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Tracy's NFH Story

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  • Tracy's NFH Story


    Thought that i would post my story as well.

    Well to begin with i live in a quiet location with only one neighbour, which are tenants and cause me no problems what so ever, on the back of me are council tenants that have caused me numerous problems in the 4 years that they have lived there.

    It is the children causing the problems and as they are the same as my own i find it hard to cope with, because if it was mine damaging property and belongings to them i would want mine punished in some way.

    However as they are unreasonable parents if i complain it only makes matters worse.

    In the 4 years i have only actually spoken to the Father once and that ended up with foul language being hurled at me.

    They were to be evicted 2 years ago but they managed to have a house fire that stopped all proceedings as they were temporarily housed elsewhere and then moved back after the council had decorated and cleaned up for them!

    At tax payers expense, i wouldn't mind but they don't work!

    I was also accused of being racist at the time as they come under a Ethnic Minority, i should be the one under that name as i actually work for what i have! No offence intended to unemployed out there.

    But they could work if they wanted and choose not too, apart from their daily dodgy dealings!

    I am unable to use my driveway as the kids throw sstones or key the side of my car.

    I can not have a outside light as they need to shoot out the glass, i can not hang washing out as they need to throw dirt over it and my kids can not use our garden as they end up with stones and wood thrown at them.

    My 6 year old recently went to get some sweets from the shop next door to us and came back with a large bruise on his back where they had hit him with a large pice of wood.

    The police are powerless or so they say as it is kids doing the damage, bet if mine did all these things i would be liable for them!

    Well sorry to moan on but i needed to get that all out!