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  • MURDER ?

    Hello, Thornyside is back for an update.

    Although I have spoken to one of the NHF only once in three years and then only to escort a child off my land. And have made no official complaint against them since June 02, the situation continues to deteriorate.


    Some of you are already aware of my website. YORK STAGE. I have now moved this to-

    Come and visit, it's better than Eastenders and who knows what is going to happen next..................

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    oh my God!!

    You really are not safe thornyside!!

    hope you reported this to the police!

    I believe there is a gun amnesty on at the minute.

    Please stay safe.


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      Beth, it was only a pellet gun....For now!

      I think the NFH are enjoying their fun but not quite realising the iron resolve and pure hatred they have created in me.

      Sometimes I wish I could throw my life away, my dearest wish is to slaughter the SC*M. However I have a blind determination to survive and see justice done - no matter what the cost - financial or otherwise.

      The shooting incident wasn't reported - the Police have already proven ineffective and only care about their own prospects.

      The meeting would go something like this,

      Did you try to shoot your neighbour? No.

      Have you got a gun? No.

      Why would your neighbour say you had then? Well, he's a pervert.

      Oh really, please tell us more - the gun incident already forgotten - promotion prospects in sight.

      You can almost feel sorry for the police when they check their records to find we have already been through this.

      By the time they return and search, the gun would have disappeared.

      The NFH seem to be getting more cocky and careless - maybe due to my lack of response. Perhaps this is for the best, sooner or later they may over reach themselves and the authorities may wake up and deal with them.


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        You are obviously local, so you will know the area I am in and it's reputation. We certainly have our HOTSPOTS but as stated on YORK STAGE my patch is relatively trouble free.

        I couldn't believe my ears when I heard Mr NFH telling the workmen how much improved this patch is!!!!

        The recent Regeneration Project has planted trees and built housing but has failed to deal with the real nitty gritty. Perhaps that is what I am destined for.

        There is only one more improvement needed for my patch but unfortunately I do not work for rentokill!!!


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          Good grief!

          Glad you're OK, sheesh. Pellet gun or not I'd report it. Long as you're ok, that's the main thing.

          When I was 14, there was a boy in my class who was shot at by a pellet gun by another boy messing around, he ended up in surgery for 8 hours due to the fact the pellet had struck him in his eye - apparentely he was lucky not to have lost his eyesight. I believe the police consfiscated the pellet gun from him.

          Their cockiness will be the undoing of them TS, stay with it.


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            I'm just so, so sorry for what you have been through and what you have had to put up with.

            I have read your website and can I say how well it has been put together and how comprehensive it is.

            I'm with Badger on the point that you must infomr the Police. You must not let this incident just be another log in your book. You said that luckly it missed - what if it had hit you ? What then ?

            I'm speachless and just lost for words, Thornyside, I really am. This makes my situation pale into insignificance in the respect that your harassment is consistent, ours is not and we can go a few weeks before Madhatter kicks off again, although the looks and comments can come at any time. But now he has an order on him he cannot do this.

            I've got a cunning plan though - if your NFH say that you are a pervert or queer as you put on your website - tell them that you actually have girlfriend but she lives in the South of England and that you meet up when time allows. If pushed I'll offer to be your temporary girlfriend to help you out of any patch - I'll need to clear it with Shaggy (my fiance) but I know he would not mind.

            And there was me thinking York was a beautiful city !


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              Thornyside, things are getting serious now. I think you should report the pellet gun incident to the police.

              I'm always moaning about the police not doing much, but a family moved in at the back of us and their young son thought it clever to hang out of this bedroom window with a an air rifle, shooting at birds. I called the polcie and reported it. I was surprised when a sergeant phoned me back to to establish that the boy was shooting the gun so the pellets were going outside his property. I also contacted the HA. I never saw that boy shooting the gun again so I can only conclude that he was warned off.

              You have my total sympathy for what you are going through. I hope your solicitor can be of more use than the HA and police.

              Take care

              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                Hi Thornyside,

                Been there, done it, bought the teeshirt.

                I agree, the police are ineffectual and the story would go just as you say. Why is it that the perps always get the benefit of the doubt? pervert is such an emotive word and you know what they say, Mud Sticks! nil carbarundum thornyside i'm with you. Perhaps you could ask the police for some body amour and see what they say. Take care


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                  My neighbours have seen female visitors to my home and taken excessive interest. As a friend left one day I watched from the window, I did not go outside as the whole neighbour family were outside. Mr neighbour was especially enamoured. He actually stood up on tiptoe as her car was driving away. If he'd cranned his neck any further he would have fallen over!

                  Their publicity is designed to isolate me, nothing more. Sooner or later they are going to have to explain why they publicise perversion but can't manage to keep their own kids away - should be interesting!

                  You say you have an order on your neighbour. Is this an injunction? Is it difficult and/or costly to achieve this? I am waiting to here from my solicitor on this issue.



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                    So sorry to hear your problems, its a pity lots of kids are born today just to get the womens cig money, well that is what i see from the HA lot, all smokers but no workers in them.


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                      I like your statement - detract from your own wrongdoing.

                      I wrote a response to this but deleted it!!!

                      My good neighbour (neighbourhood watch co-ordinator), tells me it's been about a year since he has heard of my perversions. It is this issue above everything else that makes be so damned determined. I thought I had come to terms with it but it is something that I will never comes to terms with and hopefully it will prove to be the NFH's undoing.

                      The only children at risk around here are their own. They are abused day in and day out. Discipline amounts to - Do that again and I'll punch your lights out or some such other threat. Despite everything I sometimes feel sorry for them.

                      One damn good reason to stay put is that the longer I remain the fewer people will believe the NFH, even their cronies will sooner or later will begin to question the lack of evidence.

                      Although, I must admit I am worried that this may resurface once the NFH learn of the legal action I intend take.



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                        In respect of the order it is the Harassment Act 1997. It is hand delivered by the Police to the perpetrator, in our case - Madhatter and this is explained thoroughly to them, by not only a PC, but a Sargent. They are told that if they break any aspect of the Harassment Notice then they will be arrested, kept in the cells and put before the next court sitting. The court will then decide whether to give them a custodial sentence or a heavy fine with community service etc.

                        We had to get this against Madhatter because of his behaviour and the fact is Thornyside I had to kick up hell to get it. I wrote a four page stinking letter to a Detective Chief Inspector in the complaints department and then action started to happen. I spoke to a Sargent who actually told me that I should have put in a complaint about Madhatter sooner. I just could not believe that - but he did, I swear he told me we should have acted about Madhatter sooner !

                        This Harassment Notice is for 12 months and then after that it is reviewed. Or in our case we will probably have to go back to court and pay to get a restraining order put on him. But we have 1 year to decide now what our next course of action will be.

                        Look, you really need to kick off with the police find out who is head of the complaints department at your police headquarters and write them a letter - don't be fobbed off and in the meantime get this shooting incident reported to the police. They will have to sit up and take notice we are all in the middle of a gun amnesty at the moment and if they can get anyone in possessions of a firearrm the police will treat this seriously - they have no choice.

                        And just in case you are wondering, since Madhatter has had this order placed on him all is earily quiet - a bit too quiet. But I am making the most of it.


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                          P.S. Forgot to tell you - the Police only need two incidents to get this order placed on them - you will have no problem there then !


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                            Hi Thornyside,

                            Merlin (my wife) and I can fully understand and sympathise with your problems but we have to admit to being in stitches of laughter at your discription of the events and can only admire your sense of humour during this difficult time.

                            Hang in there because if you did not laugh you would cry.

                            You have exactly described the situation regarding the Police as we have experienced.

                            Best wishes,



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                              Scooby, what on earth can I say….

                              You have saved me an awful lot of time and expense.

                              I found and printed off the 1997 Protection from Harassment Act from the Internet. And armed with this attended the Police Station.

                              At first I thought I was chasing a lost cause, but an officer came to my home for a couple of hours on Monday night and viewed a few videos. She also took a four-page statement.

                              A few years back I had a warning over the phone from the Police. If I keep ringing them for minor incidents they may not turn out for a real emergency! This time round however, things were completely different.

                              The officer who came was very friendly, supportive and in no way officious.

                              On Tuesday night, she and a colleague served a harassment notice on Mr.Neighbour and got his full measure!

                              He greeted them by announcing, “You can’t do anything about me.” They responded by stating “Oh yes we can.” He then threw them out!

                              I suspect it would give them as much pleasure as me to see him arrested.

                              Maybe now the tide is turning but I have a long, long way to go.

                              Thanks again – this shows the real life value of this forum.