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Advice re. NFH Free Zones

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  • Advice re. NFH Free Zones

    If I do finally manage to complete on my house, my question remains:

    Where can I go to minimize NFH problems?

    eg. consider a flat to eliminate football problems - introduce new problem re. noise from above/below

    would anything with a party wall would potentially cause MAJOR problems?

    Think city centre flat would be better (eg. "professionals")?


    help please, if i finally manage to get out of here, what do i do next?

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    Good question. Are you going for house or flat? City centre usually means night noise (traffic, bars, clubs etc) Go for as few party walls as possible and check out as much as is humanly possible the places you're interested in buying. I suppose in theory, buying a place where the young professionals buy, would mean they have work next day so no major partying? Or maybe all the partying is at the weekends.

    I read you lived in Dudley, how about Stourbridge for an area, or is that too far away for job etc? I've heard it's a decent place to live.


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      Yes i live there, love the green belt thingy and today have been out on drive towards Stourbridge, Pedmore and Hagley - pricey, but think with good profit on house, might be able to trade down to smaller, then let out as investment with future living plans?

      Also looked at Stourport, its lovely there, SIGH but a bit expensive. Do not yet have a job, guess this will have some bearing when considering new area.

      Last night very sad cos selling, today a bit more positive - NEW START!!!!! hurrah!



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        I really don't think tha there is such a thing as an NFH free zone. I really don't. Some of us - well alot actually - have experienced NFH's moving in AFTER us. So while you may move somewhere, where there are no NFH's you cannot always guarantee that is going stay the same.

        My advice get yourself a crystal ball - if you can't see into it - pay someone who can !


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          I'm sorry to say that I don't think there is any escape from the dreaded nfh. We thought we'd found a lovely quiet area/ house (and we have, there's just one problem - the nfh that moved in the same day).

          I would steer clear of a flat (more chance of having an nfh in the block?)

          I would keep away from newer build accommodation (thin walls)

          A nice detached house in a field (which you own) a short walk from a village, not under a flight path/near a busy road. That would do me!


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            Hey Scooby,

            Funny you should say that, I'm going to see a "psychic palmist" on Thursday - should be a laugh. Wonder if she'll "see" my NFH problems and recommend I move?!!

            Guess you're right, no escape, SIGH Took Badger's advice to heart tho and will be thoroughly researching any new move regardless of how fab it looks on the surface. (experience counts!)

            Thinking about buying a lighthouse! but must learn to swim first! wonder if you can get NFH fish!



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              Listen - we're looking in those areas! I'm a techno music freak with four dogs that bark - want us as neighbours??????

              Seriously, we look for homes that are as far away from other people as possible. We want a bit more land as I want Pygmy goats.

              In rural areas, other noise considerations come into play.

              I know there is moto cross down there - read in the papers about the locals complaining. So be careful where you choose - ask what the farmers use their land for - it isn't always for crops.


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                But Holly - unless that field you live in is pretty darn big - you're at the mercy of; moto cross, bird scarers, shooting (you definitely don't want that!) the hunt going across your land (ever tried to stop a pack of hounds?) car rallies, boot fairs - to name but a few rural activites!


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                  Right well having taken notes from Holly and Spinks, my advice Gordy is to go for an upturned U boat in the Outer Hebrides.

                  Nice and quiet - catch your own fish, nearest neighbours would be sealions. If you can at all possible steer away from the performing type you should be okay.

                  Bit chilly in the winter - but if you make it to 65 you will get your winter fuel allowance.

                  You never know Gordy, you could make a packet on the U boat - it could be the next big up and coming place to live.


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                    Wow, guess is all up to Lady Luck then?

                    I read somewhere that most folk stay in a house for up to 5 years or more. During this time, my NFH has tried unsuccessfully to sell his house. Now I have a buyer, and at a good price too - maybe the positive out of this is that he has done me a favour - IS THIS POSSIBLE?!!!

                    Will also look at Worcester, Shropshire and Warwickshire, but think you guys are all right, there is really no escape, just damage limitation.!!!! I am (well, I think, anyway) a really good neighbour, do not have noise thing going on, always maintain property etc, sigh, found out today that NFH has originated from a really bad area in the Midlands, but so what? My parents came from the toughest part of Merseyside, and I was taught respect, good manners and behaviour.

                    Anyone out there believe in Karma or fate? Think mine is to be out of here, doing something else with someone else at some other time

                    Rant over



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                      upturned U boat in the Outer Hebrides.[/b]

                      I was almost posted to the Outer Hebrides when I was in the army.....soooo...that could be another kind of NFH...all those test firings of missiles and such How about a sheep station in the middle of Australia?

                      I think everybody has to trust to luck and a little investigation, though even investigation won't guarantee a NFH won't move in later

                      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                        I think the best thing you can do as we've said lots of times here anyway, is to seek to protect yourself as much as you can before you move, so you don't move into anything you could have prevented etc.

                        e.g: visit the new property at lots of different times of the day/night - hang on around. Talk to the other neighbours, ask them directly. Look up the postcode on the internet, see what matches it brings up, if any. Ask around generally. Lots of other ways too, I know

                        But, like has been said, I suppose there's no way to know who may move in after you - could be a NFH or a Neighbour From Heaven

                        From everyone's stories here, unless you own your own island (and it's airspace!), there really is no guaranteed NFH-Free place, you can only protect yourself as much as poss.

                        Hope you manage to move quickly gordy


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                          Found this article, which basically just reinforces what everyone's said already.



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                            I was thinking you could try Mars, but since the Beagle disaster I am beginning to wonder if there may be a few NFH's up there as well!