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ok compared to others i have it good.

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  • ok compared to others i have it good.

    hello, /me is new here

    cuh... alot of ppl are having sucky lives caused by ignoramaces (i wonder if thats spelled rite).

    My story is like many others i bet...students playing bl**dy loud banging know the type...i can hear it in every room of the house...watching t.v. in the shower.

    Tis driving me mad...can't relax..if its not on, all i'm thinking is "when will it come on next".

    Jeeze all i want is quietness, "the things ppl take for granted" .

    I see there is a ranters corner i prolly should have gone there first .

    Bl**dy students..should be shot...okay maybe thats a broad generalisation.

    They've been asked agent went to see them...they were sent a letter...didn't change and is getting worse.

    Hopefully after i go round again, and then also complain to the agent enough something will be done, i almost feel guiltywriting i see around your site my prollem is small potatoes....other ppl in my street are like "i can tolerate it", my view is just "why should i have to change my life because of them (wearing headphones to watch t.v....or go out)...if they have a rite to be a*******s and play noise...don't i have the equal rite NOT to have to listen to their noise"

    I really wish their was a law to back this up...maybe their is and i haven't found it.

    i found this site by searching on "google" i thought there had to be some help out there.

    As i am new i might have missed it...but are there any stories of ppl being successful ..and how they achieved it.

    boeh..its sad this stressful and makes feel ill... i guess my advice to me and everywun else is "good or bad nothing stays the same"...or..i as i was reminded by someones great nickname here...when your being really p****d off by fools , go and watch "breakfast at tiffanys"...or maybe "bringing up baby"

    thanks. ( i ramble on a bit)

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    Hi Vernon and welcome to the Forum

    Sorry to hear that you are suffering from noise nuisance - it is horrible when you can't escape from it.

    Just to help get a clearer picture:

    Do you rent your house? Is your landlord: private/ Council/ local authority (LA)/ housing association (HA)?

    What about your neighbour from hell (NFH)?

    There are things that you can do:

    Firstly you need to start recording everything on a Diary sheet - if you go to the Resources section on the main nfh site, you will find some blank copies to print off. You need to start writing everything down as soon as possible.

    Have you talked to the nfh about their noise? If so, how did they respond/ react?

    I know you say the people making the noise nuisance with you are students, but believe me it can be anybody form any walk of life. NFH are everywhere and in their daily lives they do all kinds of jobs.

    Noise nuisance can really affect you, if you feel poorly because of it, you should/could go to see your Doctor. It worked for me as I got some medication to help me sleep (my nfh was noisy during the early hours with constant bass beat music).

    Hope you can give us a bit more information as then we may be able to offer you some more help. We are all here though to offer you support whenever you need it.


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      Hi Vernon, welcome to the board

      I think Badger and holly have given you some good advice already.

      It must be horrible for you. Never think your problem is not as bad as other peoples. If it's making you uncomfortable then it is as serious to you as other peoples' problems.

      Hope to hear from you again, if you feel like ranting feel free

      Just want to say welcome back to April, we've missed you. Hope you had a great holiday

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        /me says thanks for welcome et helpishnessness

        more informulation - i live in the back room of parents house..which they own .

        Because i'm at the back of house i'm the one who gets prollem...parents say it doesn't really bother them........

        Interesting fact nummer 2 ...don't even live next door to the student house...its couple doors up .. their direct neighbours seem to have ostrichitis...they spoke to them over the time noise was banging on between 12:10am - 4:00AM ..which is also when agent was contacted..fair enough that hasn't happened since and it did only happen once, not long after they moved in..but that event just said "here we go" (once is also enough).

        Their direct neighbours say "i can live with it"... or " i can tolerate that"..i don't take that view...i resent having to!! its really sucky and not righ IMO not being able to relax when at home.

        student house is rented from some owner who lives abroad...with an agent in the UK.

        i have been recording times....just not the "how it effected me" bit...which is all going down now on the sheet i gladly printed from this site.

        Its been going on a couple of months.... in last 19 days there have been 5 in which i haven't written down having to change what i'm doing because of them.

        I haven't gone to seen them myself time i hear it i will...i've kinda been shy and a ostrich too....don't relish having the confrontation and stuff...but i have to do something now...i don't unerstand why/how the ppl who are directly next door don't speak up...

        Iono if its psychosematic (i really should look some of these words up) with this thing being on my mind all the time...or just coincedence...but i think it effects how i sleep...whihc makes me sickish next day.....mybe i'm reading into it a bit mush...i'll end this post else it will turn into a novel

        ....back to BAT film i guess .


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          Hi again vernon

          Noise can feeling affect you and I know too well the sicky feeling you can get with it.

          Have you asked the neighbours of the nfh if they are recording the noise nuisance? It might be worth having another chat to them - maybe even ask them if they want to join this site? Also to tell them know that you are considering speaking to the nfh about the noise and see if they want to come with you (safety in numbers!), or by putting a letter to the nfh together stating how the noise is affecting you all.

          Great to hear that you have now started jotting down all the incidents of noise, when you have a few, give the Environmental Health department a ring. But, please make sure that you write everything down - keep the sheet handy or some scraps of paper dotted about the house so that you make sure you get it all on paper - that's really important.

          You know where we all are if you need any more support.