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    Hello everyone,

    I've had problems accessing the board (long story that would qualify me for "the idiot of computing" award!)

    Anyway, I've been a registered member before and my real name is Val Weedon and happy for everyone to know that. Its not easy keeping it a secret anyway as I've been campaigning against noisy neighbours for over 12 years now. My web site for those who don't know of me is:

    Just wanted to update you on things and try to encourage some of you to be active in some way. It was one of the reasons that the Neighbours From Hell topic has had such wide publicity. Unless sufferers tell their story and speak out, nothing will change. Although I do understand that if you face physical harm or intimidation its unwise to "go public".

    April 30th was International Noise Awareness Day and the UK Noise Association that I also work with, held an event at the House of Commons. We sent invites to every MP (yes, including Tony Blair and other senior officials) Sadly we only got 6 MPs that came along. We did however get over 100 letters, emails and phone calls supporting our efforts to raise awareness on this issue. Our host for the event, Colchester MP Bob Russell, also tabled an Early Day Motion. You can go to the UKNA's web site and find out what it said ( Please get your MP to sign it. Just send them the EDM number (which is 1114) and ask them to add their signature. The more MPs that sign it, the more notice is taken of the issue and likely to debated in parliament.

    One of my areas of concern is poor sound insulation in properties. I have my local MP to table an Early Day Motion on this topic. It would be very helpful to hear from those of you who live in social housing (housing association property) that has poor sound insulation. I want to hear your stories (so that I can relay to parliament) You don't have to identify yourselves. I know that many people have become chronicly sensitised to noise because of the poor sound insulation in properties. When you add this to anti social behaviour it is a cocktai for disaster. Many people lead poor quality lives and suffer illnesses they wouldn't otherwise have.

    It is my intention to try to set up "quiet" projects that would provide relief from neighbour noise problems and give people a chance to recuperate. I have just written to Ken Livingstone (London Mayor) to help me. In the long term it would be great if we could have these sanctuaries available for all sufferers.

    Can't promise anything...but I'm going to do my best to have a go!

    That's it for now. Hope to post again with updates, but you can be kept up-to-date on the UKNA web site too.

    Thanks to Matthew and the team for this valuable facility in helping people.

    Oh yes, don't forget its UK Noise Action Day on June 4th. The UKNA are meeting noise Minister Alun Michael on 5th June, so will let you know how that goes...

    Best wishes

    Val (Quiet Campaigner)

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    Hi Val

    Always a pleasure to hear your updates - for people that don't know Val, she is a remarkable and tireless campaigner where noise is concerned and has made many, many positive impacts.

    Visit Val's site for more info: The UKNA

    Glad you registered again Val!

    The quiet projects sound excellent - I hope they come off the ground and you get the intererest and support you need, most importantly the funding and backing.

    Val also kindly publicised us on April 30th when she was at the House of Commons, so that was very much appreciated, thanks Val Because of people like Val, Neighbours From Hell in Britain reaches new audiences all the time.

    Great to hear your updates and watching with real interest about your project concept.


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      Hi Val,

      Wishing you all the very best with your ongoing campaign, there are a lot on this forum that wish for a bit of peace and quiet - I am sure that knowing you are batting for their side makes it a bit better.

      Best wishes


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        Can anyone help with accessing MP's e-mail addresses?

        Where do I find them?

        A link would be really helpful, cheers all...


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          Originally posted by hollygolightly@May 22 2003, 12:21 PM

          Can anyone help with accessing MP's e-mail addresses?

          Where do I find them?

          A link would be really helpful, cheers all...
          I don't think they are all made publicly available Holly, there are quite a few here:

 (Also listed in the NFH Links Directory).

          You can fax etc your MP free via the links in the NFH Links Directory Section

          Come to think of it, we should compile our own list as comprehensively as possible and include on the main website - no lists seem to include everyone.


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            Thanks for that Matthew.

            I have faxed by MP via the links in the NFH Links Directory Section


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              Whoohee! I managed to log on again successfully. Please don't change your system for a while Matthew, while I'm on a roll....

              Thank you for your encouraging comments. Its great that this chat group was set up as the more people that are active in different ways it helps to share the burden on campaigning. You have no idea how relieved I was when NFH was set up. People with NFH problems needed somewhere they could go to give them advice, support and encouragement. I know that by being able to share a common problem helps enormously. So praise should go to Matthew and the team as well.

              On the subject of MP emails. The UKNA was trying to set up a mailing list that will include all MPs (although not all of them are on email yet) I'm not sure if we will be able to do a bulk mailing to MPs as there appears to be a Code of Practise by the House of Commons web site for sending emails to MPs (i.e. not to use abusive thats a difficult one!) It says they do not accept mailings sent to a number of addresses, but not sure if this means other than MPs.

              If we can send emails to all MPs at one go, it will save a lot of time, not to mention money (there are over 500 MPs and it costs a small fortune to send stuff by post)

              Will keep you posted on my "quiet" project. My latest idea is to set up an Action Group to highlight the specific problem of poor sound insulation.

              Talk again soon I hope.

              Best wishes

              Val (Quiet Campaigner)


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                Originally posted by Quiet Campaigner@May 23 2003, 9:40 AM

                So praise should go to Matthew and the team as well....

                If we can send emails to all MPs at one go, it will save a lot of time, not to mention money (there are over 500 MPs and it costs a small fortune to send stuff by post).
                Hello Val

                Glad you got back on again - your knot in the hanky must have worked then!

                You are so true about NFH in Britain as you coined the word in your sentence - '"team".

                It works so well here and so effectively and purposely as people work as a team and I couldn't do it without any of the moderators (all who work very hard moderating and replying to posts) and of course, each and every forum member that all help voluntarily as well as posting their own things. I couldn't be more proud of the positive atmosphere our forum has, especially when in the face of such a destructive main topic area.

                - Let me know if you manage to discover about bulk-emailing MP's - that would be very useful Looking forward to reading your update about the Quiet Project too, it sounds very exciting and a fantastic concept.