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  • Drug dealers

    We have just recently had some new neighbours move in next door, they are drug dealers and are not trying to cover up the fact, people come and go day and night, they park accross our drive and climb over our fence to access the field next to our house. Just last week they were raided due to an anonomous call from another neighbour, the police were unimpressed that we hadn't come forward as witnesses to their crimes, we explained we had no time for any trouble from drug dealing neighbours and therefore chose not to inform the police. At 2.00am the morning after the raid our side fence was torched, it was a definate arson as a can of petrol was found nearby, the fence was only 1 meter away from the house and very close to the garden shed full of flammable liquids, the police were called and arrived to report the crime 4 hours later, we told them of the uncanny coincidence about the raid however the police showed no interest in the fact and claimed to know of no recent drugs raid in the area. Their last neighbours on a local estate had a petrol bomb put through their letter box yet again it was only coincidence that pointed the finger at our neighbours. We are now living in fear that any more tip offs to the police will result in a more henious crime being commited.

    The new neighbours have just devalued our house by thousands in a matter of days, by law when selling our house we must declare that we live next door to nfh, how is it fair that the estate agent doesn't have to declare that they are moving in nfh to live next door to us, is there any way we can get these neighbours out or sue the estate agents for letting them move in and devalue every house in the street?

    Is it worth getting the neighbours together to sort out some kind of petition and show it to the council, I have never had neighbours from hell and do not know the first thing to do when trying to get them out please help us?

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    welcome Kitten!

    we had a bit of dealing going on next door at one point, it made us feel quite uncomfortable.

    every time a deal "went down" the stereo would be turned up to hide the fact! like we didnt fact it was the noise that gave it away!

    Dont forget you can always use crime stoppers...0800 555 111

    you dont have to give your name!

    you need to put this in writing to the police station and tell them you feel at risk in your own home.

    write everything down!!

    noise, comings and goings etc

    the police are supposed to be cracking down on such things....

    tsk....I know they are under staffed but hey, come on you pay your poll tax for their services!

    so are the nfh in a council house?

    if they are you need to get on to the housing office. another reason for writing everything down.

    It is a very good idea to get your good nieghbours on side, as it will make it easier for you, I mean sorting it out and also your stress levels. it is hard work fighting on your own.

    good luck and stay safe.


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      I think this is a bit of a poisoned chalice here.

      On the one hand you are being - obviously - blamed by the NFH for what they believe as you reporting them to the Police for their 'activities' and on the other because you did not co-operate with the Police they could be perceived as not being entirely helpful to your plight.

      I can understand your position in not wanting to get involved with both your neighbours and the Police, but, someone else has done it for you. Either way you are going to get the blame. So you might just as well stick your neck out now and try to do something about it.

      First of all, you need to take a trip to your local Police station and ask to speak with someone on the drugs team. You need to aim for someone with a bit of authority behind them. Tell them what has been going on and put it to them that you are prepared to co-operate with the Police as regards these Druggies providing that the Police assist in helping to keep you safe. I think you need to play the innocent woman bit here. You will need to point out your reasons to them for you turning a 'Blind eye' so to speak. I agree with Beth on the Police point. But be aware the Police have BIG budgets for drugs and they make use of them. I can tell you here and now that all Police forces throughout England and Wales have targets for the quantities of drugs being seized.

      Secondly, you need to get to you local council and housing department, tell them what has been going on. Also find out who your local Borough Councillior is and get him/her on your side.

      I don't think you should just sit there like a stuffed duck waiting for one of these goons to take a pot shot at you.

      You need to get proactive and start to take action. If you have any other neighbours in your road that you can approach then i suggest that you do and make it your goal to get rid of these people quickly.



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        Hi Kitten and welcome to the board.

        Phew, talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place Did your NFH bother you before the police raid? I suppose it is possible that the police who attended your fence fire may not have been aware of the raid. Where I live the police seemed stretched so thin that if they are called they might have to come from as far as the city centre to deal with the incident.

        I fully agree with what Scooby has advised. You really need to get the police on your side. You are now living in fear and from what you've found out your NFH seem to play a dangerous game. I can also understand why you might not want to become involved with giving evidence or witness statements against your NFH, especially after what has happened to your fence.

        It is so grossly unfair that you just want to enjoy your home and now these dregs of society have moved in and filled your life with fear I hope you do decide to go to the police and I hope they are a lot more helpful and protective than they have been. Good luck

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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          Hello Kitten,

          If it was me, I would leave. Sell up immediately. I can't think of anything worse than living next door to people like that. Noisy and abusive is one thing but anything drug related (especially if it's stuff like crack or heroin) would have me down the estate agent faster than you could say spliff.

          You say that your house has been devalued by thousands of pounds because you will have to declare that NFH live next door. From memory (and Badger may be the one to clarify) but you are asked to disclose any "disputes" between your neighbours when completing the Seller's Property Information Form. You haven't said that you have had any confrontation with them so it would appear you haven't had a dispute. I have had a dispute in that Meercat in that I confronted him about an issue which he then chose to retaliate on. Then it became a dispute. However, your only involvement appears to be with the police, not the offenders involved (despite the arson attack) and nothing was done. If the police aren't going to treat your arson attack as related to the neighbours, that should be good enough to get you off the hook. I am not sure how far you have to go with regards to admitting to the arson.

          The sad part is maybe selling your house to a decent family.

          Be very careful as you're not dealing with clear-headed people here.



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            Hi Kitten and welcome to the Board

            Sorry to hear about your nfh. You have already been given some really useful information from the other members about contacting the Police and regarding the disclosure issue.

            Just to get a clearer picture, can you say a bit more about the nfh property? Do they own it or rent from the Council/ a Housing Association (HA) / private landlord? If they rent, then you may be able to contact their landlord about their behaviour.

            It sounds an awful situation for you to be in, it's like being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

            At the end of the day, there are three choices:

            ~ stay put do nothing,

            ~ stay put and fight back using legal avenues

            ~ move

            Just make sure you keep yourself safe. Keep coming back here often for support.

            Wishing you all the best.


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              Hi Kitten

              Big welcome to the board - as Beth said we had NFH like that, everytime they were doing the "deal", up came the music, ermmmmmmm, as if we didn't realise eh?!

              Beth's NFH Manual Entry here, always makes me laugh about this experience:

              Hope you come back often


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                Thank you for all your advice, you have helped to settle my mind about the disclosure issue and if we do decide to sell then I know we will have little problem.

                To answer your questions about the house, they own it, our estate is mainly private and very quiet, that is why they stick out like a rather sore thumb.

                The drug dealers approached us to say they knew nothing about the fence and that they knew it wasn't us who called the police, a family in our street rang the police, they couldn't remain anonymous for long as their 5 year old son decided to tell the drug dealers that his daddy has "told the police of you" Bless his innocence.

                Thank you again I will keep you all posted on anymore comings and goings.


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                  Bless the little children!!!

                  How do you feel about the situation now then? I hope it is a little easier for you.

                  If the noise from the nfh continues to be a problem, just make sure you keep a diary of it, and that you start it as soon as you can.

                  I thought that if your nfh rented the property, then you may have been able to contact their landlord, but when people own their houses there is no-one apart from themselves who are responsible for the property. I think you should be able to contact the mortgage lender to complain. Then again, what would you do for people who owned their home outright?

                  Hope things keep quiet for you Kitten, come back often to keep us updated and to input into other members concerns, everybodies views are valuable.


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                    Kitten, I'm glad to hear that the drug dealers know it wasn't you who reported them. But I do have concerns now for the neighbour with the social conscience that did. I truly believe that unless we ALL stand up and are counted then SC*M like them will never go away.

                    Drugs are one of the reasons for the high levels of crime in our communities. Your NFH probably got the money for his house from peddling misery and death to weak willed kids! Well with luck he'll be caught one day and his house will be seized. I just hope for your other neighbours' sakes it's sooner rather than later.

                    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi