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What RAF training exercises are these exactly?

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  • What RAF training exercises are these exactly?

    Another couple of hours out in the garden ruined again by those trainees at RAF ********.

    I'm writing this instead of contacting the MOD or the base, as that's as much use as ripping up a ten pound note.

    Picture the scene. The British countryside. A house on a hill, with no other properties around it. A paddock that looks out on to a valley of very few houses, beyond that a village and then vast swathes of fields and beyond that, the ******* hills.

    A RAF helicopter flies over the garden, obviously sees me with dogs on paddock and crosses back to hover for a few seconds facing me, before doing a U turn over the forest and then flying back over my head. It then flies into field next door, crosses back and flies over me again.

    So there's me with a helicopter flying all around me and I can't do a **** thing about it.

    These helicopters are now flying just too high to get a number and don't they know it.

    Also what is the RAF training exercise where you have to hover over someone in their garden?

    The exercise where they fly circles round your house?

    The exercise where they criss cross over you garden?

    The exercise where they fly through your garden?

    The exercise where they fly the exact perimeter of your property?

    All this when they have the surrounding countryside?

    Well apparently, according to the MOD the whole of ****** is a low flying zone. Perhaps I should send them a map and say ******* actually consists of more than one house. - because not once in four years have I seen them do this to other houses - not once

    This may seem a distasteful message to write in the present circumstances, but four years of it and you'll get my drift.

    The last complaint to the MOD with helicopter number exact time and report of hovering and U turns over the property (and me) got this response; "We spoke to the pilot and he said he was flying to ******** at a height of 1500 feet above ground level and may have gone over your house"..... (??????)

    My response was thus; "If he was flying at a height of 1500 agl then I'm the Duke of Edinburgh.

    What can I do when all the pilot has to do is deny it? The RAF police officer said that video evidence will not be taken into account in court - and of course I haven't got four years worth of harrasement on tape anyway. Evidence has to be film taken on a fixed lens camera.

    Just thought you'd like to know what the an RAF trainee has been up to yet again in my neck of the woods.

    And just to put you all in the picture - the MOD knows this also but couldn't give a **** - I am not anti military, I've written two plays about different aspects of war, both performed professionally, one about an ex American marine who is now a Major in the American army. I collect militaria and I'm an amateur military historian... and so the knife is well and truly in my back isn't it? I could tell you more but will leave it at that for the moment.

    So you see the moral of the tale is this, the RAF trainees can do whatever they like and get away with it.

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    oh Spinky, I am sorry

    you are not being funny about it and in this climate it should not make a difference.

    just because some suit has said lets have a war does not suddenly justify flying around your proprty.

    I would be tempting to paint an old sheet and lay it in the garden with some rude words!

    If they complain about your tone it proves they have been close enough to read it!!

    and I woudnt use ** either but the whole word!!

    it really is not fair the way they have treated you, I too wish they would fly somewhere else for you!


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      I would be tempting to paint an old sheet and lay it in the garden with some rude words!

      If they complain about your tone it proves they have been close enough to read it!![/b]

      Same thought occurred to me, Beth. Or maybe a notice that says "Smile, you're on Candid Camera", might make them think!

      I can only offer words of sympathy, Spinky. I think you're being treated appallingly. I wonder if it's because you've complained? Because somebody seems to be extracting the Michael!!!

      Have you tried to get any publicity about this, Spinky? Of course you can never be sure which side the media might take in a case like yours at a time like this Maybe you should invest in a good pair of binoculars so you can get their numbers. Having an hour of a buzzing bi-plane last Sunday was enough for me, it was so b******y annoying!! It's criminal that such a rural idyll is destroyed by yobbo pilots!!!

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        Thanks Beth....

        I painted a blanket last year saying LEAVE ME ALONE which was more for the light aircraft than the RAF. Nothing will get through to them - absolutely nothing. I even said that running outside to get numbers was giving me chest pains, which is the absolute truth, but they haven't even replied.

        When I can bear it I'll pass on the E mail I sent to the MOD

        a couple of weeks ago. I've been on avoidance tactics of the whole thing lately - and then this happens.

        This afternoon, yet again, this board has kept me going.

        If I get any real money together this board is having funding. Full stop.



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          Thanks Misty - our postings must have crossed.

          Am just off out, (cleaning my teeth writing this!) but will answer everything - you're right Misty, this all happpened when I complained...



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            I just so sorry, everyone else have given you about the best info so mine is very much tea and sympathy.

            It's just a toad this whole fiasco. Why they are being allowed to get away with it I just don't know. But it is obviously one big game to them now and you are the intended target.

            Don' tlet the b****ards grind you down.



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              Spinky, I don't know what more I can add that hasn't already been said by other members. It must be awful for you.

              Like others have said, perhaps the way forward is through the media.

              What has your local Councillor/MP said? Is there anything they can do to help? What about other people living near to you? How does the MOD's behaviour affect them? Is there any way you could join forces if and when you felt up to doing anything?

              My thoughts are with you.