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  • Part 2

    The neighbourhood watch man is not my neighbourhood watch man and he does not live on my road. He lives on the tiny close behind my house. He seems to be blind to anything which happens on my road or to my house, but he is very helpful to the private owners who live behind my house. I asked him if we could join his neighbourhood watch scheme twice, all the years we have lived here but he says his scheme is full. We are thinking of starting our own neighbourhood watch scheme.

    In reply to the suggestions of plants to put in our garden. We do have dog roses the worst you can have, and various types of berberis, ornamental brambles. Kids tend to throw junk on top of them to weigh them down so they can jump over them.I could put slabs down in the front and back but the side garden is too large to do this, and balls are more likly to bounce off slabs and break things and make more noise. Besides I love gardening.

    I have always liked the idea of living the good life in the country, and I have always had a liking for unusal pets. I have also worked with animals. I live near a house that keeps horses, chickens and a goat, on the next street to me , a lady on another street has a pet duck for her daughter, and across the main road from me a guy has geese and chickens.

    On yet another day of coming home to find my garden hedges trampled, and a neighbour joking about why not get a goat, I saw a ad in the paper selling 5 young geese, I rang it and the guy brought them round.

    I suppose I should have thought about it more, but one look at them and I handed over the money, and besides they would keep the grass short and the kids out of my garden.

    This worked a treat for six and a half years, and I had no complaints from my neighbours, I asked people if they were ok with my choice of pets. As long as I didn't let them out of their huts at 6am on my neighbours holidays or work days they were happy. I had school parties pass and ask questions and many other people and I happily answered all their questions.

    Then a new family arrived on the scene, 7 doors down from me I said hello to their kids a couple of times and everything seemed ok, then things started disappearing from my garden and expensive shrubs and ponds being broken . The rspca sent round following false claims of cruelty and the enviromental health sent round to check for rats on 3 occasions, they never found anything. We used to keep pet rats so we know what to look for.

    What really p****s me off about this is that if I had a problem with anyone I would speak to them first, to make them aware of my concerns. I would not have been happy getting rid of my pets, but if I knew me keeping them upset people that much I would have sold them.

    I saw him in the street often and him and his family never said a word to me, then one night he came to my door waved a glass bottle in my face and told me to get rid of them the next day or he was going to f*****g kill them and f*** me up. The next day one died and in 6 weeks the rest died. To be continued.

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    Well, it's the first time I have ever heard of a neighbourhood watch scheme being full !!!! Speak to your local Crime prevention Officer at your local Police Station for advice on setting up your own scheme.

    Personnall, if you have all of the spiky stuff I would rip the lot out and slab the whole lot of it. It might not look great but, it could solve your problem. It might be an answer as to why many homeowners up and down the country are slabbing their front gardens.


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      Yes that is a very good idea, starting your own neighbourhood watch, you will then have more contact with your local bobby too. Ours here are open plan gardens, and it is a waste trying to do anything with it when the next door footballer and his gang come out to play.


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        I asked him if we could join his neighbourhood watch scheme twice, all the years we have lived here but he says his scheme is full.[/b]

        Doesn't sound like an inclusive, coperative or altruistic type to be running a NW. Sometimes these orgs can attract 'mini hitlers'. Starting your own sounds best.

        You sound really up against it with 'orrible nfh. Hope the problem doesn't consume you and that whoever did these vile deeds be bought to account.