teeth and continue with visiting her but I hope that vengeance travels no further.

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    What pathetic creatures your NFH are! How can they claim to be members of the human race and yet treat a sick old lady like that?

    I think your friend is better off without such low life creatures. Don't feel guilty for acting in a caring and compassionate manner. The vindictive NFH want to penalise an old lady because you have shown her friendship they are in the wrong, not you.

    I hope your friend gets well soon She is very lucky to have you looking out for her.

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      This is absolutely typical NFH behaviour!!

      Honestly, some of these people have never progressed from the playground!!

      I am glad that you explained to your friend what/why this is going on

      you stick with it!!

      "Take off and nuke the site from orbit- it's the only way to be sure!"

      apologies if you are an "Aliens" fan

      Posh Noodle - NOT for the likes of YOU!!


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        I can only echo what the others have said before me.

        This is just so.............I'm lost for words really.

        I don't know what goes on in peoples minds. Why change to such an extent.

        This is not rational reasoning and it is a clear case of sheep - yes I did say sheep. Following the dominant one - your NFH for fear of upsetting them.

        I hope something brings these sheep to their senses soon least that their consciences should pr*ck them.