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Nearly reached rock bottom....

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  • Nearly reached rock bottom....

    Hi all..

    thank you for being so supportive

    Friday I nearly reached rock bottom - could have quite easily topped meself...but thought of my beautiful children and could not...this is what NFH do to you!

    I am drinking too much just to cope with living in this house....

    for the last few months have managed to manoevre myself so that I avoid all contact with this cul de sac - but on Friday was just walking back from town and obviously the Universe had other plans for me

    Just as I turned ths corner - SHE was there with Neighbourhood watch man (my nickname for him) ---so I had to walk past them!

    I kept my sunglasses on and kept my head down - but it just has had a devestating effect on me....... I am a nice friendly person.... this isn't me!!

    Oh well went to work on Saturday and that raised my self-esteem, it is sooo sad as I was really confident when I moved here!

    I hope they **** off VERY soon.......

    Got that off me chest again


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    sorry you feel so crappy at the moment.

    You are very brave to ignore them like that, I can just imagine that feeling you had in the pit of your stomach, absolutly horrible.

    Sunglasses are a great invention, if it means you dont get eye contact with NFH that is good, better for you and annoying for them.

    you know you can come here when ever you are feeling down there is quite often support at all sorts of hours, please come to chat tonight and talk to us in real time, might help to get it off your chest.

    love to the kids



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      hiya witsend

      im sorry to read that u are not so good, i understand very well, how the NFH situation makes us all feel, i know its easier said than done, try to be strong, may be a visit to your GP could help, i know its not the answer but it did help me.

      Its not fair that we all have to suffer because nasty NFH, im sure you are a very nice person who wishes to have a peaceful and happy life like the rest of us.

      keep you chin up love



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        Hi Witsend,

        I know this is going to be tough on you and yu are bound to feel it more, given that the whole road appears to have 'ganged up' on you.

        The sunglasses did the trick and even though you are feeling pretty rotten just think what they thought when you passed them. They probably thought humph look at her not a care in the world. I would lay a bet that this would annoy them more.

        Just keep on holding your head high and sunglasses in check.

        We are all with you and we are here to support you through this.

        By the way the booze is not the answer it only dulls the situation for the time being - facing the problem head on is the answer. I felt not that different from you on Friday and now I can't wait until Tuesday until I can kick a**.

        Think positive stay positive you have the control over your own thoughts to side line these people from wrecking your life.


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          Hi Witsend,

          My heart goes out to you. I know exactly what you mean about turning the corner and seeing what you don't want to see. Whenever I go out and am returning home I find myself praying that the green will be empty of yobs and then that gut wrenching feeling when there they are

          I know drinking might dull the pain for a while but as the others have said it's not really the answer. Maybe you should go and see your GP. It won't solve your problem but it might help you cope with it a little better.

          Try to think of the situation as being temporary. Imagine how shallow the lives of your tormentors must be that they have to alienate you from the rest of the community. They are pathetic little nobodies and are not worthy of even your contempt. Next time you have to walk past them, imagine them in their underwear and imagine that underwear is full of holes and grey and horrible It might bring a smile to your face and cause them to wonder what the joke is You might even say 'good afternoon' and just carry on walking, head held high, without waiting for an answer.

          It's so easy to adopt a defensive posture, head down, shoulders hunched. Don't give the satisfaction. Head up, shoulders back, spring in your step If they do make some pathetic comment, laugh it off. After all you wouldn't take any notice if a piece of doggy-doo insulted you, would you?

          Good luck, Witsend, and hopefully your situation will change very soon

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            Don't take this as being patronising because it isn't meant that way - but have you thought about yoga ?

            I know its very new age hippy stuff etc, but, it does relax you an awful lot. Its both a body and mind workout.

            You can buy videos for this so you can use it in the privacy of your own home. My friends just been and got one and she thinks its great and I am going to have a test drive with it tomorrow.

            Just a thought - but I'm all for embracing things that calm me down and this is good workout for mind body and soul.

            Anyone out there - can you recommend yoga at all ? Just the basic stuff not Madonna ashtanga if poss.


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              Thank you all

              Have been to my Dr on Friday and she was really great! Its terrible we have to go on medication because of these bullies..She has been recording all my visits to her over the past year - regarding the bullying.....but sometimes it really gets to you as you all know....

              don't worry am not turning into a raving alcoholic!

              Will try and visit chat tonight - that will be great....



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                Witsend, I think I really do know exactly what you're going through.

                I like you reached rock bottom recently as many of the board members may be aware (and may i say you were all fab at listening and supporting!!), and I too had the odd occasional drinkee to soothe myself etc. However, I went to empty the recycle bin today and discovered over 20 beer cans from the last few weeks (a lot for me!) and resolved to not let this be a habit

                God yes, that sinking feeling i know very well. As I pull into the cul-de-sac, my heart sinks into the pit of my stomach, and I know that many of my nicer neighbours feel the same way. What can you do? Just like the guys say, wear the sunglasses, smile (I sometimes sing very loudly and talk to myself - yes, I have found that if you appear slightly erm, imbalanced shall we say, it puzzles the NFH). My nicer neighbours think i've gone a bit bonkers tho

                You think the sale might go through soon? I really do believe that when they go the other neighbours just may change their way of thinking, and I'd leave it a few weeks after they've gone and throw a big street party to get everyone involved and clear the air!

                You sound a bit better, though it certainly doesnt feel that way when you hit the bottom, but know its only one way to go and thats definitely UP

                Here every day if you need support



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                  hope someone reads this...

                  HOW DO I GET INTO CHAT?



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                    jewelz, you will need to register for the chat but it only takes a moment


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                      Hi Witsend,

                      I Like Mistyeyeddreamer's comments.

                      Perhaps you may not have to try too hard to imagine seeing the NFH in their grey holed underwear. Do you see it on their washing lines - haha. Go on, laugh..... You have to make a bit of fun in these situations just to get through.

                      More seriously, the advice re saying hello when you pass these people could work. My good neighbour when passing the NFH always says hello. He says it gives him a lot of pleasure to get their grudging response! It also shows the NFH that he couldn't care less, which no doubt causes them great frustration.

                      Personally, I couldn't do it, but if you can, give it a go.



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                        Tried to get into chat room but didn't work!

                        Sorry to have missed all you peeps but perhaps on Tuesday if Matthew could help me



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                          Hi witsend

                          There's nothing more really that I can add to the advice already given by everyone else.

                          You know where we all are whenever you need to rant/ get things off your chest. It's not nice living in an environment that's full of animosity. You can't rest because you don't know when or even where you are going to bump into the nfh.

                          I think Scooby's suggestion of yoga - or any form of relaxation/ meditation - might do you some good. Or even just getting "me" time. Another handy hint is to write down a series of mantra's and just say them over and over in your head (concentrate on them when you walk past/ see the nfh), one I regularly use is:

                          "I'm in the right, you're in the wrong" - it helps to reinforce the fact that you are in the right and what they are going is wrong.

                          I hope you are feeling stronger soon, I'll be thinking of you.


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                            About the chat thing, don't worry, it has taken me five months to be able to get in there!!


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                              Originally posted by witsend@May 4 2003, 8:18 PM

                              Tried to get into chat room but didn't work!

                              Sorry to have missed all you peeps but perhaps on Tuesday if Matthew could help me
                              Course I will Witsend What trouble did you have, what happened when you tried to use it?