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Update on old man's 'harrassing' games

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  • Update on old man's 'harrassing' games

    A few days ago I posted a post here about how for the last 5 years I have been continuously harrassed by an older resident where I live ('Infacturated with my garage - he's so sad he makes me laugh').

    Thanks for all your replies. What I have to put up with seems very minor compared to what a lot of you have to put up with but it's still a pain and annoys me. This morning I went to my garage which I padlock (with a combination lock) and saw the numbers were '555'. Now when I locked it last night admittedly I didn't put it to '000' like I normally do (to see if he fiddles with it) - I just turned the reels to any old numbers - surely I cannot have put them to 3 identical ones! No, I think he's been out early in the morning and had a fiddle. Then, as I drove round past his flat on my way out he was staring out of his window - he had the net curtains over his head and his face practically pressed against the window, so I drove ever so slowly and gave me a big smile and laughed. I'm thinking about leaving my car outside his flat tonight and setting up my video camera to film it but because I never leave my car out he'll probably think I'm doing something like that and won't touch it.

    Does anyone know of anything I can put on my padlock that will hurt him if he touches it (but won't damage the lock?!) . I thought about putting a padlock on his garage handle so he can't open his garage but I'll probably get done for that. Maybe a few bags of flour on top of the garage might be a start .............................

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    oil is a good one or treacle, you can get yob proof paint,

    I know that my old community center painted the roof with it, it stays wet all the time and sticks to clothes,

    the only thing is they had to have a sign saying it was there.

    I dont know if you would have to warn people but there again they shouldnt be messing with your stuff!!


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      Well, there is one where you can wire the padlock up in such a way that if he touched it, it would give him a very nasty electrial shock, but I am not going to even think about putting that recipe down here cause I feel that it would be a recipe for disaster. You could ultimately get yourself lifted by the police if he decided to report you.

      To give you some idea of what I mean. I wired the rear end of a trailer to a seperate battery pack so that if any illegal immigrant tried to get into the back in Calais or attempted to jump from one lorry to another during the ferry crossing he would get quite a surprise. Until that is Customs had a small chat with me and told me that it was tantamount to Actual Bodily Harm or if serious injury was inflicted it would be GBH.

      Now my point was that I was tring to save the company £2000 per illegal immigrant and the country from even more benefit payouts. But Mr Customs man was having none of it and I was left with the distinct impression that if I was to get caught like this again I would be feeling the long arm of the law, not to mention my drivers getting banged up in a cell for the night. This is despite my Directors being 100% behind me.

      So you are in a pickle really. You could if you wanted get hold of some special paint that never dried and put that on it. But then you will have to touch it with plastic gloves in future, although it is one way round the problem legally.

      How far away is your garage from your home. I know you live in a flat but you can get spot lights that give off an alarm inside your home should the light get switched on. That is a way round it although you will be constantly on the listening end for it to sound.

      The video camera and leaving your car outside does sound like a good idea. If you are prepared to sit up for as long as it takes. But, speak with the police before you do this. You need them on your side and you need to ask them if you get the evidence what is the likelihood of them bringing any charges against him. I think you need to sit down and think this one through carefully and logically you don't want any further damage inflicted upon your car if you are not going to get the support of the police. You can go down the civil avenue and if you have legal advice with your car insurance I suggest that you give them a call.

      I do remember vaguelly something about a programme where a neighbour was inflicting damage on another neighbours car. He had to pay all the costs of the damage. That was caught on camcorder too. Check it out though - thats my advice.


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        Did type a reply but must have pressed a wrong button!

        I can only agree with Beth, we used the non dry paint and it worked as it is hard to remove!

        As for camera and using it as evidence have since found out it isn't much cop as we could have interfeered with it!

        As IF!!!!!!!!!!!

        All i can suggest is keep complaining to your LA as i have done and you will eventually get some one who listens.

        It has taken us 5 years and having spoken to someone again we seem to have a result, although to the rest of you i was told every time i made a complaint add the new legislation for the Human Rights, We are all allowed to live a life and have protection from the Law.

        Article 2 Human Rights act 1998. And Article 8 provides a right for private and family life.

        I kept mentioning this in each complaint and also advised that i had in fact got a University Law clinic to take my case to the Law courts of Human Rights. It has never been fought but our local university was willing to take it on i can only suggest if you have a university near you look up their Law clinic and see what they can do.

        In my experience after a week of telling them these legislations the LA could come up with something to sort out a problem that had lasted 5 years.


        Try it and see how it helps


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          Chilli powder (hot not mild) or raw green chilli rubbed all over the lock...