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    Iam writing this on behalf of a friend whom I have been supporting , over her NFH problem .

    The problem first started when she lived in a first-floor flat .

    1. Her ground-floor neighbours had laid a cable over the lawn which she asked them to move .

    2. She initially let her neighbours use a washing-line but subsequently asked if they would refrain , because she needed the privacy .

    The consequence was that obnoxios smells became apparent in her flat regularly .

    Having put up with this for about 2 years , she moved and bought an ex-council semi , not far away . About 18 months later , similar smells came again . Although she occasionally speaks to her present neighbour ( whom she thinks must know her former neighbours ) she feels that they are merely pretending to be pleasant .

    I have been trying to help my friend by : Trying to work out how and where these smells are entering her house - probably through the party-wall below floor level , and providing her with " equipment " to collect evidence of her neighbour's activity .

    We would be interested to hear from anyone who has ever heard or experienced anything similar .

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    Hi Hartlepool (and friend) and welcome to the Forum

    Sorry to hear your friend's problem with this smell. It can't be very nice for them.

    Is the concern that the orignal neighbour from hell (nfh) are still causing this smell?

    Hopefully if you follow the advice from Badger, you may be able to come to some solutions for this problem.


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      Hi Hartlepool and welcome

      Sorry to hear about your friend's problems. It seems strange that the smell should 'follow' her. I remember reading a story about a 'wronged' girlfriend who sewed prawns into the hems of her boyfriend's curtains, he moved because of the smell but took his curtains with him, needless to say the smell followed. Is there any possibility that your friend's last NFH had any access to any of her curtains, furniture etc?

      Does your friend know for sure that her present neighbour is friendly with her former NFH? Has she any other reason to think that her present neighbour might be responsible for the smell? You say she thinks the neighbour is just pretending to be pleasant, what evidence does she have for that?

      If as you say the smell is entering through the party wall below ground level, then the neighbour must be able to smell it as well. I was wondering what kind of 'equipment' have you provided for your friend to collect evidence?

      I hope you find out soon what the smell is and where it coming from. It can't be pleasant to have this happening. Good luck. Come back and let us know how things are going.

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        Hello Hartlepool. What a bizarre story. Not intending to be funny but it couldn't be your friend causing the smells could it? Does she have a tom cat for instance that is maybe spraying? Or patches of damp in a property can also make a "wee" smell. As Badger says, it's difficult without knowing what the smell is like.

        Given that 18 months has passed it seems odd that a former NFH has followed your friend (though I will believe anything from some of them!). I would have the drains and pipes checked as well. The drainage pipe from the kitchen sink can sometimes drop too low into the outside drain and smells (literally sewer ones) can come back up the pipe and permeate the kitchen. If the problem is worse in summer or when water is run down the sink after a few hours gap, it would indicate the drains.


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          This sounds unpleasant. I think the others have pretty well suggested all the matters I can suggest.

          If it's a sewer/ drain sort of smell then I'm sure the LA's Environmental Health or the water authority should be obliged to deal with it.

          Hope she gets this resolved.