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Mr Evil, Criminal fraternity and 24hour noise

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  • Mr Evil, Criminal fraternity and 24hour noise

    Hi, I originally posted my saga on the "No to noisey neighbours" forum but I am now transferring over. So I have copied and pasted my saga from that fourm to this one. My story starts last year.

    Chapter 1

    I have been trying to find a solution to the problem of my drug dealing thieving noisy neighbour. He has been playing his music for more or less constantly 24 hours since July 01. The whole estate can hear it and he also has many visitors calling 24 hours a day. As you can imagine I am unable to sleep and feel that I am cracking up. I have called the police, environmental officer, and local estate manager and now next week they will be serving a notice of possession which will tell him that if he continues over the next four weeks then his hifi will be removed. I feel that much more needs to be done as he is also swearing and threatening me but the police are not interested as they say as I have told the council so let them deal with it. My main problem is the bass on his hifi from what I understand it is a 1000 watt hifi ( my radio and cd player is only 30 watts) He has no carpet and I am right underrneath him. I had heard a few years ago that there was a piece of equipment that you could purchase which if aimed at the Hifi would block the nosie or turn of the hifi. However, it seems that that is wishful thinking. But if anyone hears of such a thing I will be the first in line to purchase it. Currently, the little devil has had his music playing solidly for the last three days or so and I know that it will be on all weekend with no break at all. I have ear plugs which block nothing and I sit in the kitchen as it is less there but the bass is felt all over the flat. It really is disgusting. Bye for now

    Chapter 2

    The latest development is that the recordings made by the environmental health break the statutory noise law and so there is now recorded proof that my neighbour is a nightmare. Unfortunately, the two weeks that they did the recording was two of the most quiet weeks so far yet they had two epsiodes where the level of noise was outrageous. I have to say that the following weeks it has increased to constant noise. That said the council are taking him to court in order to evict him from the flat. I am eagerly waiting to see what happens now. I think if he didn,t have the 1000 watt hifi I could cope with the heavy footsteps, swearing, fighting, dropping of weights as that eventually stops but the constant bass is too much. I really feel though that one should not have to wait so long as i am living a nightmare and expected to hold down a full time job.

    see ya

    Chapter 3 Well here is the latest. My neighbour went to court and there is to be a hearing later in the year. I managed to get two council witnesses who can testify that his muisc was loud when they were working in the building. He claims that he has four witnesses to say that he is quiet. At the moment the council is aiming to evict him but I am now beginning to realise that it is totally up to the judge and that they are likely to give him a three month period to settle down. But that if he breaks it by playing his music too loud then it goes back to court again. I am very unclear about how it all operates as apparently as the council is the claimant and I am the witness I am low down in the pecking order for getting information on how it all works.

    From what I can gather from other neighbours he is fearful of losing the flat so he has been generally much quieter. However, his walking is loud enough to wake you up and keep you awake until he stops. He sounds as if is stamping his feet, he has no carpet and this can be at any time in the night from midnight to 8 am.

    see ya

    Chapter 4 Well here is the latest.

    In July 02 my neighbour went on to stab someone and is awaiting his court case. I am expecting him to be put away for a few years.

    Unfortunately the noise nuisance case is still outstanding and keeps being adjourned because he was originally on remand but now out on bail. I am unable to find out what this all means. It appears that even though he has gone onto to commit heinous crimes it does not mean he automatically loses his flat. It is a crazy situation.

    I am awaiting to see him in the newspapers like I have seen his other relatives and friends that he had living with him. Once I know how long he is going away for I will let you know. So at the moment it is quiet up there.( except can you believe it but another neighbour has started up with his new damn surround sound which extends into my property and is becoming a nightmare. I have had to go down there a number of times to ask nicely if he could keep it down as he turns it on at 11 am to about 3am about four nights a week and I cannot cope. I am unable to hear my Tv on an evening as the noise is unbearable. Each time he started to get more aggressive so I went to the council and they wrote him a letter and now the level and longevity has reduced. it is still occasionaly unacceptable but I grit my teeth as it is shorter periods.)

    bye for now

    This is really a shortened version of all that happened., the numerous tearful telephone calls to the council , environmental health, and the police. The constant writing and recordings. THe lack of sleep and the fear of the type of neighbour he was. The police raids and breaking of doors and windows. My car being vandalised twice ( because I was going to court) the attempts to deter me from going to court, it goes on and on and on. I am not allowed to say anthgin more about the court case as it is still ongoing.

    What is the worst thing about it all. The fact that all the other neighbours backed down and I was the only one prepared to go to court as a witness.

    Was I scared. Yes but my anger and distress was much worse. My recommendations to anyone is face the fear and go for it.

    from Lucibops.

    p.s I am still smiling

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    All i can say is i really feel sorry for you, what you have suffered is so unbelievable i am speechless, the thing that is making me mad are your neighbours they can hear it too but back out when really you all needed to club together.

    Here in our tall storeys there are CCTV cameras everywhere both outside and inside, so things are okay there now but i suppose that was why they were put there in the first place, i am sick and weary of drugs, this country is drowning in a drug culture and who cares nobody does, the government keep saying we are doing this the police cant be bothered at all, this country is digging its own grave.


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      Wow Lucibops, what a situation you've had to endure. Welcome to the NFH Board.

      Well done you for getting through this far. Your perseverance and courage are a real testament. What a shame too you were the only neighbour to have the courage to go through with this; perhaps the other's were scared of possible repercussions?

      This guy sounds like a complete maniac. I'd be scared quite frankly. Not only the noise (hi-fi) like you've mentioned, the swearing, his other abuse of noise that you can hear, it all adds up tremendously and is literally tortorous. Add to all that, the stabbing, phew, this guy is a typical 'NFH Syndrome' case - e.g. trouble and other problems stick to him like super glue, they domino-effect around him.

      It's amazing a dangerous person like him can even get bail, I mean, after stabbing someone? What does it take to get kept in whilst awaiting trial for goodness sake?!

      Just because your council are acting on your behalf doesn't mean you are not entitled to police protection and assistance, because you are, like any citizen.

      I understand, as we all will, the noise impact on you. The bass disturbance is really amazing isn't it? That thud, thud, thud, it's really awful. Again, it's chinese-water torture. We all realise how sensitive noise can make you then after suffering with it, even if it's 'normal sounds'.

      When we had NFH (had two different sets over a number of years), we had the recording equipment in from the Local Authority, and surprise, surprise, it all went amazingly quiet next door - they'd got wind of it somehow or guessed, I'm not sure. It's amazingly frustrating isn't it when that happens?!

      I hope he gets put away and soon; this guy is obviously very dangerous and is a real risk to the community from what you've said. When do you think the case may happen?

      In the meantime, lets hope the Council can get that hi-fi removed! As for your other neighbour and the surround selfish can people get? Surround sound can be even worse than hi-fi's, with all the different sounds/pitches. We have a surround sound system, and I can't even think that we've ever used it more than about 5/6 times in the space of the last 2 years. Even them it's been in the daytime and at a low level. After living through two sets of NFH, I don't ever want to become one, at any cost!

      Come back often, keep safe and give us an update when you can


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        Hi Lucibops,

        What a truly horrendous story!! It's so b*****y disgusting that people like your NFH are allowed to live among decent people!!!

        Your council are really stringing it out as well, but I suppose the court is also to blame. I'm sure some of those people with the power to do something have absolutely no idea of the emotional and mental torture morons like your NFH put their neighbours through.

        Let's hope he gets a few years behind bars, but then, he'll probably be out in a few months because of overcrowding or something!!

        I can understand your other neighbours being reluctant to go to court but unless people grasp the nettle (as you have done) these thugs will go on destroying peoples' lives! Well done to you for not giving up.

        Let us know how things are going. Take care

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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          Thanks for your replies

          I was always on my guard with this person to the point that I would wait until he had left the building and I saw him leave the street before i ventured out. If I heard him in and I needed to go out then I would choose to leave the building when I knew he was in. I began to study the way he was in the sense that one day he came banging on my door and one of my other neighbours came out at the same time and he backed off. ( we got the impression that he wanted no witnesses). I kept a recorder on me to record stuff and was and still am super careful about my safety. We had a new neighbour move in who ended up being beaten up by him a number of times and he initally report it to the police and then backed down. ( I am not sure what it was all about) but believe it or not he became one of the four witnesses to say that my neighbour DID NOT make any noise. Anyhow I already told the authorities that he had been beaten up by him a number of times and on the court days he never showed as a witness. (He told me later that he never wanted to go).

          THe neighbours spent their whole time complaining saying that they were calling the police, council and environemtnal health and they had had enough and they were sick of the all day and night drug dealing, spitting, vomiting urine and noise and all the undesirables that he had brought in. Even the council employers who came to do repairs complained about the noise ( they could hear it two streets away) and the dirt. However, whenever I spoke to the council and environmental health they would assure me that I had been the only to complain despite the constant insistence of all the other neighbours and even those in the other blocks. I tell you I got more furious as when the time came to it and I had to go as a court witness they had ample opportunity to inform the council what was going on without giving their name so at least they could back me up if not in court but at least with the council. But oh no,they all kept themselves to themselves. Their common complaint was " its disgusting that the council are not doing anything " yet they are the ones that needed to get themselves into action before the council can do anything such as completing the incident forms and writing a letter. Since his recent escapades the place is quieter and cleaner and the neighbours have the cheek to be congratulating themselves.

          I have to say I was shocked that he was released on bail. I keep checking the court pages to see if I can see his case come up. But I am really hoping that he will be put away for a long time. NO one seems to know what will happen for definite as it also depends on his lawyer and the judge. The other neighbours tell me that he has been up for other things but he has always got off with not enough evidence. But I am relly hoping that this is going to be clear cut. In the past though the council have told me that he does not automatically lose his council property if he goes to Jail. But I am really hoping that he will in this case.

          People have asked me why I did not move. The bottom line is that I had no where to move to. I cannot afford to buy that is why I am in a council property and everything else is great and convenient and plenty of parking and I am close to everything I need. I have been here for 13 years and over the years we have had other temporary NFH but they are not around for long as they are mainly unstable people who are on drugs or mixed up with crime and then they move on. I see this place as my home and I felt that I could be moved somewhere else and find somewhere worse. So after I had started to complain I decided to stick it out. I think I have to say a thankyou to my parents for instilling in us a strong sense of self value and worth. After a while you start saying to your self "Why should I move for such a jerk". I began to say to myself stuff like " Don't you think that you can get away with this you are messing with the one person". Which is quite powerful stuff when you say it often enough to yourself.

          I think this experience has made me come out of my shell as I was always very quiet kept my self to my self and did treat others how I would like to be treated. But this has made me a liitle more assertive and less tolerant as when the surround neighbour started up I went straight down there. Whereas with Mr Evil I did nothing initally, It was the combination of two things which started the ball rolling. One was a council worker who came to check the gas and said that the music that was making me feel sick at that current moment ( my flat walls were vibrating) could be heard two streets away and he recommended that I reported it. THen when I went outside my neightbour stopped me and asked if I could hear his music as he had a new HIFI. ( that was the first time I was actually honest to a stranger as usually I would have said oh it's alright) I told him yes I could hear it and that it was very loud to which he said he would turn it down. of course the lowering down of the volume was minimal and it went on and on since then.

          I spent a lot of time surfing the internet for help. such as something that blocked the music or turn his music off as going through the council and environmental health takes time and I needed something quickly.

          Since then I have asked at local residents meetings for the introduction of Council witnesses. As I became aware that they are often in many buildings witnessing such events and should be recording it and reporting it directly to the council ( the two council witnesses were not used for some technical reason). That would have saved me a lot of stress. In our area it is against the rules to play music loud at any time of the day or night ( in fact make any noise that is a noise nuisance ) so when they heard the music in the day time they could have reported it and I think they should have been action from that.

          Oh I am getting tired typing. I can really talk when I get going.

          see ya


          As soon as I hear about the court case and its outcome I will let you know. A number of the neighbours are keeping a look out for it in the papers


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            Isn't it always the same? I've been complaining for years about our local yobbery, everybody else moans about them but only one other person I know also complains like I do. How do people think the council, HA, police will know about what is happening if they don't say something? Idiots!! You should be commended for your persistence.

            The more you tell us about your NFH the less I like him. He sounds dangerously out of control. It's a pity you can't get the council to provide some 'professional witnesses' as some councils do. Especially when you have such a dangerous NFH they must realise that some people will be too afraid to say anything. It's galling that he's allowed to get away with such evil behaviour. And it's a disgrace that you have to put up with it. Have you approached your MP or local councillors? I'm not saying it will help but you never know.

            Anyway, good luck with the court case, let's hope you get a decent judge.

            "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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              Hi Lucibops!

              A big welcome to the board.

              Boy you have been through it! What a nasty piece of work this fella sounds.

              It is so sad that he has intimidated everyone around you, fear is a powerful thing.

              he is a bully and sounds like a total thug.

              It saddens me that you have been going through this for so long even after what you have told us, is usable evidence.

              I also feel it is a great shame that your neighbours are too scared to be proactive.

              If everyone could of got to together to start with this man might of been long gone by now.

              I know how hard it is to fight and to keep fighting the NFH but in the end you will get there. you sound like you have a strong personality and sense of decency.

              The journey to the end might be hard, especailly if your property is being damaged and you are being threatened, but once you get there and he is gone it will be so worth it.

              come and visit often

              maybe we will see you in chat tomorrow? (8pm onwards!)



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                Hi Lucibops,

                I have come to this a litle bit late, but, given all that you have put down here I think it is fair to say that this dwarfs anything like what I am personally having to go through with our NFh and I think most of the members would agree that your case is one of the worst postings that has been placed here.

                People like your NFH work on the basis of fear and intimidation and therefore, if they can get people to back down before going to court, their case is likely to get thrown out on the technicality of insufficient evidence. You are however, entitled to come under the witness protection programme and I think this is something that you need to touch base with the police on. You should have been assigned your own police officer for point of contact. This is something that they need to be made aware of and if they are already aware of this then perhaps you should ask them how the witness protection programme would be able to help and assist you.

                This is a terrible situation to live in. Do you want to move ? Do you want to stay where you are ? Would you feel that if you moved you could make a fresh start ? I think you have a clear case for asking the council to move you - preferably somewhere of your choice. Considering that the police are already involved they could help you with the council to getting you a move if you wished to go down that avenue. However, this is a personal thing for you and only you can decide on this point.

                I wish you all the very best in what ever you decide to do and hope that the outcome for you is a positive one.


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                  Dear All

                  Thank you all for your kind emails. I know when I was in the depth of all of this I was not fully aware of all my rights etc. From what I received in the post from the council and from what I saw on the net it seemed to vary from council to council. If I knew what I knew know I may have taken a different track. It may have been my naivity or whatever or pure exhaustion but in the early days I thought that it would be enough that their council workers had heard the noise and been party to some of his goings ons ( for example) I am aware that when they went to sort something in his flat I heard that the place was jammed packed full of rubbish all over the place and that it smelt badly. THis has also been witnessed by the police on their regular raids. And I really thought that would have been enough without dragging me into it. But it was a slow process. I also found out late in the day that one of the other neighbours had rang the council insisting that he be moved and he told me that he got moved within a couple of weeks. I was horrified as I really did not realise that that could happen. But when I realised all of this I was already on the way to getting it dealt with and had made up my mind that I was not going to let it beat me. I was also worried about being placed in a worse place. As these NFH,s are all over the place.

                  The outcome is looking fairly positive becuase of the nature of his crime so I just have to wait and see. I am hoping that the case will be heard and judged soon. There are at least two cases against him. One is the noise nuisance and the other is the stabbing.

                  see ya



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                    :banghead: :badmood:

                    Well here is the latest in the saga.

                    Bad news and more bad news. I was so upset and annoyed I had to wait before I could write down what has been happening. About six weeks ago my neighbour had hs court case for the stabbings ( apparently he stabbed two people) and he has now been released as the case fell through. ( the witnesses failed to show). I really cannot comprehend it all. So the little ******* has been out as a free man. And the noise. Well, two weeks before he was released from prison ( he was inside because of the second stabbing while out on bail) he had friends staying in his flat and they were making so much noise that the previous neighbour that he had beaten up called the police. We thought that that would have been enough to have got him evicted even though he was inside prison ( as the noise nuisance ruling applies to his friends as well) but instead he was given a chance to make amends. But gradually over the weeks he has been getting louder and noiser. He started off with 5 minute blasts of his hifi then doubling it up to the point where he plays it freely at what ever time he wants. I am back to keeping noise diaries and the council tell me that they are looking for volume and quality. I have been at my wits ends. The neighbours in the opposite block confirm that they have heard his music and arguring etc but have failed to speak to the council ( even the so called neighbourhood watch woman has not made a move.

                    The neighbours within the building can hear his music and his arguring. And to top it all the neighbour who he beat up previously is trying to keep on his good side saying that he has heard nothing and that Mr evil is being quiet (shame that he is an alcoholic) and so fearful of him. I am currently trying to get council workers to witness his carry ons, but they are never around when it is going on and even though it is set up for me to ring and I would receive preferential response they are never around when I need to report it to them. So I am having to continue with the noise diary sheets. I am considering environmental health again but everyone is suggesting different things so I need to make more phone calls about the next steps to make. It seems crazy to have to go through the same process again. However environmental health now tell me that they can do 24 hour recordings. Which would be good.

                    I can hear the neighbour talking as he often has is window open and he talks loudly and I can hear that he does not want to lose his flat and be homeless but either he is ignorant of the amount of noise he is making or he is doing it on purpose. He has weights which you can hear him using and then he drops them on to the floor and my whole flat vibrates. He drops them about 30 - 40 times in about one hour then he will stomp around his flat to the point that you can hear it outside my front door. He bangs objects like his life depends on it. I try to make allowances for him in order to be fair but when his Tv can be heard through my ear plugs then I know that I am not making it up. Other neighbours on my floor and the the ground floor recognise his noise his loud as they think that the banging and music is coming from my flat as opposed to the flat that is above mine.

                    As usual I avoid him like the plague but in the last couple of weeks he has taken to shouting greetings to me and then laughing and last time he had the cheek to shout that I had a chip on my shoulder and then he pointed out to another neighbour how I never speak to him. Can you believe the cheek ot if all. Anyhow I have informed the council that I perceive this behaviour, in the light of the last years events, to be harrassment.

                    Also I see the fact that he plays his music loudly day or night to also be harrassement in the light of the court case ( so he cannot say that he did not know). They appear to me to be really slow at dealing with this one.

                    Will keep you posted.

                    from Lucibops


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                      Hi Lucibops

                      Good grief!!! This man is dangerous and nobody seems to care! To be honest, in light of his history I can understand why nobody wants to stand up and be counted. He has the whole neighbourhood intimidated from the sound of it

                      I really think your council should be employing professional witnesses who cannot be intimidated by him. It is grossly unfair that you have to put up with his violent and antisocial behaviour.

                      Perhaps you should complain to the local government ombudsman:

                      He says he doesn't want to lose his flat but he's going the wrong way about keeping it! He obviously thinks he is untouchable Have you contacted your MP and local councillors about this situation?

                      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                        :badmood: :banghead:

                        Hi ya

                        No I have not contacted my MP or local councillor as I am trying to do what the council are advising me to do. Also I know that one of the mothers of one of the tenants is worried for her daughter and when write to the hourses of parliament, who referred her to the local MP who then referred her back to the estate manager who I am delaing with. Unfortuntately the original estate manger has had a promotion and the lawyer that was involved has left so it feels as if I am starting all over again trying to impress upon the new staff the nightmare that I am having. I am trying to use their street wardens as professional witnesses but so far that has not worked as the times when he has been a nuisance in the day the street wardens have not been accessible. So I am still trying to get them in to witness it. They finish early and are only contactable on an evening by mobile on certain nights and each time unfortunately the attempt to link up with them has failed. They have also had problems with losing their very local accomodation to my flat and have now been moved out of the area to the council offices (this happened last week). But I am detertermined to get this problem sorted. I feel more armed in the sense that this case has already been to court. So he is going to be the loser in the battle

                        from Lucibops


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                          who referred her to the local MP who then referred her back to the estate manager who I am delaing with.

                          I'm not at all impressed with your MP! When I contacted my MP she was extremely helpful. Her secretary rang me on a couple of occasions and when I said I'd get in touch with HA she said no, an MP will have a lot more clout than you will, let her phone.

                          Mind you, despite the MPs involvement things are still only changing slowly Hopefully things won't take quite so long for you. Good luck

                          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                            Hi Lucibops

                            Sorry I am a bit behind here, just been catching up with your story!

                            I'm just wondering, is it only the EH department of the council involved in taking action against your neighbour? Or is the housing office/nuisance and harassment dept?

                            If EH are taking action re Noise Nuisance, is the eviction side being handled by the housing office re breach of his tenancy obligations?

                            Sorry if I've failed to understand the situation fully

                            it may be worth having a meeting with one of your local councillors, as they can help clarify all the procedures with the relevant departments for you, and they may have helpful advice.

                            Good luck with taking this forward



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                              Hi Lucibops nice to hear from you again - although what a nightmare for you

                              Definitely follow up on what the others have said, I agree with sapph that your local Councillor might be able to help to get all the relevant people involved to help you. It seems like there should be:

                              - more action from the EH department with the noise nuisance

                              - more action from the Housing Office with the nuisance issue

                              - more action from the Police

                              I don't know what your Council is like, but many around the country have now got Anti-Social Behaviour Units/Teams and hopefully yours will have one too. Your local Councillor should be able to help you.

                              It might even be a good idea to get ALL your local Councillor's involved.

                              Good luck.