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Feeling very low today....

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  • Feeling very low today....

    Feeling very very low today - am trapped in the cul-de-sac again she just will NOT go out!!!!

    this fear is very real!!

    and I am suffereing terribly with the good old Menopause!!

    This too will pass.....please universe let it pass soon.......

    I will try and get into chat tonite......

    Witsend x

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    Sorry you're feeling down today, don't put your life on hold though just because they won't go out.

    Don't let them get one over on you.

    If you are feeling unwell in your physical health, then it will affect you mentally and emotionally. Try to do nice things inside if you feel you can't go out. Watch something nice on the telly, listen to some relaxing music, take a bath in some lavender oil and light some nice scented candles - just lie there in the warmth and read a book or just close your eyes and empty your mind.

    Sending happy thoughts your way


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      Thanks Holly

      Will have a relaxing bath, then am going to get a friend to pick me up and take me out........

      I need to up the anti-depressant dosage but why should I?Because of them!!!!!!

      Am in work tomorrow thank goodness - am fine then!

      hope to see you in chat later??



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        Good, get yourself out and about!

        Speak to your GP and if they advise upping the dose then do it, you can always go back to a maintenance level in a few weeks. NFH shouldn't drive you to have to increase you medication, but it is a sad sign of our times that this is what we have to do to ensure that we stay positive enough to get through one day to go on to the next.

        Doubt I'll be in chat tonight. I need a really early night, I am so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open. Hope you have a nice time in there though! It's great isn't it the new chat?

        Going through bad patches only means you appreciate the good times even more.


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          Thanks Sue

          Shower has made me feel a little better now - used lavender shower mousse

          I have no interest in my little house whatsoever as I feel permanently on edge here...

          I cannot even hoover up its got that bad

          When this is all over would like to set up a Help line or support group..... as I tried everywhere before I found this site, Samaritans, tried a bullying helpline but they only dealt with bullied school kids !



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            Originally posted by witsend@May 13 2003, 1:56 PM

            Am in work tomorrow thank goodness - am fine then!
            Witsend, I think this part says it all - i.e. when you're away from your house, you feel better. However, you say you can't go out?? I have read through and, is this just because the woman makes you feel bad when you walk past?

            Firstly, being in the house is doing you no good whatsoever. Your house is not a lovely little home anymore but seems to be more like a prison that you can't be bothered to even hoover. You have to stand up for yourself here and walk out that door and go anywhere you please. It's nice and sunny and you shouldn't be cooped up inside and you can certainly ignore whatever the woman says or does in the few seconds it takes to walk past.

            I am not a big fan of ante-depressants. If I feel low, I take St. John's Wort which I have found works for me (however DO NOT take these if you're already on prescribed medicine). From your postings, I think you need more than pills. I would ask your doctor to refer you to a specialist; someone who will tell you exactly what you need to do to stop yourself from sliding into what seems to be depression and depression is a terrible, terrible thing. Psychiatrists aren't all about mad people. They are isolated people that can give you an honest un-biased and professional opinion. Then they can help you re-bolster your confidence which is really what you need right now. A general GP is not qualified to help you in this way and, sadly, too often prescribe diazapams. However, if they prescribed the drugs to you, they should have also followed that up with an offer of counselling. What you are going through goes far beyond a neighbour dispute but that has been the catalyst and it appears there is a lot more down stuff going on in your life that is all combining into one huge, dark problem. Your first posting was very depressed but, after a couple of replies back, your tone lifted. Now you need to transfer that to someone personally and get someone to, literally, tell you what you should think.

            Please see your doctor.


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              Oh witsend, I fully appreciate how you're feeling. I won't leave the house if any of the yobs are around. In fact it's got so bad I hardly ever go out and I spend most of my time in the back bedroom with my computer because I just do not want to see them But I'm lucky as I still have my family living with me.

              You will have to be very careful that this depression does not lead to agoraphobia I can't preach at you, I'm just as bad but just telling you how it developed for me

              Maybe you should got back to your GP because you sound really depressed so the anti-depressants can't be working. It might be that he/she will have to change your medication rather than up the dose of your present tablets.

              I really wish these NFH would get a dose of their own medicine and find out what they are putting people through!!!

              Hope you have a nice relaxing evening with your friend. Don't forget, we're all thinking of you and sending postive thoughts to you.

              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                Hi Witsend,

                Sorry to hear you are having an off day.

                Just a thought - have you tried something called Black Cohosh (I think). I have seen it advertised in Holland and Barrett apparently it is a herbal remedy used by the American Indians and I understand from someone who has used it that the results are very good.

                I don't think it is too expensive either - I am all for the natural remedies to expel these things rather than turning to this manmade stuff which I think does not always perform too well.

                Give it a try and let us know how you find it. Because it's herbal you won't get any nasty side effects either !


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                  you can not take certain herbal remedies with prescribed medication.

                  it can really do you some harm.

                  ie you cannot take st johns wort with prozac

                  black cohosh is supposed to help (and is not proven) to help with menopausal flushes and symptoms.

                  My advice is always talk to your GP before taking any herbal preparations.

                  better safe than sorry!


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                    Have you thought about Reiki healing? Its a non-invasive, non-drugs energy healing therapy, I had some from a friend who practices when I became depressed over losing my job. I and many others who have tried it have felt wonderfully relaxed and chilled out, your heart rate slows right down (safe meditation) and you experience wonderful visions, emotions and come out feeling fab.

                    Let me know if you're interested in finding out more, there should be a Reiki practitioner in your area.



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                      Originally posted by gordytjg@May 14 2003, 7:33 AM

                      Have you thought about Reiki healing?* Its a non-invasive, non-drugs energy healing therapy, I had some from a friend who practices when I became depressed over losing my job.* I and many others who have tried it have felt wonderfully relaxed and chilled out, your heart rate slows right down (safe meditation) and you experience wonderful visions, emotions and come out feeling fab.

                      Let me know if you're interested in finding out more, there should be a Reiki practitioner in your area.

                      Be prepared for a huge release of emotions if you go for this. I went once and it took me ages to leave as I couldn't stop crying . All my pent up emotions came out and just wouldn't stop.


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                        As Holly says, Reiki and other complimentary therapies can be tremendously benefitial.

                        It may be well worth your while to find out if there's a natural healing centre near you.

                        Take care


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                          What is Reiki? What happens with it?

                          It takes me all my efforts and courage to see a quack and no way could I see anyone else, but I'm interested in what it is.


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                            Re Reiki - TOO RIGHT!!

                            During my first session, I regressed to childhood, saw me and my parents playing on the beach near the sea, its too weird to describe, but very comforting.

                            For others who haven't had this, its like a spiritual meditation, you lie on a bed with the Reiki practitioner channelling energy (from the higher power?!) into your body, using its positive healing to direct itself to those parts of you that are suffering, either physically or emotionally.

                            I cried like a baby, and felt it helped me enormously to release all that tension. I really don't know if I believe in it all, all i know is that for weeks afterwards, i felt like i had put a big (and stressful) part of my life behind me.....



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                              I think gordytjg will have some proper information about it, but when I went, I laid on a couch had some stones/crystals placed on me and then the reiki woman moved her hands just above my body. Don't ask me what she was doing, but like I said, I couldn't stop crying for ages - she did say not to worry about that as it was a common reaction.

                              So, I paid £30 to cry my eyes out. I did feel better after a few days!