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I'm giving up the fight.

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  • I'm giving up the fight.

    I have now calmed down. Helicopter making straight for my house at very low level. Got helicopter number, rang MOD, spoke to some twerp who just takes complaints and is told three phrases to trot out, which he did over and over again.

    Said he wouldn't pass my complaint on to RAF police, it's not for him to do that (every time I get a different story from these people). Told him my case was already being dealt with by RAF police but have mislaid the officers mobile number in an office move.

    This twerp kept saying he would pass on my complaints to the wing commander at RAF **** (who I dealt with for three years and he wasn't even giving me the correct information on what to do) This twerp then said the helicopters can fly wherever they like at any level. I told him why then, did TWO EX RAF OFFICERS TELL ME TO CONTACT THE MOD AS THEY SAW THE HELICOPTERS WERE FLYING AGAINST THEIR OWN RULES AND REGULATIONS!!!!

    (I didn't shout!)

    He said he couldn't answer that, then kept repeating "I'm sorry you were disturbed" in a sarcastic 'I'm fed up with you moaning' way.

    I said; 'Don't speak to me like I'm an idiot, you have no idea what they're doing, sat in an office in London, all I'm asking is for are these complaints to be passed on to the officer who is dealing with this, as he came to the property and saw for himself, there was no reason whatsoever for them to be circling, hovering, or even flying over the house at all'. Then twerpface said; "He wouldn't say that as the RAF can fly anywhere".

    In effect calling me a liar.

    So I said, yes but they have no reason to fly... then he cut in and said; "Give me the details and I'll pass them on to the wing commander, he will tell you why they were flying in your area today".

    I said it's not just today and started to tell him the story - as he wasn't listening, or getting it at all. Then he said nothing after I'd spoken, for a long while - nor did I, then he said "Have you finished?" with a sigh and heavy, heavy, sarcasm, then said; "I no longer wish to take this abuse" and put the phone down...

    So that's what ringing the MOD does for you - **** all.

    I sit here absolutely powerless now. I've spent two hours looking for the RAF police officer's phone number and been on the internet trying to find the RAF police base. Nil nothing zero.

    It is a closed shop, the RAF can do what they like, obviously. If they want to have their 'fun' with the locals then they can - and the man dealing with the complaints isn't even passing them on. There is nothing more I can do.

    This twerp had obviously had a very bad day or bad call before me, as there was no abuse at all, in any way shape or form - none. Nor swearing.

    I was frustrated at him not passing on details and tried to tell him why, when it was an ongoing case. So anger in my voice, but all I told him were facts - and he couldn't deal with anything except passing it on to the RAF base concerned - which I have learnt after four years is as much use as tearing up a five pound note - and told him so.

    He was horrible, horrible, horrible. It was very much like speaking to an angry tape machine.

    I am never ever ringing them again. Ringing the base is useless and the MOD won't forward my complaint to the RAF police - apparently THE BASE has to do that - yeah, right, as if they'll say; "Please come and check these complaints about us. So why did they do it before?????

    What really ****** me off is that the twerp at the MOD had no reason WHATSOEVER to put down the phone, no reasom to be so rude to me, and surely listening to what people have to say is part of logging a complaint??

    Do you know what? He put the phone down without taking the helicopter numbers...

    The RAF base is easy to ring, they have their own low flying complaints department and are as much use as a pound of mud - in fact less use. The MOD are supposed to be the ones you ring when you get nowhere with the RAF base concerned!!!!! Grrrrrr!!!! Talk about giving me the runaround.

    I can't believe I get told a different way of doing things every time.

    This time I've been kicked into submission. They win.


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    no Spinks they have not won,

    you are simply taking a little break from the war.....talking of which if this other war kicks off your helicopters might go down 90%!!

    theres something to thank Saddam for!!

    they will all be the big bad leaving you to finally enjoy your garden (not of course counting the week ends!)

    I think everyone needs to take a time out from their personal battles, yes I know I am always saying that you have to nag untill they are sick of you but in the same respect you need to have a break, we have at times become obsessed with our NFH problems and sometimes trying to help others with their NFh takes our minds off our own.

    (don't think I am making much sense but I hope you know what I mean!)

    have some spinky time, forget about the choppers and the twits for a bit.

    Take a day off of work and go somewhere different, try something new.

    come back refreshed (oh what a about a health farm? MMmmmm I could do with some of that!!)

    but from your other posts I do not think you are the type of person to just give up.

    stay sane!



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      Spinksay, so sorry to hear your story today.

      I read a story in the paper this morning about someone who lives in a mansion near RAF Wittering in Lincolnshire. He is taking the RAF to court under 'The Human Rights Convention, which safeguards the right to respect for family and home life.' He says that the Harriers that fly over his property precludes them from using it for commercial activities and also blights their family life.

      He is asking for £9 million in damages! He says the case is about whether the law allowss the MoD to do what it likes and the case is expected to last for at least a week.

      It will be interesting to see the outcome because if he wins I think you will have an a very good chance to sue the MoD. So keep logging the incidents and filming or photographing the offenders.

      Best of luck

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        Oops, forgot to say it is Article 8 of the Human Rights Convention.

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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          Thanks Beth and Misty - and Holly on another thread.

          It's fair to say that, since that phone call to the MOD yesterday I've been feeling really c**p. I was so looking forward to the chat last night (as partner was away etc) and in the end I had to put a brave face on it as I'm still angry and frustrated at the way I was spoken to on the phone, plus the fact he would only put me on to the local air base - which has been doing nothing for three and a half years and is easily contacted through their internet site which has a low flying complaints e mail, and by phone - anyone can ring them, the phone number is advertised, they put you straight through - to a doddery old bloke who thinks all RAF trainees are splendid chaps and would never step out of line... honestly he really is straight out of a 1950's film, sadly his 'trainees' aren't. But this is the man who is supposed to deal with low flying complaints...

          The MOD are supposed to be a step up from that, when you get no joy from the local air base.

          I was going through the conversation in my head, over and over and over again late last night and this morning and... in all honesty I was treated appalingly. The sarcasm and rudeness... I'm angry at myself now for taking it.

          Looking back, from the get go, this young bloke had obviously had an argument or something before picking up the phone to me, and I got his anger full force. When I think he put the phone down on me and how rude he was, it makes me feel sick.

          I'm really hoping the calls are taped at the MOD as they are in some companies, as someone listening back to that might give him his come uppance. He even said "The RAF can fly where they like". So why did an RAF police officer say different, and why is there are a department that deals with low flying complaints? Idiot. They really do say something different every time,

          So. I'm now left with anger and frustration - as I'm the one who has these trainee pilots playing cat and mouse above my head.

          I've got nowhere left to go - as no one monitors the MOD, I've found that out for myself; they really can do what the hell they like and no one is going to do anything about it.

          Isn't this wrong?

          What happened yesterday afternoon was this; I was out in the garden and a helicopter was making a beeline to fly right over the house at low level - they make a row so you can hear and see them from a long way away. Plus the helicopter could see my house from a long, long, way away.

          I ran out with binoculars - and get this everybody - as soon as the pilot saw me come running out with binoculars, he started to do a wide U turn, tilting the helicopter to do so, but I got his number. The helicopter then flew off in the exact direction it had come from and never came back.

          He was caught and knew it.

          I say again, in every direction - no houses - why choose to fly over my house at low level? They used to circle the house, hover over me in my garden - many, many, times they did that. Fly the perimiter of the property (it's a triangle) so low I could touch the bottom of the helicopter with a six foot pole, fly straight through the garden on a regular basis - you would be shocked by what these 'trainees' get up to.

          All that malarky seems to have stopped, but the cat and mouse game; i.e. flying at low level right over the house, is their new game. It doesn't happen anywhere near as much as it did, not even on the same scale, but they're obviously still having their little game, it's their way of saying **** you. And the RAF, the MOD, are protecting them.

          The more I think about it the more I think this story should be told, it would shock people, it would really shock people - especially when you see where the house is situated. I so want them to get their come uppance, but we want to move!!! God I'm so frustrated by it all.

          If the MOD are only going to put me in touch with the airbase - who are hardly going to report themselves, my hands are tied - unless I can find the RAF P.O.'s number.

          In my office move I just can't find it.

          I feel like I've run into a brick wall, with all the subsequent bruising.

          How I'm supposed to work in all this I don't know. They don't fly over all the time, but when they do, concentration and application evaporates into thin air.

          I looked on the internet for that news story and on teletext but couldn't find it, if anyone still has details can you pass them on - as if we don't sell I'm going to go public with this. VERY public.

          Priority is selling though.

          Sorry to everyone on chat - I wasn't myself - as usual, putting on a brave face and crying inside.



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            thanks for that badger....intresting reading!

            I suppose they will of lost a lot of money from not being able to use their home as "set" fro many different things.

            I guess we all make a living somehow and a house that old must need a lot of cash for the up keep!


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              Thanks Badger for the information. I'm going to follow it up.

              I'm still depressed by it all and now have a cold, but just to clarify; we're moving for reasons unrelated to NFH. House to big to look after now as my career took off in a new direction, plus partner is sick of journey time to work, plus, in all honesty we don't like the house now we've lived in it. The NFH problems are pushing us out of the door though.

              Due to something I read in a local paper, I now believe the RAF trainees and the light aircraft... are related lets say. The RAF trainees also use the airfield that the light aircraft are from. A bit of a coincidence? I think not.

              Our house aint no mansion, we just want to live there, not use it as a business (and definitely NOT for shooting parties!) Also the man in question has these jets landing, not playing games, but I would bet anything that because he's complained, the activity and movement of aircraft over his property has increased.

              I'm still seething at the way I was treated on the phone by the MOD twerp. To be fair, on two previous occasions I spoke to a very friendly girl, but this last episode has left me with no fight, no energy.

              I'm hoping the guy wins as it's a test case, and I'll see where I go from there.

              Thanks Sue and everyone



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                Apart from all of the above contributions I believe Sting (Former Police band member) also took the MOD to court for flying over his mansion. Don't know the outcome though.

                I have said to you privately that Uniforms think that they have a licence to do what they want when they want - not so.

                I am waiting for some information to come back to me for the main headquarters for the Royal Military Police as soon as I have this - I shall e-mail you.

                This is disgusting Spinks and you have no reason to have to put up with it. Get onto your MP and get them to lobby the MOD on your behalf - it is not over yet by a long way. Don't you dare give up - don't let the b***ards grind you down.


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                  Hi Spinkysay,

                  I'd be tempted to take up a relaxing hobby like kite-flying.
                  "Poor Tom shall lead thee" (King Lear)