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Private Tenents From Hell

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  • Private Tenents From Hell

    My wife and I, along with our parents, move into our current property nearly 11 1/2 years ago. An elderly lady was living next door at the time

    We had no complaints about the first tenants after the lady moved to a care home.

    But just as the current tenents moved in, we were already hearing disturbing stories of their circumstances, including having been moved a number of times from both council and private accomodation.

    Despite this, we were intent on giving them a chance.

    However, it soon came evident they had no regard for themselves and others. A combination of arguments (some played out in full view), loud music, comings and goings, free flowing bad language. We started refering to them as 'The Dingles', some others as 'The Clampetts'.

    Unfortunately one of our dogs is very vocal and we do our best to keep it quiet. On the noise front it is our only let down. However his barking has attracted a tirade of abuse, threats to the dog and two visits from the RSPCA. The second visit was because we were supposed to have 'left our dogs out in the rain all night'.

    The last incident concerned my finding a bag of dog faeces near the edge of our pond. This resulted in 'knee-jerk' calls to the police and the council, both saying there was not much they could do, the former saying we should consult a solicitor.

    The landlord has been informed of this and other incidents, but acts like his hands are tied. However, with exception of one violent arguement between the husband and wife, they seem to be keeping a low profile since we received that bag.

    I've tried to keep this short(!?). If you needs more details I will provide them as I recall them or as answers to questions from fellow users of this site.
    I'm playing all the right notes, but necessarily in the right order.

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    Only can give you my sympathy really, will leave the advice to others. Yes i lived very very happily for 5 years here until i got a NFH in the new Housing association houses built at the back of me. My dog is very very quiet and would only bark if somebody came either to the front or in the back garden. Dont worry the RSPCA can tell if you are neglecting your dog, they do have to take reports seriously.


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      Your sympathy is duly noted.

      Our consciences our clear is regard to RSPCA reports.

      The reporting by these PTFH's, given the threat towards this particular dog, we view as highly hypocritcal.
      I'm playing all the right notes, but necessarily in the right order.


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        This is nasty behaviour which is typical of many an NFH story coming onto this forum, however, using a charity like the RSPCA to avenge their nastiness to you is not on.

        The way I see things for you is to make a complete diary and keep the log going of all that has happened and keep reporting all the incidents to your landlord - it would be better for you if your could also back this up to him in writing also.

        You really need to be vigilant about this diary log I'm afraid - as it will not only become your secret weapon but, ultimately it will be your survival kit too. By that I mean you will have and be able to show evidence that your neighbours are making your life a misery.

        I would also log down their own private arguments on the basis that you can hear them and if possible could you tape them also ? This would also be useful to your cause with your landlord if you are able to play back some of what you have to put up with.

        My problem with our NFH as I have said many times before does not really revolve too much around the noise issue so, really this is Badger, Sue and Hollygolightly territory. Give them time and they will post more info that will be useful.

        But, in the meantime get that diary and start logging notes.


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          Hi Gdvs and welcome to the Forum

          Sorry to hear that you are having problems with the nfh.

          To get a clearer picture, are both you and the nfh in privately rented accommodation? Or are you in Housing Association (HA) or Council/ local authority (LA)? Depending on what your accommodation/ security of tenure is will determine what options are open to you.

          It is such a shame for you that you have had relative peace and quiet up until the new occupants moved in.

          I think there are two main issues that I can see from your initial post:

          Noise nuisance: (something I can completely empathise with - it is a nightmare, a chinese torture/ dripping tap effect that really grates on you).

          Regarding this issue, the first thing you must do is to start recording/logging down every noise from your nfh. There is a blank Diary sheet on the main nfh site (in the "Resources" section). Anything that you hear needs to be noted on that form.

          Dog/pet issue: you say that you found a bag of faeces by your pond? Where did you nfh get the stuff from? How did they get into your garden? I think this is an issue of trespass and possibly something that the Police could do something about - some of the other members may be able to offer more advice on that.

          The landlord's hands (whoever it is) are not tied. If you know who the landlord is, you need to keep them aware and updated on everything that is going wrong. I would suggest that you put issues in writing to the landlord and above all, make sure that you keep copies of everything.

          I hope this helps as a starting point for you. Suffering from nfh can really affect you, both pysically and emotionally - make sure that you keep yourselves strong as a family unit and take time out for yourselves to keep you positive.

          It is very difficult trying to cope with nfh, and as you have already found with the RSPCA issue, nfh will often try to turn the tables to make you out to be the bad party in situation.

          Hopefully now that you have joined us, you will get a great deal of moral support from members who can appreciate what you are going through.

          Welcome again; good luck; and it would be great if you could answer the queries I've asked above.


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            To clarify how the package was delivered, it was clearly dumped over the fence (our house is semi-detached and they occupy the other semi.). Ironically they didn't oppose a higher fence between us when they first moved next door, as they have a trio of boxers who seem to be experts in escapology-their run has been modified on numerous occaisions, but the moment you could find them rummidging in other neighbours bin bags.

            Also to clarify that we own our house, albeit mortgaged.
            I'm playing all the right notes, but necessarily in the right order.


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              Sorry gdvs, just to clarify:

              Did the nfh throw the bag into your garden? Or did they step into your garden?

              If there is a high fence between you, then who's stuff was in the bag? Your dog's or theirs?


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                I've just noticed at the end of your last post, that you are owner occupiers. Who is the landlord for the nfh? A private one? i.e. not a local authority (LA) or Housing Association (HA)?

                If it is a private one and they are not taking any action regarding their tenants, then you will have to progress the noise issue through the Environmental Health department (EH) in your LA.

                Before you make a complaint official - you need to be sure that you are planning to remian in your home and not sell it. If you make a complaint official, you would have to declare/disclose it which may cause problems at the conveyancing stage.

                The other downside to making a complaint is that you may experience a complete breakdown in the relationship between you and your nfh.

                I'm just making sure that you know the negatives before the positives!

                Once you have a few entries on a Dairy sheet, you need to contact the EH dept and tell them you want to make a complaint. They will investigate if the noise is a "statutory nuisance" - this is why it is so important to record everything: dates/ times/ what the noise was/ who said what to whom/ what the effect was on you etc.

                After an initial warning letter and then final warning letter regarding the noise, the EH may install recording equipment and/or come out to witness the noise (unfortunately the nfh are warned that the equipment is going to be installed!). If the nfh noise is witnessed, then an Abatement Order Notice is served - if this is breached, then equipment causing a noise can be confiscated and the nfh can be prosecuted (getting a criminal conviction along the way).

                It is a long process, but this is the right avenue to take (in my view).

                I would first write to the NFH and let them know that their noise is causing a nuisance and that if it continues you are going to make a formal complaint. (The EH will want you to have tried to resolve it before they get involved).

                The other option open to you is to involve the Mediation Service - it is one for you to consider, but it does need compromise and co-operation on the part of the nfh.

                Hope this helps in some way?


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                  Another item was thrown over this afternoon- a piece of 'meat' fat with 'give him this to make him shut up' as my dog was barking. Said item thrown straight back.

                  The diary is now 'work in progress'
                  I'm playing all the right notes, but necessarily in the right order.


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                    PTFH update:-

                    I work at least four nights a week. It was one of these nights, Thurs (29/5), that I was working when our NFH's decided to have one of their full blown arguements out in the street, at least waking up the wife, her parents and briefly setting off our dogs- AT 3 O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING.

                    Last weekend (Sat 22/5) their dogs performed one of their escape acts while they were out - all we could do was guide them back in the general direction of their home, especially as the oldest of the trio is not the friendliest. We only did the minmum fearing any major interference would have been met with verbals. The NFH's arrived back before we had a chance to ring the RSPCA ourselves. A lot of shouting in the direction of their dogs as they were guided back to their back garden run.

                    One word covers their behavior in my mind- Hypocrites!!
                    I'm playing all the right notes, but necessarily in the right order.


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                      Not been in contact as NFH/PTFH had been keeping their heads down, apart from the occaisional spat at our and their own dogs.

                      However, last Monday (7/7/03), a bout of swearing out in the street got our attention. The woman was shouting all sorts down her mobile. She was in a panic and we realised why when two fire engines, an ambulance and a police car arrived. Apparently the daughter, who supposidly is being weened off heroin, had a brainstrorm and set fire to a room. She was brought out by a neighbour who then was 'requested' to go back to retrieve some animals, but they refused. By this time the fire brigade had done their job and scene ended with both the daughter and her father carted off to the hospital for smoke inhalation.

                      A few hours later another fire engine turned up at our door with firemen distributing leaflets and enquiring where the 'neighbours' were so they could discuss the circumstances of the call-out. We infomed them we try to have the absolute minimum to do with them. The firemen told us they were from another shift but had been told about the NFH/PTFH's attitude and we had their sympathy.
                      I'm playing all the right notes, but necessarily in the right order.