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    We have had nothing but DIY noise from our NFH for the last five years - we cannot understand what on earth they are doing to a small 3-bed semi. It has worn us to a frazzell and we have had to leave the house on some occasions after 9pm to take a drive to a nearby carpark for some peace and quiet. We are never warned about the hammering, drilling etc and no consdieration for us in the adjoining house has ever been made. i suffer from ill health and I have often had to leave my bed during the evening to drive out away from the racket. Our environmental dept says that it is accepted for such noise to continue until 11pm but it says nothing about the number of years that noise can continue.

    Sadly, these people have caused so many problems for us that we are afraid to approach them for fear of more trouble - we are looking to move from our house of 22 years and feel that we have been pushed out.

    Any advice would be appreciated....

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    Hi Bunty,

    Sorry to hear about your problems. I agree with Badger five years of DIY is an awful lot and a bit much really.

    You said that you do not want to approach them is there other issues that have gone on other than the DIY as you don't want to speak to them ?

    Other than what the others here can offer you in terms of advice, I can only say how sorry I am. My NFH is not so much noise based as more of harassment, verbal abuse and criminal damge, so, for your problem I am not going to be too much help.

    I just hope for you that there is a solution to your long term problem.


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      Hi Bunty,

      Welcome to the forum.

      sorry to hear you have had to put up with constant DIY noise.

      5 years is way too long to have to put up with that, have you actually approached your neighbour with your concerns?

      when we did some major work last year we pre warned all our neighbours and when we had finished we gave them a thank you card and flowers to say thanks for putting up with the noise.

      it is a shame your neighbours havent had the curesty to warn you, have they ever apologised for any noise?

      sorry I cant really offer any other advice, but please feel free to come and have a moan at us when you need to


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        Hi, 5 years is a heck of a long time, a whole estate could have been built in that time. I would say that if you think that official complaints will quieten 'driller killer' then go for it. IF you feel that it might not work or that you couldn't stomach the fight then move on. In my case I decided to move on. It's been hell so far selling and nothing to do with the neighbours but in the next few weeks I feel that it will have been worth it.

        Good luck


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          Hi Bunty and welcome to the Forum

          You have already been given all the right advice about your next steps and hope that helps you in deciding which way you want to take this problem forward.

          Noise nuisance, whatever it is and whatever time it is can be really awful to suffer from and I can understand why you feel you have to get away from your house/ their noise on an evening, just for some peace and quiet.

          The issues for the Environmental Health department are:

          Is the noise from your NFH a "statutory nuisance"?

          Is it a regular occurence?

          Yes, the legislation mentions about noise between the hours of 11pm - 7am, but excessive noise outside those times can still be a statutory nuisance.

          I am all for campaigning on the "regular occurence" issue, as sometimes I think the fact it is not regular can make the situation worse - you never know when it is going to be noisy. At least if you knew there was going to be noise from 5 - 6pm every day you could prepare yourself for it.

          You concerns are no doubt a little like mine - the problem is you have no control over the noise and the problem with your NFH.

          What you need to do is think about whether you want to stay (and tackle the problem again through the EH department/ discussion with your NFH) or whether you are going to keep quiet from now on and live with it, or keep quiet about it and sell up/ move on.

          I wish you all the best in whatever you decide. Please call back here and let us know how you are doing.


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            My neighbour in my other house was a constant DIYer, but we were always out and it did not bother us, and he would give you a hand as well, if we were going to hammer in the evening we always told them but they never told us, his wife liked to change their house every 6 MONTHS honestly, he took so long because he never had the right tools either. Just sell up, but maybe you had better tell people who are going to buy your house, cos when they move in and hear it, or it could be going on when people come around looking at your house. If it is making you ill, move. No matter how quiet my NFHs kids are at the back, my stomach is in knots waiting for the noise.


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              Thank you all so much for your responses on our problem with the DIY neighbours. These people have caused no end of hassle so much so that I am now afraid to leave the house in case I have to confront one of them. We have also tried to get Mediation involved as we thought that this would help - of course the NFH didn't want to know. We are looking to move away but my health has been so bad that it is taking all my effort to live at all let alone attempt to move. However, move we will as soon as practical. This site is excellent - well done to everybody involved.

              Good vibes to all, Bunty.


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                Hi Bunty,

                Have you now made the decision to move now?


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                  It's awful that you should have to move because of ignorant selfish NFH. But if it is a choice between fighting and your health, then you have to think of yourself.

                  Good luck with whatever decision you make If you do move I hope you find the nicest neighbours possible

                  "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi