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5 kids, no washing.

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  • 5 kids, no washing.

    As you know i have a NFH who lets all and sundry use their house for things including drug taking, well they have 5 kids from 14 to about 2 years old, well as you all know in the past 5 weeks we have had lovely dry weather and especially this week very hot dry weather, yet honestly i have never seen any washing on the washing line, i have been off work this last fortnight due to a fall, so i know, seen the riff raff coming and going, the curtains are never opened, now because i have been off i have even washed all my curtains etc but if i had 5 kids surely my line would be full most days, well mine was when the kids lived at home, so when do they wash things, i am puzzled remember they are on Income support, dont spend a penny on their garden, their older kids smoke, do drugs and drink, where is the money coming from?.

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    I don't think you need me to tell you Sombrueil, that when people take drugs especially the harder stuff their personal hygiene goes too.

    The whole ethos behind drug taking is where the very next fix is coming from and the reality is that when the current haze wears off they have to get the next. So you have a cycle that runs from one fix to another.

    Well, as you know I previously worked in the Prison Service and from that knowledge I can tell you that there are varying degrees of getting the money to pay for this. This ranges from selling drugs and stolen goods, stealing to sell on the stolen goods, muggings through to prostitution.

    I agree with your point that Income Support will only do so much but there are other wider issues at work here Sombrueil, and the fact is that in reality if their whole cleaning system from home to personal effects is not being addressed then your NFH really is not that bothered what you or anyone else for that matter is thinking.

    In all probability, you may not even count or even enter into their strange haze of a brain due to the fug of drugs.

    I know it's not what you want to hear - but herein lies the truth.

    I hope that you have a good weekend.


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      Well i thought i would just say although i have 4 kids until recently i too hadn't hung washng out for 5 years!

      I have had to dry it using a dryer, only because the NFH used to through dirt at it though, and now the council have done my fence it is full all day every day.

      Perhaps they don't want you looking at their dirty Laundry!

      People even comment now about my washing blowing in the wind.

      Honestly though, do you think they even have a machine?

      If they are on drugs it probably got sold to help pay for more.



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        Yeah they must have a tumble dryer - or hang it on clothes dryers, over the bath or something.

        I get anxious putting washing out, I run out and run back in like a frightened rabbit. Not a good thing to own up to. For this reason I only put the 'heavier' items on the line.


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          Like Scooby says, if your nfh is using street drugs, then her and her family's personal hygiene isn't going to be high up on her agenda. It won't be "what should I put in the next wash?", it'll be "when and how do I get my next fix?"

          Although like others have said, if she has a washer, then she may just hang out to dry indoors (I always used to in our last property, but that was because of not wanting to go outside and parade my clothing on a line there).

          Do the kiddies look dirty? or their clothes unwashed? If so, then I might be a bit more worried about her coping skills and it might be something to take further.

          PS My wash is just about to finish so I'm going to pop it on the line! We've got a lovely breeze today here in Yorkshire!


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            Yes i am a lot better now hoping to return to work tuesday. Yes even today i havehad 2 loads of washing out as it is drying very quick, and i just love clean towels and sheets etc on the bed. But have they got any washing on the line, no way, kids though have been playing football in their garden, have no problem with that, kids do play.


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              Perhaps she's worried she might get verbal abuse of a sexual nature (e.g. ..glue your legs together") directed at her when she hangs out her washing.

              Or do you only do that in the Supermarket?