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Looks are deceiving

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  • Looks are deceiving

    Hi Guys,

    I thought I would tell you of my old family home as the neighbours were extremely intersting to say the least!

    All the while I was growing up we lived in a large house in a very nice neighbourhood, ther was very little crime, it was clean and all the neighbours were lovely including those that lived next door to us but boy was there ever high drama in that street!

    It first started with a police raid, I remember it vividly I was sitting playing on one of the front window seats when police appeared from everywhere in the street, they stormed into the house opposite ours and men were coming out with baseball bats etc. it was very exciting, apparently the lady who lived there used to take in lodgers that had just come out of prison and at that time an entire gang of armed robbers were hold up there. But, it gets better, there was a lovely old couple that lived next door to us on the right hand side and a few years after the police raid we noticed that the old boy wasn't there anymore, it turns out that he used to work for a bank and had embezzled thousands and was now serving a prison sentence. Then, not long after that the young couple on the other side of us were arrested as he turned out to be an international jewel thief!!!!!!

    As I have said, it was a lovely neighbourhood with lovely people but you just never know do you?

    The thing that always makes me smile is that my Dad was a copper, a Prison officer, he was trained to spot criminals yet all this was happening around us and he never noticed anything, tee, hee!!!!!!
    "no matter where you are, that's where you've been".

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    things really can go on under your nose!

    sounds like you had some great memories!!


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      This makes me think of that song, 'My Neighbourhood', by Space.


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        I spent a lot of my childhood on a farm, we had acreas of land around the house and the nearest neighbour was some walk away, but there was great community spirit on that whole hillside!

        When I was a young whipper-snapper I also spent many months of the year in Norway and there, it was so peaceful. Houses are spread out so you're not living on top of everyone and there was always a sense of belonging in each little area of a town or village. Children went to school early and finished earlier, there were lots of designated children's parks, pools, cycle tracks, games areas etc.

        The standard of living there is completely different: public transport is better, police are very proactive (I always remember there being very little crime, but the last time I went I was shocked at how many murders there had been...sadly I think the yob culture is spreading over there which will be a shame).


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          I'll tell you what Saint, I have had a laugh about this one.

          That's probably why it was so nice because criminals don't like cacking on their own doorsteps do they !

          Still, it just goes to show you that it takes all sorts to make the world go round.

          I bet your dad felt like he needed to go on a retraining course after that little lot.

          Interesting - most definitely !


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            Interesting Saint!

            International Jewel Thief made me think of Pierce Brosnan in the re-make of the Thomas Crown Affair....

            Just goes to show, that good aea doesn't automatically = honest/good people! Crime does pay for some people's houses though eh