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    Hi all, my name is Jim, and my tale is not quite as harrowing as some I've read on here. About five years ago the local pub applied for a music licence and a group of neighbours and my wife and me objected to the application because the noise had been so bad in the past.

    At the hearing the then owner swore blind that he would put in noise baffles(sp?) and would keep the windows closed, also he would make the groups and disco's use the sound system belonging to the pub because their own kit was blasting us to hell and back. To add to the misery an elderly couple in their late seventies live next to the pub and have had to put up with this for about the last twenty or so years. When the pub was built all it had was a juke box and there was no problem with noise but since the pub was granted a music licence about twenty years ago life has been ruined for a great many of us in the area. I myself like rock music such as The Who and Dire Straits, but not at 11:30 at night.

    Anyway cut to the chase, what has happened in the intervening years since the hearing has been that the turnover of managers has been very high, and each one lasts for about six months, tries to make his/her mark with loud music and disco's which doesn't work then they leave and so it goes on, year in, year out.

    I am now Chair of my local Tenants and Residents Group, and have tried to get the council to honour the pledge they made when they granted an intrim licence all those years ago, the pledge was that if the pub made too much noise they would rescind the licence but have always used the excuse that the manager is new and he/she wasn't aware that there were conditions attached to the licence and have weasled out of their commitment and they wonder why we are not amused.

    Has anyone on this site had similar problems and how did you reach a satisfactory conclusion?
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    Hi again Jim

    I've just replied in your first topic post Very confusing....

    If it's ok with you, I'll close (lock) your first topic, so you can get replies in this thread, then people won't get confused with the two topics open from you about the same situation.


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      Hi Jim and welcome to the Forum

      Sorry to hear that the music from the pub is disturbing you and that your local Council is not keeping to the agreement it made years ago.

      I think the Council are just copping out saying that the Managers are new and therefore they can't do anything about the noise.

      If you haven't already, I would suggest you speak to your local Councillor and/or MP and get them on your side.

      Is the noise from the pub causing nuisance to other people? (apart from yourself and the elderly couple next door?) If so, have you thought about doing a petition or writing a collective letter from you all to the Manager of the pub and the Brewery/Owner?

      Sorry I can't be of any more help. Please let us know how you get on, we are all here to offer support whenever you need us.


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        Hi taurus, welcome to the forum.

        Isn't that just typical of the council, always got an excuse!

        Luckily I've never lived close to a pub but I had a friend who lived opposite a local British Legion club and apart from music she had problems with the late night revellers as they left. She moved in the end.

        I think Holly has given you some good advice. I wish I could offer more but I've not really had any experience of your type of problem. But I do wish you good luck in trying to resolve it. Don't let council job'sworths fob you off.

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          Hope Taurus doesnt mind me saying....

          we spoke in chat last night and the problems are more than just noise.

          Unfortunatly living near a pub has also caused over problems with drunken pub goers.

          Taurus is also suffering in the same way as Misty with intoxicated people urinating against his garden, especaily annoying as he said last night....

          .....they have to walk past the toilet on the way out of the pub!

          so much for the phrase better out than in!

          but not in my garden!!


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            Hi again Jim

            Just picking up on what Beth said about people urinating against your garden, this came up in one of Misty's threads. I've cut and pasted some of the advice given there for you:

            Matthew, "If you can get the Police to catch them in the act of urinating in a public place or even video them, they can be arrested for urinating in a public place. "

            Badger, "As Matthew says, the urinating is a problem. It may not be in a public place, but can be viewed from a public place, which is an offence. There's the possibility of indecent exposure too. If you told the police you saw them doing it and played down the urinating part of it in favour of the indecent exposure, the police could do something about it. If they get wind it's a neighbour thing though, or these people are known to them as antisocial neighbours, the police will try to pass it back to you as a civil matter."

            Me (HGL), "I would be tempted to ring the Police to say that you can see someone exposing themselves, and ring the local authority to say that there is urine all over your path and can they send someone to clean it."

            Hope that helps you on the urine issue?


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              Hi Taurus,

              Firstly my sincere sympathy to you for having to tollerate this.

              I lived by a public house in 1996. It was one of those new housing estate jobbys the ones where they try and create a central focal point and then fail miserably.

              They too had a high turnover of managers and together with the 'lock ins' and chucking them out at gone 2am, urinating, damage and theft often occurred. Fortunately, for me I escaped their activities but, others did not. What I recall happening was that some of the residents got together and formed a neighbourhood watch group and then approached the brewery direct. I think one of them got to speak with a Sales Director and he was sympathetic but pointed out that business was needed to be generated to keep the pub open. The general consensus was one of the residents was "We want the bl**dy place shut down not kept open". So, in came an older manager - more experienced and turned it around to serving meals and so on. It's an okay thriving business.

              I spoke with the police many times about the lock ins and they were not that bothered !! Surprise, surprise. The police also said that when the licence was up for renewal they told the residents that they could object to it on the grounds that the licence was being breached for these occasions - but, it never happened !

              I understand from my old neighbours that it is okay there now, very limited noise and only when there is a party is there some activity such as car doors banging etc. The new manager is now keeping time on the place and not doing lock ins either.

              So, I suggest that you approach the brewery direct. It might help - it might not. But, you could put it to the brewery that the reason why the pub is failing to hit its performance targets is because the residents and others don't want to use the place and so the brewery are being deprived of your custom.

              It might work !!


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                Hi all, Jim here alias Taurus, when I registered I thought that I had to have a user name and I usually go with taurus as my user name so I think that I will drop taurus and use my own name, when one gets to my age it helps to keep it simple.

                Thanks for all the help and support, this group must be powerful because the pub hasn't been open for three days so I suppose that means the old manager has walked out, you weren't all planning a picket were you. Every time this happens my wife and me hope it will stay shut but it is unlikely, but one never know!

                Looking forward to my holiday now it will soon be here, it will be great to get away for a while.

                Regards Jim.
                Don't look a grizzly bear in the eye when you're eating fish 'n' chips.


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                  Originally posted by taurus@May 12 2003, 7:24 PM

                  this group must be powerful because the pub hasn't been open for three days so I suppose that means the old manager has walked out, you weren't all planning a picket were you.
                  We are very powerful here Jim - it was the collective power of mind support that we all sent to you. If we keep it up, we may be able to solve the nationwide NFH problem. (I wish ).