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  • My story

    I recently moved to a new house and my neighbour

    takes to playing very loud music at different times throughout the day and

    night. Also on the nights she is not playing music her dog starts barking

    until after midnight usually. I have repeatedly

    asked for the music to be turned down, only to find a few days later that

    things are back where they started. I have also complained about the dog,

    again the problem was sorted for a few days and now we are back to square


    This activity is ruining my enjoyment of my new home. The only good thing is that I am renting the property, however I am tied into a lease until next September. I have only just moved to this area but am already ticking off the days on the calendar until I can leave the property. Which is a real pity as I like the house and the neighbourhood a lot.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    if you are renting you are in a better situation I think

    it means you dont have the worry about having to declare disputes if you sell as you are not the owner

    write to them formly and tell them what they are doing to your life.

    make it curtoius and polite keep a copy

    record on paper what noises and when and how the noises effect you then contact the EHO

    if you have done these things before you contact them they might take you more seriosly

    do your neighbour own or rent?

    if they rent you could contact their landlord.

    dont get into conflicts with these people, they will lovce it if you react to them so stay cool

    I know you will get loads of advice from other members so keep checking back here.

    please let us know how you get on


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      Hi Rayo and welcome to the Forum

      Sorry to hear that you are having problems with your neighbour from hell (NFH).

      You say that you have spoken to the nfh about the music, but they have taken no real notice. The next step is to complain to the Environmental Health (EH) department, they are part of your local Council.

      Before you complain to the EH, you might want to write a short note to your nfh explaining again about the noise and say that if they carry on, then you will make a formal complaint to the EH department.

      What you need to start doing is making a note of when the noise happens. If you go to the main site and click on the resources section, you will find a record sheet which will help you to record everything. You need to put down about the music and the dog barking and what effect it is having on you.

      You could consider involving the local Mediation Service, who will act as a go-between between you and your nfh.

      You are in a fortunate position in that you are renting. I know you say that you are tied to your agreement until next September, but there are ways you could leave before then.

      If you do want to consider moving before September, you can:

      - look in your contract, see if there is a special clause which says you can leave before the fixed term

      - if there isn't, ask your landlord if you can give one months notice

      - if you have a fixed term agreement, then technically you are tied in for that period and are liable for the rent for that period. However, if you decide to move out, your landlord has to "mitigate his loss" by trying to relet the property (he can't simply chase you for the rent without trying to get new tenants in).

      (If you want more help on this, let me know)

      To summarise, your options are:

      - write/ speak to your nfh one last time

      - start recording all the incidents of noise on a Diary sheet

      - contact your EH department

      - consider contacting Mediation

      - think about whether you want to stay or go

      Above all, try to keep yourself strong. Your nfh is being unreasonable about this. Noise is a horrible thing to suffer from, especially from a nfh as you have no control over when it will start and/or stop.

      Come back often and let us know how you get on. Good Luck.


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        The others have summed up your options so I wont go over old ground.

        My only comment is to make sure you actually take some sort of action with regard to this!

        The time for requests is long gone and I think by your NFH's non compliance it clearly gives you an indication of how they regard your complaint!.

        It is your home . Dont put up with this nonsense any more!!

        As you rent does your landlord not have any responsibilities in this matter? If your house had aleak etc he would be obliged to fix it. Just because the problem is not a 'physical' one it surely doesnt mean that there is not any comeback??

        Is this a problem he was aware of before you took up residence?

        Just a thought?


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          Hi Rayo and welcome to the forum

          Sorry to hear about your problem with NFH I think holly has given you a pretty comprehensive list of things to do. Nothing I can add there.

          I do hope things improve for you soon. If not you can always come here and get some support and understanding.

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            Also, check your tenancy agreement to see if there is a clause there that says you should be allowed to "peaceably enjoy your property". This may not be the case if it's an off-the-shelf agreement but it sometimes gets in if it has been drawn up by a solicitor. If it does then, obviously, you're not getting the peace so can forfeit the Agreement. However, be prepared to lose your deposit. Far too many Landlord's take advantage of the fact that it would cost more to sue for the deposit back than the amount of the deposit.


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              Hi Rayo,

              Sorry I cannot help here too much as my problems are not noise based. But, Holly has given you some excellent advice and Badger will be sure to follow too.

              Just wishing you well and hoping that the advice given to you will prove useful.

              Best Wishes.